• rupdiddy

    I think all music shows have a different flavour :) I personally like Music Core, because all my favourite artists have been MCs (and Minho is currently the MC – biasss). I think Inkigayo has the best filming and camera angles. I can actually watch a whole performance, without having the camera panning to someone’s face all the time. I think M Countdown! and Show Champion have the best ranking schemes though. It all depends :D Music Bank is just okay, I guess.

  • Hayouu

    I like MBC’s Music Core because of the way the stage and the camera is. I love how perfect everything seems from the lighting to the great microphones.

    I also like SBS inkigayo because they are even better than MBC when it comes to the camera and staging!!

    M!countdown need better mics and Kbs needs better camera men!!

    • hyunjungsh

      lol Mubank’s 360 degree turning camera just makes me dizzy…

  • Lianna

    I like mubank cause my mom doesn’t subscribe to mnet,mbc,and sbs…

  • Gaya_SB

    I tend to love Inkigayo stages, though the previous incarnation of Music Core was probably my fave for its less serious vibe and that crazy circle backdrop for the hosts.

  • antiquity

    My fave will always be Inkigayo.

  • Mini Squid

    Inkigayo has the best stage and props! They also hv excellent cameras and cameramen. Music Bank is the worst aesthetics-wise, me thinks. And the stupid cameraman keeps giving me a 270° camera turn. I want a 360 one, dammit! They did it with The Boys and more recently, Wolf.

  • andrealan21

    Inkigayo has very good stage props, cameramen, and lightings. Music Bank sucks the most. The cameramen need more caffeine.

  • maldita

    I like Inkigayo for its sets and camera work, but I like Music Bank for the audio. I mean, most MR-videos of performances are from Music Bank because they tend to use the least amount of backtracks.

  • ShineeWorld52911


  • Stupidfangirls

    I like Music Bank and Inkigayo

  • shannie4888

    Inkigayo is my favorite. It’s just better quality and I like the name.

  • hapacalgirl

    Its really hard to like any of the music shows since the biases of the broadcast stations is annoyingly obvious especially with how KBS and MBC favor SMent and SBS favors YGent. However overall I like inkigayo the best based on sound system and stage set up (plus I like the hosts) but I am currently hating the fact that SBS is banning Shinhwa from Inkigayo since they are still butthurt from Shinhwa choosing cable station jTBC to broadcast “Shinhwa Broadcast” instead of SBS.

    I used to like Music Bank because they use to require that everyone perform live all of the time, but in recent years groups have been allowed to lip-sync on the show which is unfortunate. I also hate the camera work on Music Bank but I do like that they keep the backing track lower than a lot of the other show.

  • KrisMyStar

    i love all of them :)

  • Sun_&_Raine

    Inkigayo is my fave, I swear they have the best stages, especially for YG.

  • http://evacuatewithstyle.org/blog Amy

    My personal favorite is KBS’ MuBank simply because like @hapacalgirl:disqus mentioned, they keep the backtracking much lower than the other shows, and I find that MuBank performances make for easier analysis of whether a group or an act was a good singer or not. KBS also hosts Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook and that stage is THE stage to know once and for all if your idols are up to par.

    I hate MuBank’s cameramen and the stage aesthetics I could care less about since they all blend together to me anyway after 1 show, but MuBank’s sound system was always pretty revealing.

  • Lavlavs

    How do the music shows work? I only ever catch clips on youtube so do they air weekly, daily, etc?

    • maldita

      Weekly. Mnet (cable) M!Countdown on Thursdays, KBS Music Bank on Fridays, MBS Music Core on Saturdays, and SBS Inkigayo on Fridays.

      • TheJadeBullet

        Inkigayo’s on a Sunday, no…?

  • aridnie

    Not going to lie, I’m an Mnet stan. Possibly because they’re very America-friendly. Also because they tend to be the comeback stage of most idols (seeing that they’re the first music show of the week). But I’m partial to the stages and MCing style of Music Core.