…Apparently so because netizens have gone on the defensive against Wooyoung and Chansung. The two have publicly, yet subtly, stood behind their “fallen leader” Jaebum.

On their personal cyworld pages, each member has posted words of encouragement to 2PM supporters and small calls for peace amongst the angry antis.

Wooyoung posted…

“Thank You Hottest … 2PM is not 7, we are One.”

Chansung later posted…

“Let’s Walk Together” but, due to strong netizen backlash he removed his message and changed it to (!).

One netizen posted a comment to the likeness of “Walk together where, America?”

Due to the seriousness of the scandal, it’s very unlikely that any celebrities or public figures will comment either for or against the group unless things get too serious. In this case you can’t help but feel for the rest of the group. Yes, Jay’s situation is very unfortunate along with the fact that it is being pushed to extremes by netizens; but must the entire group take the blame? If they stand behind Jay and try to deflect the anger and hate campaign, they will be viewed as, I know this sounds extreme, “traitors to their country”. Those calling for 2PM’s disbandment and demanding Jay to “commit suicide” have clearly let their patriotic emotions get the best of them.

When I first heard about this incident I couldn’t help but think about instances in American history where those who criticized the country have been told to “Love It Or Leave It.”  And yes I do know that criticizing a country and outright “bashing it” are two different things. But, they both still call for tolerance on the patriot’s part of other person’s opinions and feelings. It is clear that during the time the comments were written that Jay was in a very fragile, lonely, and most likely depressed state. Koreans have every right to be upset, just please don’t take things to the extreme in which you in turn generalize Korean Americans, Americans, or foreigners all together and cry out for Jay’s blood.

Hopefully, there will be no further backlash against other Korean-Americans or foreigners within the Kpop industry.

2PM’s mood clearly shows the effects the “scandal” has had on them