• toot

    Disagree i loved Oh my school! it was hilarious IMO…I can understand why people would want it back i guess i understand why you may have found it boring but in the end it’s personal preference……..Family outing 2 was a big mistake they could never live up to the original family outing which was really funny dam i wish they would bring it back…Kang ho- dong is just loud mouthed and annoying i don’t understand why he was considered the nations MC the only time i tolerated him was on Strong heart but other than that he annoys me

  • iamjammmichi

    Oh My School introduced me to many idols. For me, it was a good show especially the episodes with Heechul as guest friend of Hongki while Simon D and Jonghyun (FT Island) were also there. Those four being good friends with Chocoball Group with jang geun Suk and Junhyung of Beast. It was the best episode for me. Episodes with Simon D and Hongki were the good ones for me.
    Strong Heart was also a fave of mine. Hodong and Seunggi really owned the show.
    Now, I’m getting nervous that 1N2D will be axed soon because of ratings.. same with Running Man. I know that these shows have been long now with solid casts but we can never tell…

  • Kennedy Halstead

    Um, I think I would’ve enjoyed this article more if you had provided a 1-2 sentence outline of what the premise of each show was. I’m quite new to Kvariety, and I have no idea what Star Golden Bell, Oh! My School, etc. are about.

  • http://faboomama.com Anika Malone

    I agree that all these shows were boring and unwatchable, but even some of the originals felt that way to me. Strong Heart 2 was the exception. When Kang Ho Dong left, I was so happy. Even though I don’t like shows where celebrities talk about themselves, there were still good moments. When Shin Dong Yeop and Lee Doon Wook came aboard, they also changed a lot in the show. They got rid of the wind punishment, starting making guests walk out and introduce themselves and some of the regular cast was removed or pushed aside. Then Eun Hyuk spent what seemed like 8 mos. talking about going into the Army like he was the first one ever. That’s what made SH2 dull.

    With current variety shows, it’s almost the same. See Hwasin’s change in cast, the 4387 set changes and focus of the show. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it cancelled soon. What I started watching in Feb. was self-conscious, but interesting as an outsider looking in. Now, it’s like a mini Strong Heart with duller guests. Mamma Mia is another that has some weird changes. What happened to all the other regular casts members. Sticking with the same 4–least interesting mom/kid couples these past few weeks is getting dull.

  • ediblepixels

    I thought that Heroes was a pretty good show. It introduced me to IU, T-ara, KARA and After School. Despite the fact that some parts were tedious, I liked how the girls had to work for a good cause :P I’m sad it got cancelled because the chemistry within the cast was definitely there, with IU and Jiyeon’s maknae friendship, to Seo In Young and Shin Bong Sun’s cheating antics. All in all, I really do wish it came back.

    • IUtopia

      I also watched Heroes (because of IU), and most of the time had enjoyed it. I liked it for the same reasons as you: the girls were working for a good cause in many episodes, and the chemistry developed throughout the show. Besides the people you mentioned, I also super like Noh Sa Yeon and Hong Soo Ah!

      Part of me also really wants the show to come back, but part of me thinks it probably ends at the right time. By the end, Nicole is no longer showing up due to Kara’s Japan schedule, some of the girls looked really tired (IU and Jiyeon were so busy at that time), and the relationships between the cast had also gone a little bit stale. But I am glad that many friendships were developed during the show, and I hope there will be a reunion among them (on camera or off camera)! :-)

  • Guest

    Haha, star diving show splash was origanally a dutch show, with the most hillarious moment Patty Brard diving (she is basically a plastic surgery model, no one really likes her). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRPu0bm4Ams

  • Jeanique Romeijnders

    Haha, this star diving show splash was origanally a dutch show, with the most hillarious moment Patty Brard diving (she is basically a plastic surgery model, no one really likes her). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRPu0bm4Ams

  • IUtopia

    Among these shows, I have only watched “Heroes”, so I cannot comment on how good or bad most of them are. But in reality, how many TV shows are good enough to last for a substantial period of time, say one year? Take the examples of American TV drama/sitcoms, probably less than half of them last more than one season.

    In any competitive market, for every successful TV show, there are always going to be many more “failures” (as defined by the author, I would hesitate to call the shows listed above as failures since I am sure they all have their good moments and loyal fans). In K-variety, even though I don’t watch much, I know that “Real Men” and “Daddy Where Are You Going?” are two successful shows with high ratings that debut within the past year. So what does that tell me? Well, that tells me that the state of K-variety is not as bad as the author suggests.

    Also, the author wrote “with Korean shows many were doomed from the start”. How does he/she know? Is it some sort of revision history, that if a show ultimately fails, then it is “doomed from the start”? There can be many reasons why a show fails. Maybe the star of the show is not as popular as before, maybe the chemistry between the cast never develops, or maybe it just had the bad luck of airing at the same time as another popular show. Looking back, every failure is easy to explain, but everybody who has worked on a project knows that there are many factors for the success/failure of it (often out of the control of the people working on the project), that it would be unwise to say something like that.

  • Whirly Pop

    I don’t get the hype with Running Man.

    • Ri U

      it used to be really funny. But now, it’s a bit stale

  • http://www.facebook.com/sonwabile.antonie Sonwabile Sony Antonie

    Star Golden Bell was one of the first variety shows I watched when I started with kpop. The show was funny and awesome even if I didnt get the jokes sometimes. Its sad that it ran out of steam so quickly though.

  • Ri U

    Oh! My School was great in the beginning. When they began to get more money and more fans what they should’ve done was stick to the cast and games that had gotten them popular, instead they brought in more idols –who didn’t have the same connection as the cast in the first season and got rid of the cast who made the show funny in the first place.
    Heroes was also amazing, if only for the relationships between the cast members. When the games became solely for putting them into popular and unpopular categories, I became disinterested. There never did seem to be a point about the show, but it was fun to watch them play around with each other.
    Imagine a show with the cast of Heroes but the plot of [S1] Oh! My School. ~Satirically teaching female idols how to be ~perfect. I think that’d be really cool, also I’d love to see another “girl power” show

  • Mary

    I personally enjoyed Oh My School. I thought it was funny and refreshing because the guests were usually idols that you never saw on variety shows. I have always been a fan of Star Golden Bell and although I am sad that the format and concept changed which eventually lead to its downfall, I wished that it was still on to this day.

    I’m not a big fan of variety shows. There are of course still some shows out there that I watch every once in a while such as Running Man. But I have recently been watching a lot of Happy Together and Hello Counselor and is still trying to catch up with “Dad, Where Are You Going?”.