20130321_seoulbeats_teentop_niel_tara_eunjungEvery person is different, but there are so many ways in which they can be alike, with physical appearance being the most obvious. How many times have we confused one person for another? The Seoulbeats team remark on some the Hallyu doppelgangers they’ve seen.

Nicholas: From some angles, and with the old hair, Teen Top‘s Niel always looked like T-ara‘s Eunjung. And Nu’est‘s Ren always came across a bit like a pretty girl in every MV, which my sister picked up on. This girl/guy thing is probably why I can never completely get with these two groups.

I also admit to once thinking Yuri and Seohyun of SNSD had stepped out of the Xerox factory together, and that Rainbow‘s Jisook and SNSD’s Taeyeon might have been separated at birth.

Mark: Nicholas, that’s so funny when guys look like girls and vice versa.

20130321_seoulbeats_secret_sunhwa_f(x)_fx_sulliSecret‘s Sunhwa looks like Sulli of f(x). (Is that why they’re both so adored?)

Infinite‘s Hoya looks like a younger version of Jay Chou.

Miss A‘s Min looks like Minzy of 2NE1 (Is it the baby face?)

f(x)’s Krystal looks more like Yoona than her actual SNSD sibling.

U-KISSDongho looks a bit like Show Luo (Is it the hair?)

And lastly, D-Unit’s Ram looks like T-ara’s Boram, while Zico of Block B looks like Taewoon of Speed. What? They’re siblings, you say? Well, that’s how genetics are supposed to work. Who knew?

20120813_seoulbeats_tastyGaya: Well, I always thought that Boyfriend‘s Kwangmin and Youngmin looked rather alike…

Lindsay: Yes, and those two guys from Tasty as well…

Mark: let’s not forget the Ryu twins or K. Will and Daesung… What, they’re NOT siblings?

Lindsay: But seriously, the drummer of Iconize looks like SHINee‘s Taemin, at least from certain angles.

Ambika: K. Will and Daesung so much. And it certainly helps that they both can sing really well.

I’ve found that JJ Project‘s JB and Cube‘s rookie vocalist Roh Ji-hoon look similar. Same with Seungri and VIXX‘s Hyuk. When I was learning who Teen Top was, I thought L.Joe looked a bit like T.O.P from a certain angle.

20130321_seoulbeats_snsd_yuri_seohyunFannie: I think that Tiffany and Jung Ryeo-won bear some facial similarities.

Also, Ji Suk-jin is like a Korean Alex Trebek (the host of Jeopardy).

Dana: Personally, I’ve always thought that Tiffany was about three visits to Apgujeong’s “beauty belt” away from looking like Park Bom. Just say no to the nip and tuck, gurl!

And I’ve always thought that Yuri and Seohyun looked alike, or maybe it’s just the hair. But the last round of promo shots of the girls were so photoshopped that I seriously thought one picture of Seohyun was actually Yuri. Cue fangirl tears of embarrassment.

Cynthia: Confession — I actually didn’t even know Yuri existed until I realized I only knew the names of 8 of the 9 members of SNSD, and the person that I kept confusing for either Seohyun or Yoona was actually an entirely different human being. Oops.

20130321_seoulbeats_ukiss_kiseop_blockb_jaehyoAnyway, I’ve always been struck by how similar Block B’s Jaehyo and U-KISS’ Kiseop look. Especially in their selcas. And I’ve always thought Kiseop was super attractive, so when I first discovered Jaehyo I thought “YES THERE ARE TWO OF THEM!”


Gaya: I just tried to picture Minho with flowing blond locks. But Subi, I don’t see it! I think it’s the cheeks, that’s why I can’t see any resemblence…

But seriously everyone, Jonghyun and Shahrukh Khan; one of my first thoughts upon seeing Jonghyun for the first time was “omg Korean SRK.” Save for their noses (because not many people can beat a schnozz like King Khan’s), they both look like dinosaurs, have a propensity for ab flashing and sometimes, just sometimes, they really make you want to flip them off.

(Images via: SBS, Nate, Newsen, Core Contents Media, SM Entertainment, Asian Fanfics)