• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001510115578 Asela Cheung

    Not to sound delusional here but I actually like the album. It’s one of my favorites ^^ Anyways, I do agree with you on Kevin’s song – the rap part seems to be out of place. But hey, we can’t live up to most of our expectations, right? And for that, I respect your opinion.
    EDIT: However, can you stop mentioning about their popularity? Not to sound mean or anything but it doesn’t do any justice for a music review. Can we focus on the album please?

    • http://twitter.com/cvkidd7 Stephen

      Yes, please. Just review the album not whether or not U-KISS is popular.

  • http://twitter.com/shin0063 Zully Joule

    I love the album.the songs are great.
    it’s true that some of the songs do not have those hard-hitting tempo but thats what makes it soo different from their previous albums.
    I love how they include cute and upbeat songs into the album because us fans always wanna hear u-kiss different from their usual powerful song. Like the real them.
    Plus AJ said he wanna write song that please the public. And I am pleased. I love Party All The Time. It’s like I can see their playful side. Great album really :)

  • wuzuprobotproductions

    I feel like this comeback was really rushed after their activities in Japan and the return of AJ. Hence this album lacks compared to Neverland. Their company did say they would be promoting for three months so I’m hoping they perform more songs off the album during that time. Not that I don’t like Standing Still, I do. However, it doesn’t really do anything for AJ and Eli. Their raping parts are so minor in the song. Considering the song is barely over three minutes, they should have incorporated AJ and Eli’s raps into the song more. This song is mostly in English though, and the pronunciation is pretty good (if you don’t mind occasionally not hearing the ‘r’ in fire). I was surprised there wasn’t an English version of Standing Still on the album like there was with Stop Girl. If they want to break into more international markets like they have been they should begin to stock up on English Versions of their songs. They could break into some Spanish songs too (Te Amo) and bring that with them to South America where they were shocked at their own popularity there. Also even though there isn’t really a perfect cohesive mix of songs in this album, you have to take in what is the purpose of this album. The title is Collage. Therefore the album’s goal is to give a mixture of sounds, sub-groups, and genres. And that is exactly what U-KISS gives with this album. On another point I would like to say that U-KISS’s Japanese releases have been a lot better than some of their Korean ones: Tick Tack, Forbidden Love, and most recently Alone. I would have loved to see U-KISS make a Korean Version of Alone just so I could see them perform that live (despite AJ not being in it). Overall U-KISS is great at what they do and they have an impressive international fan base, but I think they would have been better off promoting the Neverland album for three months instead of Collage in order to gain a footing in their home country.

    • Guest

      I have the same hope, and that is to do a Korean Version of Alone because I want Korea to see it be performed live in their country and in front of their television screen. I hoped the same with Tick Tack…hopefully they make that a reality. Those two songs have a wicked wicked potential to be at the top!

    • Olivia Paras

      I have the same hope, and that is for U Kiss to do a Korean Version of Alone because I want Korea to see it be performed live in their country and in front of their television screen. I hoped the same with Tick Tack…hopefully they make that a reality. Those two songs have a wicked wicked potential to be at the top!

  • http://twitter.com/danax2007 DaNA

    biased reviews from people pretending to know about music as usual. You people keep blaming it on the music when crappy songs like dream girls or IGAB can win triple crown on a music show we can clearly state is not the music to blame

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001510115578 Asela Cheung

      I agree with on IGAB, but I think Dream Girl is a good song.

    • leesigh3

      SNSD and SHINee don’t win because IGAB and Dream Girl are good. They win because Gee and Lucifer were such big hits that they became super stars. U-Kiss
      haven’t had that one song to take them to the next level and win them a top tier sized fan base. None of the songs on this album fix that problem.

      • http://twitter.com/cvkidd7 Stephen

        Isn’t that pure opinion though? Let’s be honest ANY song can be a hit, it’s just wether or not it appeals to the masses. And you are basically saying that a group is popular because of ONE past hit, which means all their other releases are not to par but yet they deserve to win?

        The K-pop world is surely not fair, and you can see it with groups like U-KISS, they have released countless great songs but when one mediocre (according to this review) album is released they are all of sudden “lacking” and unable to move to the next level.

        But a group with ONE great song and a bunch of mediocre/not as good songs is constantly praised.

        • leesigh3

          I’m saying a group can’t really be popular without a past hit. U-KISS hasn’t had a top-20 song in Korea since “Round and Round” in 2010. U-KISS has never had a top-5 song. This means they haven’t established the type of fan base that will be able to consistently buy lots of albums or vote them #1 on music shows, regardless of the quality of their music (which I think is actually pretty good).

          • http://twitter.com/cvkidd7 Stephen

            U-KISS has actually had No.5 with Neverland on Music Bank, and 7 on Mnet. DoraDora also ranked 9 on Mnet and No.1 on the Hanteo Charts along with Stop Girl and Collage. I don’t think the music is the problem. U-KISS is actually strong in physical sales, their downfall is with digital sales.

            From my understanding Man Man Hani ranked No.2 .

          • leesigh3

            I’m talking about where a single ranked overall in sales for a week in Korea. Going by this measure Man Man Hani is their best showing, making it up to #6.

          • http://twitter.com/danax2007 DaNA

            man man hani I think made it to number 2. Well thats what Ive heard, there are so many charts to keep track of. They did get to number 6 in music bank mainly of digital and album sales.

          • leesigh3

            I actually looked it up before I wrote that, rather than relying on “what I’ve heard.” It made it to #6 on the Gaon weekly chart. It might have hit #2 like an hour after it came out but that isn’t how you measure sales. You measure by week, month, year, and total.

  • AcadiasFire

    I love this album! My favorite will always be Neverland because that album was just -kisses fingers- but Collage is a really nice addition to their discography. I really enjoyed it any way. Everyone’s different ya know.

  • http://twitter.com/cvkidd7 Stephen

    Jesus. There hasn’t been a single paragraph (not literally), not talking about “popularity”, honestly I am sick of it. This an ALBUM REVIEW not a popularity check up. I just wish some people could take a TRUE listen to U-KISS before spouting nonsense about #1’s and failed attempts to be popular.

    And U-KISS ME? is a japanese reality show. It’s not directed at the K-pop audience. It’s is promoted on Mnet JAPAN.

    This album is soooo clearly influenced by DoraDora and Neverland so why can’t we focus on the actual musical quality through better observation then taking quick listens and saying each song is “typical” and not impacting just because U-KISS is not seen as “top tier.”

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001510115578 Asela Cheung

      To me, it’s actually more “Neverland” and their Japanese songs. This album has really great quality and I’m proud to say that I bought the album ^^

  • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

    I feel this album was a bit rushed, and there were a few songs that suffered in this album because of it. Over all though, I really enjoy the album. I rarely listen to an album from start to finish anyway (because everything goes on my digital Ipod) so overall feel of a straight listen doesn’t matter nearly as much to me as the individual songs do. So if there’s too many slow songs in a row I don’t really care as long as I like the songs.

    Party all the time is… interesting. I actually enjoy the feel of the song, and it’s upbeat silly tempos. I don’t want every song to be a powerhouse complex harmony of climatic moments. However, halfway through the song I’ve grown tired of the words “party all the time” and by the end of the song I tend to want to hurl them out the window and not hear them again for a while. Seriously guys, did you run out of time to write lyrics, and so just repeated the same phrase over and over again until you reached the end? Or is this symbolizing the progression of partying, and as you progressively got more drunk you were unable to come up with any other lyrics.

  • http://twitter.com/xwithlovediana 사랑으로

    This was one of the best albums they’ve had, I had actually never bought one if their albums before despite loving their basically all their songs but once I heard these songs I KNEW I had to have it. I personally think these songs are amazing, but then again I’m just enjoying their music rather than scutinizing it. But hey, everyone has their own opinion, but I don’t think these should be considered “reviews”. And yes, it would much appreciated if their level of popularity wasn’t mentioned.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cree.cullimore Cree Cullimore

    Seriously, what’s with all the popularity comments. I thought this was an ALBUM review, not a ARE-THEY-POPULAR-OR-NOT review. Yes, U-Kiss are not as popular as they should/could be, but can you please just focus on the music, not their popularity (or lack thereof). I love U-Kiss, and I really like Collage but I agree that it won’t help them gain any recognition. U-KISS FIGHTING <3

  • Kelly

    I really like U-Kiss. Honestly, I respect that they play with a lot of sounds that groups don’t usually play around with. They overlap voices, they find melodies, and they do consistently good work. I think they’re a lot more musically complex than other groups. After all, songs like “Bad” and “Stop Girl” don’t conform to the K-Pop idol norm. A generically K-Pop formulated album has nothing to do with a group’s popularity because honestly, all other K-Pop groups follow that same formula. And I feel U-Kiss has a lot more variety in their albums than most other artists.