Shiz’s about to get real, y’all.

After several months of fleeting allegations of the 30-year old rapper’s intentional evasion of military service, MC Mong has been indicted without physical restraint (that is, arrested without the handcuffs but with all the business) by Korean national authorities. MC Mong will be put on trial for the above allegations, but will not be held in a cell during the interim.

MC Mong (real name Shin Dong-Hyun) has been accused of evading military service by removing all of his teeth save for his front teeth and canines. According to Korean law, one may be exempt from military service if one is naturally lacking teeth. However, I doubt that pulling out most of your teeth with a pair of pliers in your own bathroom hardly constitutes as natural.

Shortly after the release of the news of MC Mong’s arrest, IS Entermedia (Mong’s management company) cut off all communication lines to the media, thus raising suspicion as the company is not doing any damage control or making any effort to preserve Mong’s PR status in regards to the ordeal.

Not much else about the ordeal has been revealed, primarily due to Entermedia keeping mum and the Korean government’s tendency to be hush-hush about such “official matters.” But one thing’s for sure: Don’t mess with the army, y’all.