Temperatures are climbing as many countries around the world ease into summer. Hailing from tropical Singapore where it’s perpetually hot and soupy, I’m not especially fond of the heat. But as a big fan of young adult novels, I’m still enthralled by the idea of summer—the promise and freedom that this warm season brims with.

It feels like anything can happen in summer, and nowhere is this sense of possibility better captured than in a road trip. So in this edition of the SB Mixtape,  I’ve put together a list of songs that I’d love to jam along to in the car as it cruises from one destination to another.

Regardless of whether you’re going on an actual road trip, plug in and let the soaring vocals of Chen and Hyomin, the energetic choruses of AkMu and VIXX, and the plucky guitar chords of B1A4 and Juniel take you on an imaginary cross-country drive.

Road Trip I: On the Road from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.

What songs would you put on your summer road trip playlist?