At the Super Junior “Super Show Encore Show” concert on January 4th, Heechul kissed TRAX member Jungmo on stage.


As you can see, it wasn’t just a peck on the cheek. No, it was a full-on makeout session. It was like witnessing a scene from “Antique Bakery”, which coincidentally, is probably one of Heechul’s favorite movies.

I admit, Heechul is the queen of fan service. If fan service was an Olympic sport, he would be the Michael Phelps of fan service delivery.

To help Heechul take his newfound talent to the next level, we here at Seoulbeats came up with a list of individuals whom we’d like to see him engage in another round of hardcore makeout sessions with.


5. Jo In Sung

Jo In Sung should have no trouble reciprocating Heechul’s feminine wiles with all the homo experience he picked up from “Frozen Flower”. Heechul should have no trouble reciprocating Jo In Sung’s feminine wiles with all the homo experience he picked up from being in Super Junior. They can even role-play in Koryo dynasty period costumes!


4. Hankyung (Super Junior)

A blind dog could see that Cinderella Heechul and Beijing Fried Rice Hankyung are in a relationship, so it should not come as a surprise if you should ever witness these two carry out gay themed activities. Actually, I’m pretty sure that Cinderella and Beijing Fried Rice already put aside time in their hectic schedules for private makeout sessions.


3. Mithra (Epik High)

Heechul and Mithra are friends in real life. There were even rumors of a gay relationship floating around for a while. Unfortunately, the problem with this couple is the third wheel–emo-bitch Tablo. Tablo will invariably become jealous of “the other woman”. In Tablo’s defense, if Mithra’s taken, who else will Tablo cuddle with at night?


2. Jay Kim (The TRAX)

Heechul kissed the wrong TRAX member!!! Jay has already proclaimed numerous times that Heechul is his girlfriend. This means that Heechul committed TRAX incest by kissing Jungmo.



Here’s a revolutionary idea! How about a girl for a change?! ANY. GIRL. WILL. DO. Can someone for the love of God introduce him to a girl?! Will someone please set him up on a blind date?! I’m a freaking click away from creating a profile for Heechul on just so I don’t have to continue watching him pine away what’s left of his romance years on men.



Glitter Balls
Seung Ri (Big Bang)

Seung Ri had to cut the kiss scene from his “Strong Baby” mv because it was too controversial with a female. If that kiss scene was instead with Heechul (not a girl, not yet a woman), perhaps Glitter Balls could have avoided fan jealousy while earning fan service points.



They look soooo much alike! In a twisted way, Heechul’s kissing the girl version of himself while Shinae’s kissing the guy version of herself.


Siwon (Super Junior)

Heechul, Siwon, let’s pick up where you left off…

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