Ceci magazine celebrates their 15th year of publication with two of the hottest pop acts at the mo – Girls’ Generation and 2PM.

The nine genies of SNSD held the reigns on this issue with their lanky selves plastered on the cover. Ceci executives have said that this is the first time an entire group has been given the spotlight, which sounds perfectly reasonable when you have to fit so many in a frame. And not forgetting all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into herding these girls in, out and around the studio.

Another first in this mega shoot is the girls using pink lipsticks to give them a pop on camera. Girls’ Generation also celebrated their 2nd year anniversary with the crew. The idea for this shoot was to show a less skanky sensual side to their genie alter egos. If the rest of the pictures are going to be like the one on the cover, I say “bring em on!” because Tiffany actually looks like she’s genuinely smiling with the rest, although Jessica seems to have a bit of an awkward posture… Anyway, check out the rest of their 20-page editorial in the issue out later this month.



snsd-ceci3_20090716_seoulbeats snsd-ceci5_20090716_seoulbeats

snsd-ceci6_20090716_seoulbeats snsd-ceci9_20090716_seoulbeats

snsd-ceci7_20090716_seoulbeats snsd-ceci8_20090716_seoulbeats snsd-ceci10_20090716_seoulbeats

While SNSD took most of the cake, 2PM showed a bit of their dorky fun sides in candid shots (aside from that rippling still of Khun…). The boys are captured fooling around a bit and revealing their idol army-esque selves. Oh how I miss them as hosts… Well, I’m sure you guys can make do with these.