The question is do you want to have that good-bye kiss? Or as seen in the MV, a good-bye… diamond?

Secret has two modes in them: a cutesy mode as showcased in “Shy Boy” and their retro-sultry glam mode as seen in “Poison” and “Magic.” Of these two, Hyosung has said that she is most comfortable in the latter kind of concepts. Seeing as this is the case, was anyone even mildly surprised that her solo MV featured some of the staple sexy dancing K-pop offers and some shots that rival “Poison” in those camera angles?


The MV for “Good-night Kiss” starts with a bride throwing her bouquet of flowers. Everyone misses it because they’re in front of the bride, and yet they all stretch their hands as if it would magically fly toward them instead. Hyosung is the only one in the right place, so of course she catches it. This story line progresses to secret rendezvous between Hyosung and the groom until we get a final shot of Hyosung putting a diamond in her mouth and leaning in to kiss the guy. The last scene is of the guy taking the same diamond out of his pocket.

This is interweaved with dance shots, a shot of Hyosung lying on a table, then later on a bed of flowers, while touching herself and a series of shots of Hyosung seducing us with her smiles and smizes while sitting seductively on a chair.

First of all, I’m pretty sure it’s “Kiss on my lips” and not “Kiss on my diamond.”

Secondly, I don’t know how weddings are conducted in Korea but aren’t the unmarried women supposed to be in a crowd behind the bride and not in front of her? If that’s the case, something is very wrong in that opening shot.

140515_seoulbeats_secret_hyosung3Thirdly, the MV director was obviously following the Rule of Three and thus there were three kinds of shots: the pseudo-story line where Hyosung is the girl who hooks up with another bride’s groom, the dance shots, and the many close-ups of Hyosung and her… assets.

Something that seems to have been highlighted were her many wardrobe changes throughout the MV. I preferred her red dancing outfit because it was sexy, sultry without being too revealing. That being said, where can we buy one of those blinged out jackets she wore in her other dancing shot?

There were lots of pretty dresses though the opening purple lace dress made her look frumpy. In fact a lot of them did. As demonstrated by the red dance outfit and her outfit of her in the chair, the best clothes for her figure are those loose at the top and tight at the bottom. I would have preferred for her dresses to have straight lines since they would have been more flattering to her figure. And we knew even before this MV that Hyosung has a rocking figure and now we know even more about her figure then we may have liked.

140515_seoulbeats_secret_hyosung2Lastly, that was one dance break too many, especially if she’ll just be doing the same thing. Hopefully, there is actual choreography for the dance breaks and not just continuous rubbing her hands over her body while she does body waves and spreads her legs. This is because you can be sexy without going to the tripe “dancing” that female idols seem to do. I lost track of how many boob shots we got and I think its just unfortunate that the angle was so much like Secret’s “Poison.”

There were many standard K-pop female dancing that is guaranteed to rake up the views of the MV. Boob shots, gyrating while standing up, sitting down and on the floor, the lip biting or biting your thumb – take a pick, they are all in the MV. Is it just me or does the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” part look like Kara‘s “Mister” dance/butt dance? But with her biting her thumb because lest the viewers forget, this is a sexy concept.

The lyrics are quite inane and are an example of just how little lyrics seem to be regarded, especially for female idols.

Good night kiss, you are too sweet

Good night, my baby

When you sleep, you look so sweet

You hear me my baby?

Baby kiss on my kiss on my kiss on my lips

My heart, boom boom that zoom zoom

Let’s dance dance like this

Baby kiss on my kiss on my kiss on my lips

Before you fall asleep

She is a grown woman and shouldn’t be kept to such simple lyrics. There was no imagination at all from the lyricists and we got a whole lot of English thrown in the song just because they rhyme and sound good and add nothing to the overall quality of the song, maybe except for international fans having those phrases stuck in their ear against their will.

All that being said, the song was quite all right. I had pretty low expectations coming into this and those expectations were met. It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. While I didn’t take to it at once, I did find myself repeating the hook while watching the Game of Thrones. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing that I kept muttering the hook of “Baby kiss on my kiss on my kiss on my lips” while Prince Oberyn was- you know what, forget it.

While half of the MV had some regrettable choices of camera angles and the song sounds like a lullaby and noise put together, Hyosung does what she can and she makes it sound good for her voice. She works with what little she has and makes sure that this won’t be confused with a Secret single or a song for another K-pop female artist who capitalizes on the sex appeal.


(TS Entertainment, YouTube)