20120619_seoulbeats_bigbangWonder no more, K-pop fans! YG Entertainment has finally provided an answer to some of the most burning questions in K-pop: where is Big Bang‘s album? When will we see WINNER again? When will iKon finally make their debut? According to CEO Yang Hyun-suk, Big Bang will kick off three month’s worth of YG boy band releases in April, with WINNER’s comeback and iKon’s debut following in May and June respectively.

Although YG has been known to miss comeback deadlines in the past, Yang Hyun-suk promised that his company’s flurry of comebacks and debuts won’t start any later than April. He also provided a few details about Big Bang’s comeback album, revealing that leader G-Dragon has been actively participating in producing tracks for their upcoming release.

20140703_seoulbeats_winner2If his comment that the five members are “practically living in the recording studios” is anything to go by, we can expect their album to live up to the hype that has been growing during the three years since Alive. 

Most of Yang Hyun-suk’s comments had to do with Big Bang, since their fans have been waiting the longest to see the members take the stage as a full group once more. Accordingly, details about what we can expect from Winner and iKon are sparse. We’ll just have to wait for more information about YG’s younger groups, but until then, we can definitely be excited about what Spring 2015 holds in store!

Readers, are you excited? What are you expecting for this three month extravaganza? Discuss and/or fangirl in the comments below!

(Naver, Images via YG Entertainment)