• Nate Broadus

    The fuck…?

  • danahz

    The most interesting group of photos

  • ThingsAlySays

    Wow, Lee Yo Won looks so different there! I couldn’t recognize her!

  • bigmamat

    They all look gorgeous.

  • my self

    O_o the power of make up and photo editing

  • Mini Squid

    Love the one with roses. So ethereal.

  • Bran

    These photo’s are so gorgeous! The creativity of the shot’s is very nice.

  • itz_justme

    I can’t even recognize Song Ji Hyo

  • *.*

    They turn beautiful girls into some ghostlike figures.

  • http://www.frivjogo.info/ Friv Jogos

    The sweet image and sometimes taking a little weird. But it will take collage.