• Gaya_SB

    Everyone is right in saying that Exo fans sing more of that song than Exo.

    Speaking of which: SM, how DARE you withhold from me the aural heaven that is Kim Jongdae’s voice; I’ll even put up with Kai’s rapping just give me live Chen vocals, pleeeeeaaaaase.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Seriously. I don’t get it. There are great singers in EXO. I love Chen and Baekhyun and D.O.’s voices. But their talent is so wasted in EXO because SM never trusts them. :/

      • http://splashofinspiration.wordpress.com/ Shweta

        Dude, yes. Luhan isn’t bad either. Heck, all of them aren’t bad enough to stop them from singing live EVER.

    • myst

      everybody seems to be forgetting that sm always makes their artists lipsync the first week of promotions, whether it be the amazing shinee or the somewhat ~newer~ exo (and i say this as a fan of both groups). knowing sm, live chen/kyungsoo/baekhyun/luhan/everyone will come this week. i’m pretty sure this is very much a regular routine of sm’s (it’s not that sm doesn’t trust exo!) so chill out and let’s see how it goes :)

      ((and judging from this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otz2kgjPfvg live performance of open arms – it’s going to be amazing))

      • maldita

        Yes, they do lipsync in their first week, but at the very least they sing live for the Music Bank comeback. DBSK, SNSD, and SHINee all did for their recent comeback. It’s what irritated me the most this past comeback stages for EXO. They could’ve at least sung live in Music Bank and kept up with the lipsyncing for the other shows. Would’ve certainly shown the naysayers the skills they DO have.

  • disqus_m6eAL0nn0k

    I’m trying my best, I really am….but the more i hear (not see) of EXO, the less and less I like them. Pretty faces, charming personalities and fancy footwork is only going to go so far.

    • FranFOD

      I totally understand. I’m somewhat of an SM stan in as far as I love SHINee and support all the other groups since they’re part of the same company and have fun songs, but as much as I try to like EXO, they’re just so lifeless. It doesn’t matter how well you can sing and dance if you come off as emotionless puppets on stage. I feel like I can hear the choreographers telling them when to frown, growl, or rub their lips.

    • Rejca

      Try watching them behind the scenes. Half of them are trolls, while the other half is just hilarious. Performance wise Exo- M at KCON is worth watching!
      But you’re right.
      Hopefully SM lets them sing, I have no doubts that at least the vocal line will kill it live (I’m a little bit worried about the rap parts though..), someone watched D.O. and Chen (and D.O and chanyeol) sing at Sukira? Plain awesome.

    • Jaclyn

      They’re all flash. The stuff ‘phases’ are made of.

  • Cherry Blossoms
  • mrshobbes

    Okay, WOW. That CL stage just made me like the song a whole lot more. WOW. I still hate that “not bad meaning bad” line, though. And without the distraction of all the pretty in the MV, I was suddenly aware of some kind of weird instrumentation/sound that sounds like… (i’m so sorry!) farting noises. I heard it most clearly in 0:45-46 and occasionally since.

    I am loving the choreo of “Wolf” and must admit that so far the EXO boys have been bringing it–at least dance-wise. And I agree with Gaya, pleeeeeeeease give me some live Chen-chen. I mean, he just pops out during the climax of the song with like, one line. I would love to see/hear him KILL it live.

    And well, that Shinhwa song has been on repeat on my iTunes for about two days now :p

    • find_nothing_here

      Apparently, the lead singers of EXO were actually singing live for part of Wolf. I’m pretty sure we couldn’t here them at all through the backtrack though.

  • KrisMyStar

    hoping that after this week sm will let exo sing live…

  • hapacalgirl

    Love her or hate her but CL owns that stage like very few kpop groups and solos can. The song is still pretty “Meh” to me but at least CL works it like no other. Whether 2ne1 lasts only a few more years or lasts a long time, one thing for sure is CL will be a solid soloist regardless.

  • Tanya Joshi

    I honestly don’t mind lip-syncing and I get why they would make any group do lip-syncing for the first couple of weeks. And honestly, people need to stop comparing the fact that they lip-sync to the fact that other groups like SHINee, TVXQ, etc, don’t. I mean, TVXQ and basically any other group that they get compared to are groups that have been around for longer than EXO have, so they definitely have the live singing down. Or even B.A.P., they shouldn’t be compared to them either. B.A.P. has had comeback after comeback in the past year so they would definitely have the whole thing down as well. EXO has really only been on the music scene for like a few months, seeing as they weren’t doing that much for the past year, so they don’t have as much experience with the stage anyways. I understand that they have been trained for so long pre-debut and technically should be able to do it by now, but not every idol group is the same as the next (in terms of learning abilities and things along that line). Besides, Wolf doesn’t really seem, to me at least, to be a song that shows off singing abilities. It’s definitely a song that’s meant to be performed and seen rather than heard.

    As a side note, I’m pretty sure I heard most of them singing into their mics. The playback is DEFINITELY louder, and I’m sure the slight singing is just for them to get used to singing the song and dancing live. Besides, even if they sang live, who would be able to hear them anyways, what with the fans screaming at the top of their lungs. They honestly need to quiet down a tad, but that’s never gonna happen.

    Either way, if you have heard at least some other songs by EXO and the few that they’ve sung live, then you would know they have good voices and talent. By the way, why does no one consider Sehun as one of the main dancers? I mean, he’s really good, so…?

    I guess you could consider me SM bias, but that’s only because I feel I’d probably have the same mindset as SM does (but I think I’d definitely be a bit softer on the idols…). Besides, the company was started by a guy who had an M.A. in Computer Engineering as well as someone who sang, so he definitely had that extra side that the other two in the Big Three don’t so….

    Sorry if that last paragraph made no sense… I’m an engineering student and I sucked at writing essays so forgive me please!!!

    Anyways, that concludes my long and pointless rant.

    • maldita

      EXO can’t use the “they don’t have much experience singing live” excuse because every other group out there, even the rookies are singing live. How else will EXO even have the experience and get better if SM keeps them lipsyncing?! I love EXO and they have talented boys, but the public doesn’t know that and it’s saddening. SM debuted SHINee singing live every chance they got and they got better and better. Even DBSK didn’t sound perfect when they debuted, yet they were singing live and raw, too.

      And even if EXO hasn’t done much in Korea for the past year, they had plenty of performances during that time, all of which were lipsynced even if it’s away from the cameras. They could’ve used the time away to cultivate their live singing in var

      • Tanya Joshi

        To be quite honest, I’m one of those girls who usually agrees (to some extent) with most opinions and just constructs my own own opinion after hearing several others (I know that sounds bad, haha).

        But I completely understand what you mean. And I agree with you, too. I feel that SM for some reason doesn’t have enough confidence in EXO to treat them the same as the other groups they debuted. For me, my comment was just the way I felt about the amount of people highly criticizing EXO. Hopefully SM will get them to sing live more often in the near future, because they definitely have talented boys.

      • Tanya Joshi

        Also, don’t you think that they’d get heavily criticized for messing up while singing live and doing the dance at the same time as well? I honestly don’t see this situation winning in either case…

        • maldita

          Better be criticized now for their mistakes when they’re still new than be criticized as bad performers 5 years down the road. Besides, SM artists are more than capable enough to pull off their songs. The company didn’t train them ridiculously hard for nothing after all. EXO CAN sing live well. SM just keeps making excuses for the boys not to sing live when they can very well do so.

          • Tanya Joshi

            Just to make sure, I don’t wanna seem butt hurt or anything, haha. I somehow agree with both ends of the argument. And you make much better points than I did, haha.

  • winniesajida

    they can’t sing? always lip sync? go watch today’s Music Bank. lol you, haters