Finally, after Jonghyun had his turn in the spotlight, February is the time for the lady to shine! It’s no secret that Amber is one of the most underrated vocalists hidden in the SM dungeon, and it’s such a relief that her pre-release sets a “Beautiful” high bar for herself right from the start. Come on, how do you not get excited from this?

Just listen, this is who SM has been relegating to sing a few rap lines in f(x)‘s repertoire. Who knew goofy Amber had all of this hidden inside of her? Great vocals aside, “Beautiful” is written and composed partially by Amber, who no doubt wanted to narrate her own personal story and thoughts. The lyrics especially resonate with the audience, with the simple declaration “I’m happy to be myself”. And as Amber shows a different side of herself with the contemplative lyrics, the MV is essentially a photo montage of her life — from pre-debut to present-day. An appropriate choice that fits the message of her song.

Coming off a popularity boost from Real Men, SM really couldn’t have timed Amber’s solo debut any better. Here’s to congratulating her on escaping the SM dungeon and wishing her a successful solo debut. Who else is counting down to her album release on the 13th?