• Jessica Cottle

    Kim Hyun Joong is an artist that I don’t actively follow but I really enjoy everything of his that I stumble upon. He’s just a chill, weird guy that doesn’t seem to try too hard (not saying he doesn’t try AT ALL…you know what I mean). I must say I am really looking forward to the collabs on his new album (Speaking of, where’s your collab with Jaejoong?! You guys have been talking about wanting one forever!).

    • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

      I’m so waiting for that collab too, considering that they are good friends. I mean, both of them totally have got that rock thing going! The opportunities for good songs are endless.

  • gravyz2cute4u

    I LOVE his korean song I’m Your Man!! It’s one of my favourites!! <3
    Thank you for the article hehe I'm a huge KHJ fan XD

  • rgirl

    I really feel that Hyun Joong has shown the most versatility of any idol that is around today. He’s an actor, singer, rapper, dancer and all around entertainer. You can’t say that of any other idol (that I can think of). I was very impressed with his singing when I heard his sections of Because I’m Stupid (he was in SS501 at the time) at a Japanese concert. I don’t know if his nose jobs (I believe he has had more than one) have anything to do with the change in his voice, or if it’s because of instructions from his promoter to sing in a higher key. I say this because when I listen to K-Pop girl bands, their voices are in such a high key that it is a turn off to me, so I don’t listen to most of them, Yet, on solo albums, their voice quality is beautiful. I saw footage from a Korean talk show that had a segment on The One (a great Korean singer) and he spoke very highly of Hyun Joong (I believe he instructed Hyun Joong for a short time).
    In any case, I only wish him the best with a bright future in the entertainment world.