• Shweta

    Han Hyo Joo makes an incredible model. And I have to agree with you, Fannie, Jessica has certainly surprised me with this photoshoot! –She looks fantastic.

  • http://twitter.com/countingvowels Victoria

    I think Jessica is doing much better at photoshoots than she had before. Although I am more of a Krystal fan myself I think both sisters are really fit for being models.

  • happy_slip

    I am absolutely loving all the CL shoots lately. <3 She's so good at this, even the ones she posts on her instagram are spazz worthy lol.

  • Marisu

    While I do admit that the CL photoshoot is a haute-couture treat, and also a great piece of visual art- but the use of Banksy’s work as a backdrop… just eeeeeh.

    My reason is simply because it feels forced: it’s like they’re trying to be uber-cool, urban and far from the mainstream. However considering it’s an advertorial- it’s reminiscent of the days when young adults thought a Hot Topic as validation of their Goth status.

    What has this got to do with using Banksy? In keeping with the photoshoot concept of urban punk, it feels like they Googled “most popular, iconic graffiti artist” for street cred and used Banksy. Banksy’s pieces are iconic because of its social commentary; using it in a print commercial kinda belittles both his work and undermines the shoot by giving it a “try hard” vibe.

    However, this is just my personal opinion, and I’m sure many will disagree with me. As Banksy’s work are usually on public property it’s on public domain, thus anyone can do what they wish with it.