Have I died and gone to heaven? Because I am pretty sure that Marie Claire Korea has just answered my prayers.

To celebrate the 200th issue of the glossy fashion magazine, Marie Claire decided to fulfill this fangirl’s (and many others’ I’m sure) dreams by celebrating the gorgeous, the charismatic, the extremely entertaining men of Korean entertainment- from TV and movies to music and more, in a feature entitled, “THE MAN”. Now the hard part-deciding which of these leading men is the winner of this photo-feature?!! Marie Claire wants you to go here and cast your vote on what may very likely be the hardest decision you will ever have to make.

A few of the men who stand head and shoulders above the rest for me:

Everyone’s favorite creepy “Oldboy”, Yoo Jitae:

My “he looks like a kinda pervy, dirty (HOT!) ahjussi” crush, Cha Seung Won:

Of all 13 SUJU members, the only “man” in the boyband worthy of a nod here, Choi Siwon:

More boys than “men,” but still one of my fave boybands, F.T. Island:

One of the prettiest boys I ever did see, Jung Il Woo:

One of my favorite oddball and “outside of the box” actors/musicians, Lee Min Ki:

Mr. “Boys Over Flowers” himself-Lee Min Ho:

A man with a million and one faces and characters, Kim Kang Woo:

The actor with the sultriest stare, So Ji Sub:

And, a man who is a beast of a musician- Tiger JK:

Now for all of the dashing dudes in contention (click on thumbnails for max “man” effect):

Which Park, Lee, Choi, or Kim (or other!) was your ultimate man of Korean entertainment?!