As the snow melts, Spring brings forth many new things, be they fresh foliage and flowers, a slowly reemerging sun, a new name or few on our bias lists… That’s right, it’s time for the Seoulbeats team to take stock of their bias lists and share who’s out and who’s in this year!

So, everyone: who are you adding to your bias list, and who are you taking out? Why?

Gaya: I have so many ladies to add to my list! Yuju of G-Friend has dazzled me with her dancing and singing; meanwhile, Dal Shabet‘s Subin snuck in between my 67th and 68th loop of “Circle’s Dream.” Tzuyu taking no crap for her tan skin has me leaping for joy, and I just got my ticket to Ailee‘s performance in Melbourne next week, so she’s gotta be on the list! The fact that the ticket was free is just a bonus.

As for the guys, I got three new names. First is Doyoung, who is now forcing me to pay attention to the lesser NCT units. Second is Jongup, who I’ve always found sweet — but I am loving what he’s doing with B.A.P‘s recent, dark concepts. Last is J-hope, who has won me over with his goofy grin and dance skills. He takes over the spot vacated by Rap Monster, because I’m taking it slow with BTS.

Margaret: I got way too excited when this roundtable was introduced!

Jaehyun, Yuta, and Taeyong (and pretty much all of the NCT U and 127 members if I’m being honest) have taken the top positions on my current bias list. I was hesitant to get into NCT at first, because the concept just seemed so foreign and confusing, but now that I’ve got it sorted out, I’m really enjoying the subunits and their releases. The above three members made the cut: Jaehyun for his sweet and charming personality and soothing voice, Yuta for his savage attitude, and Taeyong for his caring and tsundere characteristics.

As for people who have moved out of my bias list, I’d have to say VIXX‘s Leo, simply because I’ve been paying more attention to N, my main bias in the group.

Angela: There’s been one small change in my list! Suzy‘s been a huge star for a while now, especially after Dream High and My Love from the Star, but I never really cared about her until she dropped the solo debut Yes? No? EP in February. Her hair and makeup and styling have all been so on point recently; I’ve saved an embarrassing number of looks I’ll be copying all spring. Even Google News knows: it served me a feed that was 75% Suzy this morning.

Pat: Oddly enough, most additions are female, not male. On the female side, I have two additions from gugudan: Sejeong and Nayoung. Sejeong actually became my bias last year during Produce 101, but I wanted to make sure that I still liked her as part of a group – and I obviously do! Nayoung has been killing it during the “A Girl Like Me” promotions – I want her hair, most of her offstage clothes, and her legs. Another addition is Mamamoo‘s Solar. I love, love, loved the collaboration with Hani and Luna, and since both are already on the female side of the bias list, why not add Solar too? This is more of a test run – who knows, she might be off the list next year.

On the male side, I only have one brand new addition, and that is Dean. Any explanation needed? Apart from Dean, there is an old favorite who has come back – and when I mean old, I mean my first K-pop bias that then got kicked out in 2012-ish: SHINee‘s Jonghyun. I don’t know how it happened, I really don’t. The origins of Jonghyun: Resurgence is about as mysterious as the overnight rise of Ravi to the top of the pack.

If there’s one thing I hate doing, it’s kicking people off my bias list. But this year, I have to finally cut my ties and throw someone off the list. Hyuna is sadly off the list, and I mostly blame her solo music. I tried to give the atrocity that is her last release a try, but I couldn’t get through it without reaching for my Advil. Odd for someone who’s main bias is Ravi, but I do enjoy listening to my bias’ music, be it in solo or in group. And since 4 Minute is gone, then I don’t think I’ll be looking forward too much.

Also, someone is going to have to tell me who sings the first part of the first chorus of Dreamcatcher‘s “Chase Me.” I am ready to bias, but I still need to know her name (and wait for their next song.)

Gaya: I think the Dreamcatcher member you’re talking about is Yoohyeon? Horror is not my thing, but I’ve been loving the “Chase Me” choreo and anime theme sound. If they keep this up, They may end up on my list next year!

Yes, yes, yes to Nayoung, too! I looked up Gugudan’s “A Girl Like Me” stages after you mentioned her and she really is killing it, rising from the ashes of her lacklustre run on Produce 101 — at least compared to the other Jellyfish ladies, she did do better than most. Oh gosh, maybe I should add her to my list as well…

JenniferGOT7‘s Yugyeom is really hitting it high for me: I’ve got a lowkey crush on him after Hit The Stage, but after he released his song on SoundCloud, it was a done deal. He’s also a total punk to the rest of GOT7 which I think is adorable. SinB is also hitting it high for me: she’s just so funny and comfortable with herself. BTS’s Suga, V, and Jimin are staying firmly in place in my bias list, as well as Heize and Dean.

Who are you kicking out of your bias list this Spring? Comment below!

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