Hurrah! Kind of.

After ending promotions for “Without U” six months ago, it appears that 2PM will be making a comeback by mid-October. The details of the album have yet to be finalized, but there is a high possibility that the group will be releasing and promoting a mini-album of sorts.

On the same note, 2AM will be making their comeback with their first full-length album at the end of October. Despite being active for two years running, 2AM has only released singles and mini-albums, the most recent being their 2010 mini album, “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die.”

Yeah, well, that’s basically it – that is, until more information about the comebacks are released. Definitely excited for 2AM’s comeback – that group’s been due for a full album since ever – but 2PM’s recent stuff has been rather underwhelming as of late. Let’s hope for something un-mediocre this time around. Let’s hope really, really hard.