20150425_seoulbeats_ohmygirlWelcome back, readers, to another edition of Week in Review.

Serious News

  • Oh My Girl was detained at the Los Angeles airport for ten hours, while en route for an album jacket photoshoot and performance. Their agency claims that the issue arose due to officials mistaking the group for a human trafficking operation, whereas other sources revealed that it was due to problems with their performance visas.
  • Seoul High Court ruled in favour of a company who planned a drama and photo shoot for Park Shi-hoo, but the actor didn’t follow through with he contract. The star and his past agency, Didim531, must compensate company 270 million won in damages.
  • The Kim Hyun-joong saga is inching with progress, as the court has called for a paternity test with both parties present.

Comebacks & Debuts

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20151211_seoulbeats_yoonmiraeQueen Yoon Mi-rae let us know we’re in store for a treat with her MV teaser for “This Love”. Will the 14th come soon enough?
  • Jellyfish Entertainment released a voice teaser for their winter special “Love Heater”.
  • SM has announced their festive Winter Garden project, featuring f(x), Red Velvet, and BoA. f(x) will be the first group, dropping a carol on the 15th.
  • Cheetah will be back with “I’m Your Mother” on 18th.
  • April will be releasing a winter album on 21st December.
  • Eugene and Ki Tae-young are the next family to join the Superman Returns cast.

Other News 

  • N.Flying has announced their fanclub name, N.Fia!
  • A BTS manager got into a controversy as a video of him threatening to hit the members went viral on the internet. Big Hit immediately responded and has since removed the manager from his position.
  • Infinite is back with their new variety show Infinite Showtime, and their heartwarming first episode premiered on 10th December. They have opened their official Instagram account to commemorate the day.
  • Ga-eun and Ji-yul from Dal Shabet has confirmed their departure from the group. Despite this, the group will continue with a 4-membered comeback in January.
  • After six months of announcing their breakup, Hwang Jung-eum has a new beau, pro golfer Lee Young-don. Not losing out, Kim Yong-joon confirmed his new relationship with ex-celebrity Park Hye-won.
  • We see goodbye to 2 Days 1 Night‘s mat-hyung Kim Joo-hyuk as his farewell episode aired on the 6th. It’s okay, because we’ll still get glimpses of him in Answer Me 1988.

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