And right on time because all I want today (tomorrow,  for my birthday, for X-mas…FOREVER!) is Big Bang! Putting solo activities aside for a moment, the five BB members gathered together for a photoshoot for Lotte Duty Free shops. Although I love that the 5  have ventured out to pursue separate interests and are doing so well on their own with their dramas, music, and more, I love them most when they are all together.

I mean, what’s not to love?

First we’ve got Taeyang, who makes all the girls swoon with his smooth moves and sultry sound.


Then we’ve got Mr. Metrosexual, G-Dragon, who always looks like he’s having a good time (or just being a diva-whichever).


Oh and we can’t forget our super special “family” member and sweetheart Daesung! So nice to see him back in action!


Then there’s our awkward maknae Seungri being just that-maaad awkward. But he’s still cute nonetheless.


And of course, last but certainly not least, is the MAN at the “top” of every girl’s wishlist with the killer pout-T.O.P.!



For more Big Bang-action, click on the thumbnails:



I mean, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could just pick up these boys at a Lotte Duty Free store near you this holiday season? A girl can only dream…


Oh and the Lotte Duty Free apparel looks good too. But really, who’s looking at their clothes?!!