ala “If Nichkhun had a girlfriend”.


Now don’t slap on a target and dart away, let me explain. I’d like firstly to make myself clear and not to mention proudly say that neither do I harbor any intense dislike nor extreme infatuation with 2PM‘s pretty boy. But there must’ve been something in the water, the climate or Melbourne’s gale-force winds that turned my sweet slumbers upside down.


While I was Down Under for a very short and sweet graduation ceremony, I had a very weird yet ‘realistic’ dream, as all dreams make themselves out to be. Among the people in my closest circle of friends, I’m known to have some of the most random, nonsensical dreams that happen fortnightly and occasionally in trilogies. They’re usually a complex mishmash of things I see or hear in the day. Maybe I was watching a little too much Wild Bunny for my own good. Anyway, this was my first K-pop related slumber-adventure. First time in three years of K-pop! By my standards, that’s quite a bit of absurdity in itself. Yes, if you’ve predicted correctly by now, I was the star of my own Hallyuwood movie. I can already hear hardy-har-hars resonating around the room, or world for that matter. But hold up, the story only gets better.

As everyone probably knows, Nichkhun is just the sweetest, most genuinely nice and endearing little idol kkotnam in the K-pop neighborhood. I expect that he’d be adored widely, across the world and its several age demographics. Naturally, I thought being such the innocent puppy-eyed idol that Nichkhun is, his fans would not only be over-zealous as they usually come but also possess that motherly instinct when it comes to ‘real’ (not reel) love interests. Ho ho, that sure turned out nicely… into a nightmare. And so this was how it morphed from rosy to rambunctious.


I don’t remember where it is exactly that I heard a 2PM member say it was his dream since entering idolhood to to able to enjoy a regular date at a themepark but ‘tadah!’, there were the two of us at Everland. How fitting and obscure. From there I could only recall snippets of which most, I’d prefer very much, embarrassingly, to conceal – even your toes might laugh. The only thing I could probably let on is a distinct impression of affectionately calling him “Chupa Chups”. I did just replenish my stash of cola flavored lollies but still beats me why it turned out that way. It might’ve stemmed from the fact that I’ve always wondered why the original middle syllable of his name (in Thai it’s Nit-cha-kun) was cut out of his stage name. Hmm.


Oh well, see it as a rather picky Pensieve peek and lets jump to the climax. As all normal dates go, especially if you’re in a themepark, couples are seen trailing all over the place, hand-in-hand and occasionally you get the “damsel in distress” situation where the girl holds back and guys are seen getting their macho on for them. Well that wasn’t the same for me, it was a rather trippy, head-spinning walk around the park, like we were frolicking in the fields of “The Sound of Music”. If this wasn’t a dream, I would think I was high on something. I really should’ve sensed that something was out of place (but you know, you aren’t really processing any thoughts when you’re in the state of RapidEyeMovement).


So it finally got to the point when Nichkhun and I had to board this all-around 360 degrees, spinning, flipping gravity-defying contraption. As I remember it, it was out of total terror that ‘time’ abruptly came to a standstill. Suddenly, out of nowhere, elastic-like arms extended from all directions and tugged me towards a strapped seat. Just then, I took a last glance at a helpless Nichkhun – too nice to blow up in front of his groupies – who gets gradually shrouded by a huge mass of schoolgirls and in an instance I felt like I was Star-Trek-beamed to no man’s land. I think the final scene came out of a Fantastic Four sequence where Doom gets trapped and burned by Susan (Invisible Woman) and Johnny (Human Torch) Storm since it seemed as if a whole lot of crazy was spinning around me (sans the nausea, thankfully). Finally, everything ends with me seeing myself being dumped in a container headed for Latvia.


Phew, sounds like I’ve had too much Idol Army+Wild Bunny+Blockbuster movies, no? And that was a whole lot of recalling done to provide a heck of a confession for you guys. Thinking about how the nonsensical elements blended together into a dream leaves me in awe of how my mind actually grapples and works around all the (K-pop) info I absorb on a daily basis. Now that that’s off my chest, I’d like to give a shout-out to Nichkhun – if he ever reads this – who graciously made an appearance in one of my absurd dreams… Although I cannot fathom how a real situation like that can be actualized, you were as a trippy as trippy can be! Even in mono color (I do occasionally dream in black and white), so no qualms at all. (: And I still maintain that I’m not a fangirl.


So… did something similar happen to you? Seoulbeats is here to care and share, now go ahead and bust out your deepest, darkest K-pop secrets!