Hold on to your hats fangirls, Jang Geun Seok may be returning to a television (or computer) screen near you. Recently released reports suggest that Jang may be taking on a new television project, called “Mary Stayed Out All Night” (working title). This project is based upon a manhwa by the creator of the manhwa behind drama Full House.

Though Jang originally planned to appear in the film “You’re My Pet” as his next project, production delays may bring him back to the silver screen sooner than expected.

The drama follows the title character, Mary, as she decides to give up on men but begins dating a bad-boy type lead singer of a death metal band. At the same time a “perfect” man also appears on the scene and, of course, romantic complications ensue. Jang would be playing the role of the hard rocking singer, which would be a slight change from the poppy sound of his singer character in last years “You’re Beautiful”.

Though reports have not officially confirmed the casting, the synopsis of this drama has me intrigued. Though I can’t quite picture Jang Geun Seok as a member of a death metal band, I would love to watch him try and pull it off.

Death metal singer? I can see it