Still hot on his gay kissing rampage, Heechul kissed innocent Jesus-lover Siwon at the SM Town Live Concert in Bangkok, Thailand. Obviously, Siwon doesn’t love Jesus enough, otherwise this would have never happened to him.

There’s really nothing to report since it should come as no surprise to anyone that Heechul locked lips with yet another member of Super Junior.

I really hate waving this around, but all I have to say, in the most mature and civilized way, is PWHAHAHA! TOLD YA SO!!! Siwon was accurately predicted as a victim in our Pucker Up, Heechul’s Matchmaker Kiss List, which means that Seoulbeats is not only your source for past and present news, but also FUTURE news as well!

Who’s next on the list? Fingers crossed for a girl, but that would be asking for too much. Heechul’s going to have to kiss all 115 Super Junior members before he gets comfortable enough kissing a girl.