It’s not enough these days to be a good dancer and singer in the entertainment industry anymore. You have to strut your stuff and capture people’s attention from the get-go. You have to have the extra oomph factor.

One clever way to mark your presence is through a commanding and captivating nickname. Take Minho from the boyband SHINee. His nickname is “flaming charisma”. I think the name speaks for itself. You don’t mess with a guy with a name like that.

To help out the rest of the SHINee members take their nicknames and stardom to the next level, we here at Seoulbeats, in the spirit of the holiday season, extend our services and offer the following suggestions:

Original nickname: Leader
New nickname: Tofu Spongebob
“Hello, I’m Tofu Spongebob Onew.” I like the ring of that!

Original nickname: Magnae
New nickname: Flashdance Heechul Jr.
“Hello, I’m Flashdance Heechul Jr. Taemin.” Doesn’t that just roll off your tongue?

Original nickname: Almighty