I’ve been covering the ins and outs of Korean Entertainment news for about two years now and I can’t help but to get bored. It’s the same ole news everyday. Either it’s one out of the five most talked about K-pop groups coming back with a new song (although they never left), the grand talks of American debuts, some anticipated drama or movie that fails to live up to expectations, some awards ceremony or some crazy fans participating in the most idiotic deed of the century. And yet, I continue and I ask myself why.

What’s so great about Korean Entertainment that despite all these complaints, I continue to write about it? Is it because of my love-hate relationship with Rain, Se7en, Super Junior, Big Bang or just about any K-pop group? Or is it because I secretly hope that I can quit my day job to blog full time? Or perhaps because I want to out-do an ex-friend who did me wrong.

I guess these are the possibilities, but deep inside of me, I know that it’s because I secretly hope that someday, Korean Entertainment will develop into something big and great and I want to make sure that I do everything in my power to help, even though I can’t help but to insert my catty remarks on anything and everything I get my hands on.

Or perhaps I was simply wired to like it because I was born Korean, but I was curious as to why you, our readers, are interested in Korean Entertainment?

So what makes you want to check in to read about the latest in K-pop news? Is it because of Rain’s Engrish, Sohee’s dumpling face, Big Bang members average height, DBSK andSS501’s pretty faces or simply because you have too much time on your hands? Share your thoughts and yes, I know, today is a super slow news day, hence the op-ed.