20150410_seoulbeats_exoNow that March Madness is over, we’ve moved on from April Fools‘, and we’ve re-capped why we love our own website so much, it’s time for a little fun!

This week, to honor Exo‘s comeback, we’re going to talk about one of the most important parts of the K-pop industry: Fashion.

Our question is: If you could steal one outfit from an idol’s wardrobe, what would it be? You can include the hairstyle that went with the fashion, or not, and gender doesn’t matter.

Cjontai: I want Cheetah‘s jacket that she wore for the semi-finals of Unpretty Rapstar. Everything she does is as immaculately planned as her rap verses. I love her makeup. I love her hair. I love her nails. I love everything about her. Her style is awesome. If she starts a clothing line, my money is ready for her.

I would probably also steal every pair of Rap Monster‘s high-water pants for no other reason than to burn them. He’s my bias and I adore him, but those pants need to go. Since we’re on the subject of things idols don’t need to wear, I’m thinking Rome of C-Clown doesn’t need shirts anymore. He works out a lot and loves to show it off, so yes, I’m banning shirts for him.

Lindsay: I want all of the outfits from this set in Spica‘s “You Don’t Love Me.” I love the 1950s/60s feel of that entire MV, and the clothing is the perfect mix between retro and modern.

If I had to pick one, I’d go with Sihyun‘s outfit and styling. Her bangs are totally my style and that’s probably my favorite outfit out of the bunch, although honestly I’d wear all of them.

20150403_seoulbeats_mamamooHania: Like Lindsay, I’m also a sucker for the vintage-inspired looks we see in K-pop sometimes. This makes Mamamoo one of my favourite groups for fashion inspiration, as they always manage to look classy and stylish. Nana also looks effortlessly classy yet still a little edgy, turning the airport into a runway every time she flies somewhere.

If I was to raid a male idol’s closet, it would be Exo’s Baekhyun. He always looks super comfortable, whilst adhering to the hip-hop look that is so popular among idols.

Irteqa: For me, IU‘s innocent yet mature style is an ideal. Particularly in her album Flower Bookmark, I loved the slightly vintage, frayed, and soft coloring of her outfits. Her wardrobe suits her age and really accentuates her petite figure. And for a more feminine and formal style, I really liked Spica’s wardrobe in their digital single “Ghost.” Focusing on Sihyun’s outfit, I found the maroon and beige color contrast, a brush of subtle masculinity, and her braided hairstyle a stunning ensemble.

As far as raiding a male idol’s wardrobe goes, I would pick Super Junior-M‘s Henry because of his versatility. From his bouncy, vivid, and playful wardrobe in “1-4-3” to his fantastic leather jacket, suave black suit, and tame hairstyle in “Trap,” his wardrobe allows him to pull off both the dashing gentleman and the benign boy next door perfectly.

20150410_seoulbeats_gainGaya: I used to have misgivings over the militaristic outfits idols wear on stage; but I’ve since I’ve realised the errors of my ways, I just want to wear 2NE1‘s “Crush” outfits, Brown Eyed Girls‘ “Sixth Sense” gear and SNSD‘s more royal outfits from their “The Boys” promotions. If we’re talking specific members, then I want Minzy‘s black pants, Ga-in‘s trench coats, Jessica‘s A-line skirts and Yuri‘s capes.

And while I’m talking about Brown Eyed Girls, I would totally rock Narsha‘s outfit in the “Kill Bill” dance MV, as well as Ga-in’s “Bloom” performance outfits and the bejewelled top from her sublime MV for “Paradise Lost.”

When it comes to the guys, I just want to steal Jonghyun‘s entire wardrobe. I’ll send back that “Lucifer” outfit that brought sexy back after a couple of wears, but I’m keeping the Listerine-inspired blazers and bows, all those cute sweaters (just in time for winter here), and even the ridiculous “Juliette” outfits. I mean, what is he going to do with a plastic boomerang necklace, anyway?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92if1puFXt8]

Laverne: My first thought was a Song Ji-hyo outfit because I love the simplicity of her outfits. She makes jeans and hats look chic, and I would love to rock her clothes. Of course, she’s not technically an idol so idol-wise, I’d have to go with raiding Hyuna‘s closet. I don’t know how she does it but Hyuna owns every outfit she wears whether its plain gym clothes or flashy stage outfits. I especially love some of her outfits from New York Fashion week because they are super stylish while not coming across as high maintenance outfits. Her sense of style has me in awe and I would love to wear this outfit for a day.

Andy: I agree with some selections made by others. Like Cjontai, I have one item I’d love to destroy from idol closets: bucket hats. Those things are just atrocious and should all be done away with. Also, I too love the outfits Mamamoo wears. They are classic and flirty, not to mention look good on people with curvier figures. I really want Solar‘s poofy striped skirt from “Ahh Oop!”

On the non-promotion front, there are two people who’s closets I’d like to raid. First, is miss A‘s Fei. Her taste in shoes is fantastic, and her style is effortlessly chic and feminine, without being over-the-top girly. Second, although not really an idol, I’d want to raid musician-actor No Min-woo‘s closet so I can steal some of his tops to add to my ever growing Disney apparel collection. Like him, I’m forever a Disney-kid at heart, and he has some unique pieces.

20150407_seoulbeats_fx_sulli_pinocchio2Gaya: I’m all for getting rid of bucket hats, but can we keep 4minute‘s? It’s probably the only time I’ve seen bucket hats look like an attractive piece of clothing, and it would be such a shame to get rid of them.

And speaking of hats, I completely forgot Sulli‘s animal cap from the “Pinocchio” MV! I’ve always wanted to make my own version and wear it everywhere.

Lo: Yes to death of bucket hats! Those things are hideous beyond reason.

Honestly, the only idol whose wardrobe I’d want to raid is G-Dragon‘s. My style is very basic: jeans, open button-downs, chucks, and a huge variety of tanks and camis in bright colors. (seriously, I have over a dozen different colors of camisole). By going after GD’s wardrobe, I could snag a few pieces to shake up my wardrobe without abandoning my style, like his leather jackets from the Fantastic baby MV.

20150410_seoulbeats_fx_lunaLeslie: I totally second Laverne in the love for Hyuna. She’s definitely got a clear personal style, and I just want everything she’s ever worn. But I also have to preach my love for Taemin‘s “Ace” styling. Besides the fact that I’m a Taemint through and through, I actually really loved the color palette: tons of black and white with pops of color (blue, burgundy, leopard print, etc.). Plus the mix of high formal style (i.e. suits) with the casual baseball tees and caps was just so on point.

The wardrobe at the top of my list to steal is definitely all of f(x) during “Red Light” promotions. I basically wear only black and occasionally mix it with other neutrals so that entire era was just heaven for me. I want that striped peplum blazer that Sulli wore and all of Luna‘s outfits. Actually I just want all of their menswear-inspired outfits.

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