Would you believe it’s September already? Well, even has the hot, hot days of summer wave goodbye, your faves are still hard at work on that music show grind. This promotional period was an interesting one, with fierce rookies like VIXX, B.A.P., EXO, and NU’EST all being rushed into the same playing field as well as with the return of long awaited return acts like SPICA and Teen Top (though, still personally not a Teen Top fan…). So without further ado, here are our picks for the week!

130905 Mnet Countdown, Bumkey feat. Kanto, “Attraction”

Bumkey and his godly voice need no introduction, and his latest with Kanto need no further praise. Just hit play, and melt.

130906 Music Bank, Teen Top, “Rocking” and Win


Teen Top took home the gold this week on Music Bank, and were all smiles. Though I’ve never been impressed with their discography, I’ll tip my hat to “Rocking” and the great strides Teen Top has taken to getting where they are now. Not bad, kiddos, not bad.

130907 Music Core, SPICA, “Tonight”


I’ve been a big fan of SPICA since the very beginning, and their upbeat summer single “Tonight” is definitely an earworm. I’m also in love with the  wardrobe and the live audio–these girls know how to kill it every time. (Especially my bb Boa!)

130907 Music Core, EXO, “Growl”

Everyone’s favorite pretty boys say goodbye to the music stage as their “Growl” promotions in Korea finally come to a close. I know we’re probably all caught up in the EXO overkill at the moment, but “Growl” is my favorite song of theirs to date, and their lives are where the charisma and energy prove the worth of this song. Also, the school boy concept never looked so damn good. So there’s that too.

Hoped you enjoyed this weeks round up!

(Mnet, KBS, MBC)