• http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

    lol, nice way to sum up everything I was feeling.

  • VLF218

    When it comes to GD I just roll with it. I don’t really think the MV was meant to be cohesive tbh. Michi Go is to “Go Crazy” and I think that is EXACTLY what it was lol

    • lovezain11

      Basically. Just look at the title and that’s that you get. You aren’t watching it for a deep message or anything. It’s not meant to be analyzed. Heck the lyrics themselves don’t mean anything except having a good time or getting drunk. Except instead of mentioning alcohol he mentions getting drink on energy drinks bc he has to perform it for the concert. And the mother father who are you is a reference to how when you get drunk you can’t tell your mother or father apart. Just bc of crayon and michigo people are generalizing all of gd’s mv’s forgetting that he does have really great ones like that xx and butterfly of a boy. Even one of a kind was simple with a white background and him doing things that go along with the song lyrics.

    • Jane

      Thank you!

  • http://blogphilic.wordpress.com/ jandoe

    THANK YOU for this article. I’d watched it when it premiered and my reaction basically went from huh to HUH?!. I get it that this may be all about his creative expression (hello Jang Geun Suk, looking at you here) but if that’s really the case for MichiGO’s MV – then any sort of creative smarts were lost on me, at least. It seemed too much like a parody …except one that’s thematically empty, which is a loss considering it comes this guy who really is talented and exceptional when he wants to be. I may just not be singing the same tune as he is – clearly, rather – but like you said, “Yes, GD, we understand you want to be recognized as “different” but your argument is stronger when your songs actually have a message.” I think so too.

    Here’s to hoping the next one will make SOME kind of sense!

  • takasar1

    i think with GD, we have use the same criteria that we use with box mvs. they are both essentially the same in what they offer us and how they makes us feel. the box mv, while allowing for a glimpse of the choreo, if repeated gives the sensation of nausea (i’m not the only one right?) and will make just about anyone bored. GD’s little parlor tricks and bucket full of spam only invigorate this feeling of anger that builds up inside you when they are seen far too often. it is things like this that just scream “TRY HARD”. i know that his original image was given to him by YG but him trying so hard to manufacture a new one really does seem quite sad, as if he can manipulate us into thinking differently of him.

    all his mvs give you nothing at all, apart from flashy/minor visual aids that catch your attention for a few seconds. it doesnt make sense, any message or clue the viewer should be able to interpret is lost in GD’s sad little attempts to be ‘different’ or ‘unique’ or ‘funny’ (or however else his fans try to defend his choice in style).

    • lovezain11

      Only two of the mv’s do that though. Michigo and crayon. Not all. Heartbreaker breathe a boy this love butterfly that xx and one of a kind were all good mv’s that had different things going on. You can’t generalize all his mv’s just bc of two. And the only ones that had a bunch of stuff going on were crayon and michigo bc the concept was going crazy for both.

      • happy_slip

        Heartbreaker was pretty good, despite the shit he got during that time. That XX, too.

    • http://twitter.com/summerainshower summerainshower

      This comment screams try hard. First of all, Why do you think artists make videos? They try really, really hard to entice people to listen to their songs. Some try really hard by dancing extremely intricate choreography. Others try it with romantic story line MV’s and still others try to make interesting visual statements like GD. All artists are “try hards”. Secondly, trying to say this MV is not good because it doesn’t make sense or have any message is kind of laughable. It’s just for fun.

      • takasar1

        is that so? artists makes videos to complement their music, however when you use the same formula multiple times it become old, dumb and stale. to the point where only deluded fangirls will protect it. what a dumb thing to say, of course mv’s need a message, without one no one would have a reason to watch it. GD is the most try hard idol out of all of them, to the point where its getting quite sad to watch him, again, every one who is not a blind fan girl should be able to easily spot this.

        • http://twitter.com/summerainshower summerainshower

          Well, you are clearly unable to hold any intelligent discussion without trying to derail the argument by claiming that anyone with an opposing opinion must be a delusional fangirl. Already you lose. You are trying to wrap your opinion up as fact. No video needs a message. It is a visual medium used to complement the music as you said yourself. GD’s video is called Go Crazy. It is what it is . Spelling it out in some linear story line might be easier for some people to digest, but I don’t think that’s what they were going for here. Crayon and Michi Go are similar in style, both the song and the video. I think they are intended to go together. That doesn’t make his entire discography or videography stale and similar. It just means you haven’t watched enough of his stuff. You might make a more intelligent criticism if you discussed why his most recent Mini was NOT stylistically more cohesive. Whatever though, you can attempt to hold that discussion with someone else. Good Luck.

          • takasar1

            lol at the hypocrisy (“This comment screams try hard”), also if you really thought i lost, you wouldn’t have replied. you must also have trouble with your vision, i never outright called you a ‘deluded fangirl’, a lesson to the wise: never make assumptions in a discussion. also, never try and have an ‘intelligent’ discussion on such a mundane and trivial topic. of course a video needs a message. without it, all you are left with is a series of moving pictures. they must be related to the song and possess a message (be it in a storyline, or via dance). anyone can tell they are similar but when is that a good thing? how could i make sweeping generalizations had i not watched his stuff? of course i have and i commented that his last two-three videos/ songs have been similar. i dont try to hold ‘conversations’ on a forum site, if i need to debate, i go to a place where i can, not relating to a subject where 75% of posters are deluded fangirls

        • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

          I agree with you that an MV needs a message and there actually is one here, but only if you care to know the personal side of it. This is GD telling us a story about himself but only if you can and care to catch it. The mv is personal but the video is crazy. :) If you don’t see it, the mv would appear to be filled with randomly fun and crazy visuals that live up to the title. :)

  • lovezain11

    Michi go was for the fans only. Song isn’t even officially released. Only way to hear it legally is to buy stickers on line and get it. Mv was supposed to be on line too but fans were getting pissed at YG for not releasing michigo officially so he gave them the mv. It’s why it just came out from nowhere. It’s supposed to be a continuation from crayon. I mean just look at the title! CrayOn was supposed to be get your crazy on and michigo means crazy in Korea or go crazy. That’s what he is doing in the mv on the subway/train. Only reason michigo was released was so he could have a new song to perform during his tour and to promote line. It’s kind of like his version of a mixtape or something. It’s why you don’t see michigo on the charts anywhere or on iTunes. So ya just watch the mv without thinking to much and listen to the song to dance. That’s what he wants you to do. It isn’t about him proving he’s crazy or an outsider it’s about him going crazy listening to the music. The dancing only happens when he heard the music and that’s why his feet are so big. It’s like the story about the dancing shoes. Also why he’s getting examined at the doctor and why at the end when he comes out and the music comes on he can’t stop moving.

  • http://twitter.com/mme0914 Mari ^_^

    I think the MV did the song justice! The song is called MichiGo (go crazy) and the MV was full of craziness and fun dancing!! No hidden messages or deep meaning just randomness and weirdness!! I enjoyed the song and the MV, very much!!!


    Everyone on tumblr was posting about this mv, i thought that it had to
    be really good, but it was soo disappointing.. it was just bad and I’m
    happy to know I’m not the only one..

  • severely

    I really liked the song, but the MV was weird. Not weird in a fun, I want to see what’s going to happen next sort of way, but rather in a please stop doing that sort of way.

    Well, that’s what tabs are for.

  • muggle87

    I don’t think it suppose to have a deep meaning, it’s one of those songs that just meant for u just dance…and like gd said, go crazy.

    • http://twitter.com/bb_the_best_ guess_what

      agree lol

  • VipVip

    Good article, managed to make sense of an otherwise senseless MV lol and sums up my feelings pretty much.
    But I was pretty disappointed in the MV tbh. I’m a GD fan and a reason why I am a fan is because I love him for not being afraid to do what he wants, and go out the box. His MVs are often weird but in an entertaining way, well crafted and contain symbolism that somehow relate to him as well as manage to connect well with the song lyrics.
    MichiGO however… well it certainly was weird but I got the feeling they didn’t put as much work or though into it as they’d done in previous MVs. Also the lack of any connection with the lyrics or any kind of message kinda boggles me (or I guess the message was to be crazy but…yeah). Also to me the scenes in the MV just got reduced to childish and low humor which takes away from his credibility as an artist. Anyone can be crazy but it takes vision and talent to know how to make it work. It worked in Crayon, but imo MichiGO it didn’t. I watched the MV once and don’t feel like watching it again.
    Only saving grace was the punk look. Also I kinda liked the bowl cut too. Anything else I just want to erase from my mind.

    • http://twitter.com/bb_the_best_ guess_what

      GD always makes his fans expecting high coz he is someone not just a normal idol. but c’mon after all this mv is just for fun. i dont see the need that everything in the world has to get a deep meaning or sth.

    • http://twitter.com/SilviaFangyi419 silvia

      i kinda of think, if you been easily understood, is that too shallow so everyone can get your idea? i really agree about the low humor but i don’t agree that there is nothing he want to express inside the mv. At least much better than the other idol movie that always broken up with a girl and cry….

  • http://twitter.com/IgnisInvictus Ignis Invictus

    I think that with the song titled Michi Go, it would be just wrong if we have an MV that requires deep thoughts when viewed. So yeah, the MV is just fine for the song.

  • http://twitter.com/tokensmiles Alyssa

    I feel that by going crazy with all the scenes and being completely random he is actually going inside the box, because that seems to be a trend with music videos and trying to go viral. Although it is apparent that he does have more creative control then most idols and that he may be like this in real life, it reeks of the entertainment industry trying to make sells.

    The author is right though, it succeeds in making you watch it multiple times.

  • http://www.facebook.com/guilherme.busato.79 Guilherme Busato

    Nice decision to rate it with “?”. We cannot judge what we cannot understand

  • cileft

    if any non YG idol came out with something like this, it’d get a horrible review so let’s just be honest here: 0 out of 5 would not recommend

  • http://twitter.com/summerainshower summerainshower

    So many paragraphs trying to find meaning in a video called “Go Crazy”? Only when it comes to GD. It’s just a really fun song used to pump up the crowd at his concerts and the video is just for fun as well. But without a doubt this article will get a lot of comments because EVERYONE feels the need to judge GD.

    • http://twitter.com/bb_the_best_ guess_what

      exactly lol coz its GD

  • my self

    I personal find GD’s music to be lacking a great deal regardless if this is mindless fun. I enjoy PSY mindless fun because he is making fun of Korea’s high class snob rich society. GD is desperately trying to convince you he is so different from the rest but then turns around and makes a mockery out of the ideal.GD to me is a mockery of what an artist is suppose to be and what it means to be different. In K-pop you have no real good examples of artist when majority of the people are under label control. GD knows this and so does YG and both capitalized on fandom naive stupidity to make crap like this marketable.

    Fandoms just eat this type of crap up and praise how GD is such a better quality of idol. I feel michigo is just GD’s way of saying “I can be utterly grotesque from any idol and spam you with randomness and you’ll still find me better than the rest.” All michigo is a mockery of GD’s image in K-pop. He is a clown, a joke, a wannabe. and still an idol and you’ll but into, even if it doesn’t make any sense. Give GD a round of applause, he’s to the point he can’t do no wrong.

    • http://twitter.com/bb_the_best_ guess_what

      yeah he’s still an idol at all. coz hes under such a big label and debuted as an idol. but he IS a better quality of idol. look at all those idols in korea…pretending to be cute…going on tv shows…having few lines in the song and like singing for those fancams only. GD produces songs himself and at least hes more for music than any other else. i dont see prasing him as a better idol have problems. the problem is that you guys set the standard too high. when his fans praise him, people always ask for more. after all he says he makes music just for fun. and if hes a wannabe then which idol is the real one lol

      • Jazz1105

        Do you want a list of all the idols who have contribute to the production of their music? GD is not the only one. GD is selling an image just like other idols, just like idols who use the image of being “cute” which isn’t a bad thing as you seem to have implied, GD is selling the image of being “unique”, he is just a manufactured as anyone else. What do you mean singing for those fancams only? How do you know what other idols intention are? You don’t. YG still picks out his clothes, decided which songs get released, are in charge of his persona and image in music videos etc. GD has a new hairstyle, new look, with a new concept with every album just like every other idol out there because the industry demands a fresh concept with every comeback. He is not a better quality of idol but he not inferior either but he thinks he’s superior to others and so does his fans and YG hypes him up like he does all his idols. YG knows that idols have a bad a reputation so he tries to distant his idols from that image. If GD focuses so much on his music his songs would have more depth to them. A fun song can still have depth.

        “and if hes a wannabe then which idol is the real one lol”

        I don’t get what you mean when you asked which one is the real one? All idols are real…he not being compared to there idols. Most idols realize that they are in fact idols, even if they didn’t originally want to be an idol they know that that’s what they are. He’s a wannabe because he thinks that he is a hiphop artist instead of an pop idol. He’s a wannabe for trying so hard to be different which comes across as fake most of time, while at the same time criticizing the idol industry for not being diverse, without realizing he’s part of the problem. He needs to come to terms with the fact that he is an idol and there is nothing wrong with being an idol. Fans don’t ask for more, if he’s gonna talk big he should live up to the hype.

      • Rubella666

        “yeah he’s still an idol at all. coz hes under such a big label and debuted as an idol. but he IS a better quality of idol.”

        I’m a bit annoyed that the general idea seems to be “Once you’re an idol, you’re stuck as an idol FOREVER”. I don’t think that should be the case and I don’t think starting as an idol and staying in a company known for idols should mean you can’t change and grow into an original artist.

        A musician shouldn’t have to leave YG or leave the Korean pop industry to be respected as an artist rather than an idol. :

  • b55555b

    he’s definitely on some really strong stuff..

  • http://twitter.com/superwoman5060 Hannah

    Omg I absolutely loved the video! For the precise reason that it didn’t make a whole lot of sense and was just freaking INSANE. I just get so tired of watching attractive Kpop idols vapidly staring at the camera trying to “woo” me that watching GD snarl at the camera in crazy wigs is a welcome respite.

  • http://twitter.com/AnnaDowns2 Anna Downs

    I just hated that all the delusional gd stans would love this mv and praise it as original, when all it was was a terrible rehash of crayon (this comes from a fan of GD). And by the way your butthurt shows in the comments on this article. Its ok to like the mv and the song because everyone has difference in opinion, but its pretty obvious that GD has done this ‘crazy’ thing before and yes this music lacks substance.

  • http://blossom423.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    I don’t really like the Michi Go music video as much as GD’s other video as Heartbreaker, Breathe, A Boy, Butterfly, That XX and Crayon and I agree the music video is cohesive (and mostly other YG videos) I liked the song itself, dance and YG Family cameo :) but that’s all.

    Basically the article sums up my thoughts exactly about Michi Go music video with my favourite part of the article:

    “Sorry GD, no matter how crazy you act people will still remember your status as beloved, pretty-boy K-pop idol.”

  • Streby

    Se7en was so hot; fangirl dying here.

    • Lemon Girl

      I thought that it was T.O.P at first! O.o

  • happy_slip

    I think the MV perfectly represented the title and the song, as much as I dislike almost everything in it. It was actually fucking on point tbh. He promised a crazy video, and damn did his fans and his audience get it. Easily a 5/5 to me, especially since he had been so clear about what people are going to get with MichiGo right before he released the song and the MV.

    Watching this MV made me miss a couple of things though. Se7en, because he looked so fine and his salute in the MV made me realize that I won’t be seeing him for a while; GD during his heart breaker days because…I think I’d take his blonde hair-slash-death note impressions over Crayon and MichiGo.

  • AngryKpopFan

    Ok, as a former VIP…I honestly hated this video and this song. Its too try hard and generic. Even if the video was meant to be “Go Crazy!!!!” it could have been put together properly and on top of that I am against having your group of friends in a video, but that’s my personal standing. TaeYang did NOT HAVE TO BE THERE! DOING THE SAME SHITTY-ASS-WACK-ASS DANCE THAT HE’S BEEN DOING FOR A FREAKING YEAR!!!! This whole swag persona for both of them is insulting and getting old, they’re appropriating the stereotypes of what black people seem to be, where as I a s a black woman don’t find any of the crap their doing to be entertaining.

    Would any of you caucasians like it if they put on a blond wig and blue contacts and started say “Like oh my god, becky like like like like…” NO!

    So I don’t wanna hear that this isn’t offensive or he didn’t mean it that way! Seriously VIPS stop condoning the crap they’re doing. It’s getting disgusting to be part of this fandom when y’all seriously are like “Oh my god, like it was so good! Gd’s amazing!”

    I’m done. And I’m waiting fa yall to come at me!!!!

    • ya

      gd has had blonde hair and worn blue contacts lol

      • Jasmine Allen

        I dont even think you can compare wearing blonde hair and blue eyes tO wearing and afro. idols were blonde hair and colored eyes all the time because they like how it looks. Its never worn while perpatrating stereotypes, and not as a prop in a music video. He used an afro hairstyle in video that is about acting crazy. African hair should not be looked at in that way, its not crazy, do you think he would have worn an afro in a video like “that xx” no because to him an afro is an a “crazy” hairstyle that fits his concept for michigo. The pick/comb is specifically a direct copy of what some african americans do when wearing an afro. But im sure this will just go in one ear an out the other because kpop fans for some reason seem to think bigbang is less ignorant about black people somehow despite probably causing the most offenses towards us to date just because they associate themselves with black people, i hate to break it to some of these kpop fans but i can guarentee you most of these idols have worked with black people especially idols under bigger companies, not just bigbang. Associating with black people does not make you less ignorant, its only when you make the effort to understand those people that the ignorance decreases. YG obviously uses parts of hiphop culture and black hairstyles for show and profit without carrying how it affects people.

    • jkfasdjf

      I just hate how you linked Taeyang and GD’s swag persona and GD’s afro wig to race. Look, I’m black too but I don’t think that’s what GD was trying to do at all. I really hate how you jumped to conclusions like that, claiming that GD is trying to portray the whole black stereotype but I guess you can choose to be offended by something that wasn’t intended to hurt anyone. He’s just being crazy and just trying to make the watcher or listener go crazy as well and just let go. If you didn’t like the mv or song, then that’s fine but your rant about stereotypes was completely irrelevant and untrue. Besides, GD swags unconsciously without even trying. Blacks aren’t the only race that’s allowed to have swag.

  • http://www.m-rated.tumblr.com/ Michelle Chin

    I personally think that the MV, albeit weird, is more Freudian than anything, where one’s consciousness doesn’t control the proverbial stallion and let it ride… :D

  • TrickedOut

    Although GD is my bias, and he could pretty much poop rainbow and I MIGHT still like it. The MichiGO MV was crrrrraaaaazzzzzyyyy and I really liked it. I love how GD always takes stabs at sexuality either in a subtle or not so subtle manner – but always different from the expected mold of “thrust your hips violently-touch your lips” from other Kpop acts. Also the dance was AWE-some. I couldn’t quite put my finger on what cough* american cough* dance he was using. But loved it. HOWEVER, I felt the same sadness I always feel when young kpop rappers use the word “leggo” when I watched this MV. And that’s because of the weird “dance clap dance clap dance clap” breaks in the song. I spent all of last summer working with teens in a youth home and their favorite song was “A$$” with Nicki Minaj and whatshisname ….and sadly GD’s MichiGO sounded like a CRAY-ON meets “A$$” mashup and I coudn’t appreciate it as much. Overall, the MV was awesome (minus the lack of deep expression but that’s not always needed), I loved the dance, the crazy fashion (btw; the get up with the glasses and the hat reminded me of Zion T …anyone else?), and the crazy wigs (minus the afro for obvious reasons and the bowl cut…..NO MORE plz). BUT I felt that some either intentional or unintentional references in the music were just bleh.

    • jkfasdjf

      Dance A$$ + Crayon = Michigo

      Me = ??????????????????????

      Our perceptions are different I guess but I really didn’t think that at all and for GD’s dancing, I felt like he was freestyling. I don’t think he was trying to mimic American dancers. GD is an incredible dancer (even if he barely dances, you can tell that he’s a great dancer through those little moves he does on stage or in his MVs) so I don’t see why he’d copy American dancers when he’s been dancing since he was a kid.

  • TheJadeBullet

    Has anyone else noticed that on top of releasing this MV on 4/20, he’s in yet ANOTHER questionable bathroom?

  • http://twitter.com/bb_the_best_ guess_what

    actually MICHI GO is simply a song means going crazy. it is originally a song for the concerts to bring up the atmosphere only lol. so why you guys looking for deep meanings? not all the things in the world are meant to get a deep meaning lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victoria-Simmers/599837576 Victoria Simmers

    If he doesn’t give a fvck in this MV, why do you? This MV is some serious fun. He tries so hard to make an incoherent story line, so please try equally hard to not give a fvck, and enjoy yourself.

  • http://twitter.com/lr2ldn T.R.

    Why anyone tries to analyze a GD video is beyond ridiculous. GD is on another level. No need for the analyzing…..

  • uhhhh

    I don’t get GD. He tries so hard to be “different” yet his music lacks any real substance. It sounds like he’s just copying what’s popular over in the U.S. and trying to pass it off as original. He really irritates me tbh.

  • Jane

    keep calm and michiGO on ;3