B.A.P. is back! And it looks like they’re serving up a much softer sound this time around with “1004 (Angel),” the first single on the long-awaited full length album Full Sensibility.

The 20-second clip promises a great amount of drama (Himchan with a gun?!), but I’m looking forward to seeing the symbolism that only a song with “angel” in the title can guarantee visually. There’s a bevy of artful shots in the teaser, especially the cuts where Jong-up bashes the wall with the embedded wings and Dae-hyun holds the sand timer in an incredibly opulent room.

I’ve enjoyed B.A.P.’s previous ventures into softer title songs, but “1004 (Angel)” seems to step further into ballad territory than “Coffee Shop” and “Rain Sound.” The gentle guitar in the background sounds especially beautiful and offers a more mature sound from the boys.


B.A.P. sure knows how to build intrigue, huh? Check out B.A.P.’s new music on February 3rd!

What are you most excited about with B.A.P.’s comeback and upcoming album?

(TS Entertainment, YouTube)