• http://www.facebook.com/clea.marshall Clea Marshall

    Sounds like you guys had a blast, I’m hoping that I get to see them also down in Sydney Australia but time will tell :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

    I’ve also seen them live a month ago and I can still definitely tell how remarkable and powerful the concert was until this very moment. They might not be the most good-looking idols and the best-sounding idols when singing live, but what I love about them is that they don’t focus on it. Instead, they focus on their music and performing. I mean, they perform the “real performance,” not the choreography-based performance, if you know what I mean. The stage was really overflowing with charisma and confidence that they totally rocked the arena. I can barely hear them from the screams and shouts of fans.

    Anyway, I think they should promote in the United States just like how Katy Perry does. Releasing singles out of a studio album.

  • http://twitter.com/Zain9898 Zain

    Daesung sure did shine during the Friday concert. I think the boys were really nervous on stage on Thursday bc it was their first time performing. They also always tend to do better the next day than the first. But yes if u have a chance to see Big Bang live u should because they know how to put on an amazing show. It was nonstop fun for 2+ hours and all the boys were amazing together and seperatly!

  • http://twitter.com/chubipower Jay Wong

    yes, very impressed with GD. i saw them in concert, even though i’m pretty impartial to their stuff. it was only with their latest mini-album that i paid more attention to their music. i was pleasantly surprised with how good GD sounded. his vocals were really good and he showed why he’s considered one of the best performers.

    Daesung received the warmest welcome over at our shores. Taeyang did not perform up to par (according to my friend who’s a big TY fan).

    I’m glad i saw them live. they deserve every bit of acclaim :)

    • andree456

       Taeyang was one of the best performers, he was beyond amazing! Taeyang is the best performer on his solo concerts. If your friend expected like his solo performances, he may think he’s not up to par compared to his old solo performances. But he’s still the best and it’s BB’s concerts, his role is to something different and he did it amazing.

  • http://twitter.com/summerainshower summerainshower

    I saw them on Friday in NJ and it was a great show. I mostly agree with everything that you said except for the part about Daesung. I knew that he had a great voice, but at the concert he just blew me away! His voice is so powerful, I don’t even think he has used it to it’s full potential yet. He also has a very warm presence as a performer. I am paying a lot more attention to him now. 

    I also anticipate how GD will progress as a producer, but I don’t think we will see his full potential until after his time in the army. By then, he probably won’t be as busy as an idol.

  • http://twitter.com/AnnaDowns2 Anna Downs

    I would say that Taeyang was actually one of the best performers on stage- he was in the crowd half the concert, dancing the entire time, and ad-libbed quite a bit. Although these are traits rarely seen in a Korean artist, it translated really well for me as an American to see him fully engaged the entire time and enjoying himself. What you saw as him being in lala land I saw as not worrying too much about a perfect performance, but more about connecting to the fans. I think they all killed it actually- GD was an obviously energetic and vivid performer, TOP had huge amounts of charisma and got screams every time he opened his mouth, Seungri had his engrish banter, and Daesung blew me away with his solo “Wings”. I think that they are one of the few artists I would enjoy live as an entire solo concert. They don’t just do the same dances and robotic movements every performance, but truly try to engage with the audience, and for that I think they were able to transcend any type of cultural divide between them and their fans

  • michael_13

    taeyang disconnected with his environment????  gd will NOT be a good producer??? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VLF218

    I need a BB concert in Chicago

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    Indeed seeing Big Bang live is so worth the money.Saw them last month myself and I’ve had a blast the entire time.Seats were unneccessary, everyone just got up and danced and sang along. I wish they’ll come back here next year. Anyway as much as I love them to be a hit in the US,I dont want them to stay away from ”Kpop” because I just think that if they do situation themselves outside of the genre then they wont be a representative of Korean Pop anymore.Big Bang do have English songs in their Japanese releases.

  • minty_chip

    I saw them in Newark too on the last night. I have to disagree about Daesung though because to me he was amazing. His charisma and vocal ability were on point. He and GD were the members I was most blown away with. However, overall all of the boys sounded great live.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kelly-Vien/1387894449 Kelly Vien

    Out of interest, how much did you guys pay for tickets? I recently passed up the chance to see them in London as the price was so steep (and on a student budget impossible to justify).

    • http://twitter.com/Zain9898 Zain

      I paid about a 100$ with tax. I got the $90 tickets so while the seats where far I was still able to see mostly everything. It’s an amazing concert though and next time I go I’m getting VIP for sure.

    • dsherpa

       i paid $225…got the lower seating area..this was like the best kpop concert ever.totally worth the money!

    • dsherpa

       i paid $225…got the lower seating area..this was like the best kpop concert ever.totally worth the money!

    • dsherpa

       i paid $225…got the lower seating area..this was like the best kpop concert ever.totally worth the money!

    • Kelinci Biru

      I paid around $190 for standing, next time i’m upgrading to VIP..

  • viettu

     I’ve been to a few American shows and maybe 5 Kpop concerts, but the BB LA shows were the first time I genuinely enjoyed everything about them. The visual, the stage design, the setlist. You could tell they put thoughts into that setlist. The differences between Tae yang’ solo and Dae Sung’s right after him made you feel the poignancy from the former and made the latter all the more soaring. The fact that they didn’t emphasize on a perfect performance, but rather had fun with their music and their audience, set them apart from other Kpop acts I had seen, minus Epik High. I came into the concerts being a huge GD & Top fan, and Bigbang-music-only fan; I came out as a huge BigBang-the-performers fan. 
    Seungri’s backtrack was much louder than his singing, but overall he was pretty solid. I enjoyed his solo more than I had expected. He also thrived to give fans lots of attention. His, Tae Yang’s and Dae Sung’s fanservice balanced the “you can look but you cannot touch” approach of GD and TOP. Dae Sung was specially very loveable with his constant beaming face. His voice was hands down, one of the best voices Kpop has to offer.

    TOP’s charisma was no joke; he did not need to do anything except moving his little finger, and the audience went wild already. Add to that the basso profundo voice and the extremely good look, and you have a perfect fangirl killing machine right there. Even the boys screamed for TOP. I appreciated his lack of dancing skill and the chooming; they made him more down to earth.

    My favorite was the GD&TOP segment, not just because my being their fan, but both of them had complete control of the stage. GD was a natural born performer. You could tell he had the audience in his palm even with his eyes closed. Also, the musical and performance-wise chemistry between the two of them, as every American concert reviewer noted, was something to be admired.

    I loved that the encores lasted 30-45 minutes and they were, again, having as much fun as possible – it felt like an 2 hours and a half party.

    All in all, the BB concerts were of high quality and worth every penny.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

      Same thing happened here everytime TOP shows up or it’s his part of the song, the crowd just go insane.

  • Kelinci Biru

    I would looooove (and willing to pay more) for smaller, more private concert from Big Bang. especially if its some kind of Acoustic concert. My favorites Big Bang/GD/Taeyang track is mostly their ballad like Cafe or That XX..

  • brain_wicked

    It’s been a month from their concert in my country and still I can clearly remember how powerful the concert was. I went as non Bigbang fans (I just like some of their music) and left as a total fan. It was that awesome.

    I found that their “messy” performance (not strictly choreographed performance) was refreshing. I remember how everybody just forgot their seats and chose to dance and sing along. Oh, the hysteria…

    And part about TOP, that happened, too. Just him appeared in MV or his voice heard can drive the crowd insane. Seriously. That boy is really a perfect fangirl killing machine.

    I will definitely go if they come again to my country. Willing to spend more money to get better seat.

    • http://auipots.tumblr.com/ Aui

      I like that “That boy is really a perfect fangirl killing machine” comment.. hahaha.. reading this concert relives the adrenaline pump from my veins esp. during Fantastic Baby. My only regret was I didn’t research much on their older hits like Stupid Liar, Cafe, Tonight, Love Song, and Gara Gara Go so I wasn’t able to sing along during those perfs. Now after the concert somehow I’m taking a liking on their old hits more than their current ones. Haha.. Result is I’m learning them the other way around: I first learned about their more recent hits from Alive album, then after the concert I downloaded all the songs they performed on their set list.. haha..

  • moua23

    i had the honor to go seem them live too after a hard fought war with thousand other fans! and i have to say, it was really EPIC! especially it being my first concert, i really enjoyed it and wow fantastic baby! it was really epic! I’m touched that they didn’t lip synch at all, y’know? we paid to see live not lip-synch because too difficult of blah blah blah. But they’re really good performers! the concert will forever remain in my memory because it was just so idk haha. but goodness it was epic! it was worth every penny! and and their “messy” performances makes me appreciate them more, i’ve seen their videos a billion time, i don’t want to see that, I want to see something new and I did. also one of the most touching moments i think from the LA concert was when “Haru Haru” was performed, the fans were all mixed ethnicities and yet we all sang perfectly to that song, it’s like we were united by one language and by BB. idk about you guys but I found that performance worldwide or LA to be the highlight of the whole concert

  • sarahmelie

    I saw the Alive concert in Manila.  Even then Seungri was doing his funny “learning English” thing.  TOP’s tiniest comments (even the briefest “um…”) triggered earth-shattering screams. And yeah, GDragon can perform the heck out of any stage of any size!  I’ve always liked every member for his own quirks/dorkiness, but now GD’s trumped all of them just by being a total god on stage. 

    I’ve long considered Big Bang the most prolific live performers in the whole hallyu music scene (except maybe for a reunited TVXQ — but ah, well…), and this recent tour proves they can go beyond the usual K-pop loving audience. I’ve somehow managed to convert even my most jaded/anti-kpop friends to BigBang fans because their music, even without all the outrageous “packaging” stands up to muster.

    They really should try producing English single.  YG has proven more than capable of producing catchy/infectious stuff with a distinctly urban vibe, and I think Jiyong’s language skills more than adequate to write a full-length English song more than the customary “one/two English lines per kpop song”. 

    • http://auipots.tumblr.com/ Aui

      I actually thought the only group that could catch up with BB is SuJu, but I guess it’s the basis would be popularity as DBSK5 is on a different level.. But now that you mentioned about performing, I agree with you that BigBang can match up with DBSK5, if powerful performances are the basis. Not that I’m saying SuJu aren’t good at performing, of course they are good, but the god-like charisma on stage are indeed only emitted by both DBSK5 and BigBang. :)

      GD as the God of Stage FTW! :))))

      Oh yeah, I was there at the Manila concert as well. ;)

  • 4T1

    99% Asians in the crowd, mostly Korean.  This hallyu wave is a myth, it really is.

  • Chelsea Fisher

    I wanted to see Big Bang! I’ve actually been waiting to go! So when I heard that they were coming to America I almost tore my computer apart in happiness but I wasn’t able to go. New Jersey is still far from where I live. So here I am beating myself up because I missed out on some awesome stuff. Hopefully they can come to America again and maybe I’ll be able to go next time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/em.sea.37 Em Sea

    You two are so lucky! I wanted to go watch them too and I was saving up money, but I realized it wouldn’t work because I don’t make enough money to cover air fair, hotel, concert ticket, transportation, etc. :(   I agree on the GD thing.