Chat Box is back!

A lot happened while I was away in India, and I attempt to catch up on what I missed most with Leslie and special guest Morgan. Scroll down to listen, and scroll down further for a synopsis!

We begin the episode by walking down memory lane with Morgan as she recounts her tale of K-pop discovery, which involves:

  • Proof that K-pop’s US efforts paid off, in a way
  • The evils of YouTube‘s “Related Videos” function
  • Running the gamut of Girl Groups…
  • … Before finally succumbing to the K-pop Boy Band
  • And then: Exo

The Exo discussion leads to talk of everyone’s favourite AB Style Kung Fu Panda Tao, who is currently locked in a legal battle with SM to terminate his contract. We discuss:

  • When we knew he was leaving for good
  • That gorgeous tan skin of his
  • His divisive personality, and how it is both good and bad for Tao
  • The struggles he faces going solo
  • That Sina interview
  • His new music!

20150927_seoulbeats_4minute_hyuna_instylekoreaThe conversation then turns to Hyuna, as we talk about:

  • Her recent comeback with “Roll Deep” and A+
  • Our thoughts on her career progression
  • Why I love her collabs with female rappers so much
  • How 4Minute has progressed in the meantime
  • The possibility that we have now become comfortable with Hyuna and her brand. The two articles Leslie refers to can be found here and here.

… Or, we try to at least. In between, we go off on a variety of tangents, including:

  • Which BtoB member to check for (Sungjae, duh)
  • We Got Married
  • Red Velvet
  • Introducing our loved ones to K-pop
  • Pizza
  • And much, much more!

Happy listening!

(Images via: Huang Z. Tao Studio, InStyle)