20130423_seoulbeats_apinkyookyungIt seemed like things were looking up press wise for A Pink after the recent announcement that member Naeun would be joining the We Got Married cast, but unfortunately their chance at more group exposure may have hit a slight bump in the road.

Member Yookyung‘s agency has announced that she will be leaving the group to pursue her studies. She has been with the group for almost exactly 2 years, making her debut on April 9th 2011, and A Cube Entertainment apologized to all of her fans for having to bring them such sad news.

Although the official excuse given for her departure from the group was her entry in university this year there is already speculation that the reason was not actually so simple. Yookyung’s father posted several tweets after the official announcement that made it sound like Yookyung didn’t decide to leave the group but was, in fact, kicked out. There is no way to know if this is true or not, especially since Cube Entertainment doesn’t have a history of firing their idols, but netizens will speculate whether there is proof or not.20130423_seoulbeats_cube

A Pink is currently gearing up for a comeback, so this member withdrawal couldn’t have come at a more controversial time. Although Yookyung is being referred to as the “black hole” idol of A Pink, it doesn’t change that her absence will effect the groups promotions. Readers who follow A Pink, do you have any insight in to this situation?

(A Cube Entertainment, Twitter)