Since their debut, idol group Big Bang has made a medium sized splash in the Japanese music industry and now they are on top of the “word”. Big Bang continues to dish out club tracks to their anxious Japanese audiences who have “fo show” fallen for the 5 “stylish” Hip-Popers.  Knowing that YG Entertainment is a hip-hop influenced company, it’s no wonder they follow musical trends from the States and around the world. But it seems that as auto-tune is being laid to rest, after being used to death, in America; Korea has just begun to take advantage of it’s voice synthesizing goodness.

To be honest, I’ve never been a Big Bang fan but I have noticed what the fans have called an “electro induced” change in BB’s music. I do remember hearing “Lies” back in BB’s more substantial “golden era” as some have called it. I actually found it pretty catchy. Of course you can imagine how silly I felt when I discovered that  the lyric “da go-jit-mal” was Korean for “It’s all lies” and not English for “Like a G Ma”.

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Big Bang’s “Stylish”

Big Bang’s “Top of the World”