Finally-and not a moment too soon either! I needed some “fresh” boys in my life after these last few weeks of girls’ groups mania. I will freely admit that I LOVED F.T Island-what with their emo ballad singing, instrument playing, fine jailbait selves (I’m talking to you Choi Min Hwan-you’re so cute I just want to pinch your cheeks!!). However, after the departure of Oh Wonbin I wasn’t so sure that the boys would be the same ever again.

As we all know, F.T Island quickly replaced Wonbin shortly thereafter with the super adorable Song Seung Hyun (not to be confused with the totally hot and actually of-legal-age actor Song Seung Hun) and have just released their 3rd album, “Cross & Change” on July 16th. I see the change-rather, changes. I mean Lee Hongki‘s hair screams “CHANGE” (and super orange) as does Lee Jaejin‘s extreme bowl cut. Choi Jonghun pretty much looks the same and as pretty as ever.


The album title, however, refers not only to the band’s physical changes, “new” retro style, and new member, but also to the changes they have undergone musically by sampling from across different music genres for this album.  From what I’ve heard of the album, it sounds like the same old F.T Island-some upbeat POP and Hongki’s signature emo belting ballads mixed in. And it’s not bad either. Why mess with a good thing, right?

Surprisingly, after just one day, “Cross & Change” has climbed to the top of many popular musical charts such as Mnet and CyWorld beating out girls’ groups like 2NE1SNSD, and 4Minute, and many others. Let’s hear it for the fellas!! With SUJU retired and resting for now and 2PM on that same path, Big Bang and DBSK abroad, and SHINee well, being SHINee, it’s nice to have more boys on the KPOP scene.

A few of the songs that have been particularly garnering attention are, “Love It, Hate It”, “Bing Bing Bing”, “Marry Me”, and their first single off the new album, “I Hope”. Personally, I think that “Ugly” and  “Angel and the Woodsman” are sure to be big hits with the Primadonnas too! ;)

I’m a little confused about F.T Island’s current concept though; they said that they were going for a “Grease” look, but their MV for “I Hope” is definitely more 60s than 50s to me, and much more similar to “That Thing You Do!”-one of my favorite movies of all time. I mean, they even have their own T.B.P. (The Bass Player) in Jaejin! Check it out for yourself:

I can’t wait for their comeback on Inkigayo on the 19th! I hope Min Hwan wears shades! (If you don’t understand the reference, please watch “That Thing You Do!”!!!)