• KrisMyStar

    4minute and SNSD certainly didn’t pop up when I watched this MV…meaning I don’t see their resemblance at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kennedy.halstead.3 Kennedy Halstead

    “I expect this type of “candid” follow the members around MV from a
    group after they have created a fan base to pander to, not as much when
    they are a newer, and lesser known, group.”

    Couldn’t agree more. The fun of watching a “candid” video of your favorite idols, in my opinion, is because you’re already glutted by the poised, polished images they present on music shows, talk shows, variety shows, etc. and want to see the “real” person, doing “real” things. It makes you feel closer to them as a person, not just an object for consumption. This does *not* apply when the idols in question are little more than strangers. I’d say watching this MV, I got the same feeling I get when my friends show me holiday photos of *their* friends, the ones I don’t know personally. There’s no fun in it. I don’t get the in-jokes. I like watching MBLAQ goof off because I’ve already built up a personal attachment to them. I feel like they are people I “know” (for lack of a better word), and watching them go about their daily business is just adding to my store of knowledge of them.

  • GreyLeaves

    How sad, they couldn’t even afford to rent the box that SM put Super Junior in for their MVs. Even though it was low-rent, it still could have been worse and I commend those girls for doing their best to place life in a cheap MV. These type of MVs are usually done by artists that have hit such a high point of success that they don’t need to bother anymore about pleasing fans in their videos, look at beyonce’s countdown or love on top for reference.