Being a K-pop fan doesn’t neccessarily equate to being a K-drama fan. Oftentimes, K-pop fans miss out on the incredible wealth of high-quality OSTs put out by talented vocalists for dramas and movies alike. Soundtracks are the one thing in K-pop that is 0% visual, and 100% musical. Although I’ve been updating readers with such releases in the monthly OST Roundups segment, there are some OST must-listens released in the past, that I would hate for you readers to have missed out on. These releases gained so much popularity that they charted terribly well even with the lack of promotions. So here’s this week’s mixtape of OST Essentials.

OST Essentials from seoulbeats on 8tracks Radio.


This list is definitely not extensive, and there are a whole load more of awesome OSTs that deserve a lot attention. So readers, what are some of your OST essentials?