2ne1 & blackjack are still my favorite group n fanclub names. big big big props to YG for that. BB & VIP are also cool. And i’ve thought sone was supposed to be “support our nine entertainers” until i read this article and made some google searches -_-“

    • leadaegyu

      i do like BB and VIP too, and not only because i’m a VIP. even though this article mentioned that it’s kinda hard to find any correlation, but instead of trying to do that let me make it clear here BB’s fans = Very Important Person (or People?). that’s enough to find out what do the fans mean to Big Bang. the first time i got into k-pop is because of BB and i didn’t know that they have that kind of thing but when i first hear the fanclub has a name i was like, wow that’s really cool! hahaha.

  • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    1. I’m sure most of you know this already, actually, but another reason for BAP calling their fanclub “Baby” is because of their legend/story thing, where they are thousands of years old. Comparatively, humans are “babies”. Anyways, I know that’s just the official explanation, and realistically it’s just a cute name to call female fans, but it could be worse. I was less miffed when I heard the explanation. Plus, at least it’s not embarrassing to call yourself a baby… I mean, compared to Shawol or Boice (even though I love both SHINee and CNBLUE xD).

    2. I think Cassiopeia sounds much better than Cassie, but anyways…I think Cassiopeia and Inspirit are the prettiest fanclub names. And Blackjack is the most clever.

    3. Wasn’t the TVXQ constellation thing also using the letter ‘F’?

    4. I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates the name “Exotic”. I think it sounds bad, but for some reason most fans really like it…?

    5. I have a theory that SM has stopped creating fanclubs in order to make their artists seemed geared toward the public rather than fanclubs. I mean, often SM groups (cough SJ cough) are criticized that their music isn’t that great, but sells really well because of dedicated fan clubs. I think that SM is aware that people think this, and are trying to somewhat fix the problem by not making anymore fanclubs. Yup…

    6. I really like group names that are in Korean. “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, “So Nyo Shi Dae”, “Shinhwa”… especially because you can make acronyms like DBSK and SNSD. I like that. :)

    7. Supposedly most f(x) fans call themselves af(x)ections. Not that bad, but considering all the possible mathematical puns, it’s disappointing.

    8. I must be the only person in the world that likes the name “SHINee”. Even when I first saw it. I thought it was cute. Plus, I felt like it really suited the boys, because they wore bright/shiny pants. XD

    9. Some idols just need to use their given Korean name. Especially a couple Block B members…I mean, Taeil and Jaehyo sound awesome. And U-Kwon…his real name is Yukwon! I’m sorry, it doesn’t sound cooler by replacing the “Yu” with a “U”. It’s pronounced the same, but looks much better in Korean.

    10. Speaking of names, poor Lay.

    11. A couple of DBSK’s “stage names” annoy me, as much of a fan as I am. Yunho, babe, I love you, but “U-Know” is kinda weird. Even after you explained it. XD And I think it sounds better when “Hero” and “Max” are “Youngwoon” and “Choikang”. Just sayin’. 

    12. I feel like a stage name is good when it doesn’t require explanation. And really good when you don’t need an explanation, but when you hear the full reason, you have more reason to like it. :)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Honestly, DBSK’s stage names just make me cringe. Junsu, Yunho, and Yoochun were probably the only ones who were called Xiah, U-Know, and Micky in variety shows back in the day, but never has Changmin or Jaejoong ever been called Choikang or Youngwoong on their own. LOL

      And of course, see how quickly Jaejoong has discarded the Youngwoong/Hero stage once he left SM.

      • Haibara Christie

        Amen to that. The only stage name I liked was Xiah, and then Junsu had to go out and make it an awkward looking “Xia” (The “h” was aesthetically pleasing!) now–so that means I hate them all. “Micky” was horrendous, but it’s still used enough that even Dramabeans tags him as “Micky Yoochun.” So, I guess that means Jaejoong was the only one to seriously drop his name and make a big deal of it (then again, he’s also a drama queen).

        • Kaoru Takeshima

          I heard Xiah had to change the spelling of his name due to SM claiming copyrights to that name. I really liked it spelled with an ‘h’ too…

          • Haibara Christie

            I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true. The whole DBSK business is the biggest Soap Opera I’ve ever seen.

          • Jaclyn

            SM didn’t claim copyrights. Junsu said they might claim copyright.

    • zakapade

      “10. Speaking of names, poor Lay.” THIS. I refused to call him Lay. Yixing is a thousand times better. Shame on you, SM!

    • Haibara Christie

      The TVfXQ (It’s their Chinese name?)on the keyboard is ridiculously amazing. That alone made Cassiopeia a worthwhile name for DBSK’s fanclub–maybe even fated… XD. 

      • http://twitter.com/MolyHan Baby Boo Kim


  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    DBSK’s Cassie is by far the prettiest! With the whole, 5 boys and constellation. Personal favorites are B2UTY, Inspirits, Melody, and Blackjacks.

    2NE1’s is nongender and really cool!

  • BishieAddict

    Lol. The one name that bugs me the most is “SM.” It felt weird saying “I am going to a SM concert.” Because non kpop fans would misinterpret.

    Super junior is awkward…. they’re heading towards their 30s and the concept was a large boyband. A bit of irony.

    TVXQ/DBSK/TVFXQ/THSK had way too many names, and i’be always thought it was an arrogant name.

    I do like infinite, their logo and their fanclubs name.

    • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

       I think DBSK would have been an embarrassing name if they hadn’t had become so successful. Thankfully they did though :)

    • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

      DBSK has way too many freaking names!!! I mean, trying to find something on youtube, you have to search with DBSK, TVXQ, TVfXQ, THSK just to make sure you covered all your bases. And then you still wonder if there’s one that you forgot. That’s 3 searches way too many. Why couldn’t they have had one name, and just stuck with it?!

      • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

         Each name corresponds to which market they’re promoting in (like DBSK for SK, Tohoshinki for Japan) so the multiple names are understandable in that sense. The original one, Dong Bang Shin Ki is still my favourite though xD I wonder what name they’ll use if they ever choose to promote in the US…

        • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie


          • Gaya_SB

            For China: Tong Vfang Xien Qi.

            (you can also see how the f snuck in :))

          • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

            Although I really don’t get how that’s Chinese. No “v” in Mandarin… O_o ?

            I think they just pronounce it with an “f”.

          • KrisMyStar

            haha Chinese fans usually just call them Rising Gods or the Red Family

          • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

            Yeah, like Gaya said, TVXQ was for the Chinese market but I guess it’s used more frequently now as DBSK is/was :/ 

          • Gaya_SB

            I actually call the five-man version DBSK and the two-man version TVXQ…

          • Haibara Christie

            Same here! 

            I wonder why I do that. Something about using “DBSK” for the new TVXQ just doesn’t work. Like DBSK was only meant for the five of them. 

        • Haibara Christie

          I believe they use TVXQ! for everything International.

  • http://twitter.com/Cassie5_forever Choi Min Hyo

    I think Changmin named Cassiopeia … or that’s what I heard from Cassies
    but I do agree it’s a pretty fandom name <333

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

      He did and Changmin really must be so smart.

    • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

       I will admit I have never seen a better fanclub name than Cassiopeia. And we probably never will. *mourns the past that can never be again*

  • Streby

    Gaya, SS501 is apparently called so because they are Super Stars (I think) and there are 5 of them in person but 1 in spirit. I dont know what the 0 is for though….

    • Gaya_SB

      oh, that makes sense (apart from the 0), thank you Streby!

      But there will only be one Superstar for me…

      • Fei


        • Gaya_SB

          Le gasp! How did you know? :O

          Yes, Minho is awesome, but I was actually referring to Rajnikanth, whose official title is “Superstar.” Sorry for the confusion!

          I mean, Rajni has an official “Superstar” title card, can’t really beat that

          • Fei

            well, it’s pretty obvious that you “adore” him ;)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

      I think 0 stands for the connection between 5 and 1 forever. Read it somewhere from a Triple S forum, 0 an unending number hence forever.

      • Streby

        I love how these media companies kid themselves into believing that they are profound with these names…

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

          lol..but it’s hard finding out what their names really meant.Like decoding a code or something and when you found out you’re like ”what?”

  • Mary Chen

    i like the name ELF, SONE is a little weird,and Shawol isn’t that bad LOL. i dont get why f(x) doesn’t have a fan club name either, come on SM, give them a name!

  • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kat

    “Feeldog”… Sorry I’m not to familiar with Block B but I laughed my head off when I saw that name. OMG >.<

    And btw, After School's fan club name isn't gender specific, well, not in the way the writer said it. Playgirlz is for fan girls well playboyz is for fan boys. Still incredibly cheesy though. 

    • Streby

      Feeldog is the name of some guy from Brave Boys or whatever Brave Brothers’ boy group is called. 

    • vici

       Block B’s fanclub is called BBC..;) and it stads for block b club (which has to be the most straigthforward name ever on a fanclub since it explains exactly what it is:P haha)

  • Almira Agathas

    some fans called f(x) affi(x)tion or something

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Affi(x)tion is their biggest fansite, their own version of SNSD’s famous Soshified. It’s not the fanclub name.

  • Erisadesu

    Ajax derives from greek mythology? Bts please I call them like the cleaning. Product. Seriously as much as I am thankful to Koreans for respecting my country s history they always translate the names based to their alphabet.
    At leasr now I know that their name is ayax.

    I love exotics name cause its also a Greek word coming from tge Greek name exo.
    Exotic means someone who comes from a beutifull paradiselike place.

    Some clubs names are really clever.

  • Erisadesu

    Ajax derives from greek mythology? Bts please I call them like the cleaning. Product. Seriously as much as I am thankful to Koreans for respecting my country s history they always translate the names based to their alphabet.
    At leasr now I know that their name is ayax.

    I love exotics name cause its also a Greek word coming from tge Greek name exo.
    Exotic means someone who comes from a beutifull paradiselike place.

    Some clubs names are really clever.

  • http://dvqd92.tumblr.com/ Elizabeth

    this is a funny roundtable discussion of names in k-pop

  • Sentimental Muffin

    It is pretty interesting that the majority of fanclub names are in English.
    I’m familiar with Ajax being a football club in Amsterdam, Holland and its sister club in Cape Town, South Africa. So no association with cleaning products for me but rather with football lol.

  • Sophia

    I’m a massive B.A.P fan, but our fan name is just silly – Baby? Really? Its cute when the boys refer to us as “Our babyz” or “My babyz” but calling myself a baby, its just weird – no strike that, embarrassing!!

    Also, interesting that bap in Korean means rice, bap is a bread roll in the north of England….pffftttt! 

    I consider myself an ELF, but again – silly fan name, i was curious what it meant, but after finding out, i wish i didn’t bother Ugh…

    Great/Pretty fan names: melody,  Cassiopeia & blackjacks 

  • http://twitter.com/MolyHan Baby Boo Kim

    2ne1 & blackjack is one if my favorite…But cassiopeia is the one i leke the most….not because i am a cassie…i cant wait for EXO official fanclub name. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    Apparently, Super Junior were called that because as trainees, the group was called SM Junior, in reference to how young they were (mid to late teens). Then they performed various things (singing, dancing, gagmen impressions) in a company dinner/event and Lee Sooman was apparently so amused, he said, “You’re all so talented. Super! Super! Super Junior.” Or so Kangin and Leeteuk have said over the years.

    DBSK used to be called SM5 when they were trainees and before a final name was decided upon. EXO were famously called M1/M2 when they were trainees.

    And yes, Cassiopeia is my favorite fandom name. And as pretentious as some of SM’s Hangul-based group names (Shinhwa = legend, Dong Bang Shin Ki = Rising Gods of the East, So Nyeo Shi Dae = Girls’ Generation) are, I think it’s really fitting and I’m glad they lived up to their names.

  • itsmysunshine

    Being a programmer that I am, the first time I heard Ajax name, I instantly thought about a scripting language.

    I really really like Blackjack. It’s different, unique, and cool. Still mourning for f(x)’s non-existent fanclub name though :'(

    • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

       “Being a programmer that I am, the first time I heard Ajax name, I instantly thought about a scripting language.” — Ha!! same here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

    I pretty much agree with all the things you Seoulbeats writers said. It really irks me is how entertainment companies come up with such weird group and fandom names when there are gazillion of names there and they have a lot of time to think about it. 

    1. Super Junior
    Super Junior was supposed to be called O.V.E.R. It is an acronym of “Obey the Voice of Each Rhythm.” It’s so cheesy and makes me cringe everytime I remember that. And don’t even get me started with their present name. They’re really getting old and they had already been in the scene for a long time. Other groups look up to them as seniors already.

    And hey, Teen Top. Age-specific names.

    2. MBLAQ and U-KISS
    Such acronyms are meaningless whatever their explanation is. Nobody even cares what the hell they mean and most fans just don’t give a fuck about it.

    3. Blackjack and Cassiopeia
    Perhaps the best fandom names ever in history. The explanation behind it is really cool and the fact that both really are related to 2NE1 and TVXQ, respectively. YG is really clever to give 2NE1 that name.

    4. SONE
    The most confusing one to pronounce. Even some of the fans in the fandom are confused in pronouncing it. Some say “so-knee” and “sown,” and they only got to know it after a long time they had already been one. Plus, it doesn’t go well with such a prestigious-sounding group name, Girls’ Generation. Not even the English translation.

    5. H.O.T., g.o.d., Fin.K.L, S.E.S., B.A.P, F.cuz, T.O.P, C.A.P, and every acronym with period at the end of each letter. It has been a trend since sliced bread. And I’m honestly irritated by that fact. I’m actually happy that YG came up with T.O.P, but what the hell is “The Official Pimp”?

    6. G-Dragon, U-Kwon, B-Bomb, A-Peace, and everything with dash in between. Okay, as much as I hate to say it, I think G-Dragon made it really popular. It became a trend in K-Pop since Big Bang’s popularity that not even the indisputable DBSK’s U-Know Yunho did.

    7. TVXQ members’ stage names
    I never use those. They’re so cringe-worthy. SM should have just sticked with their original names. Except Junsu. I use Xiah to refer him to avoid confusion with 2PM’s Junsu.

    8. 2NE1 (and Big Bang)
    The most clever group name in K-Pop. No need for any explanation. Additionally, their name became prophetic. Same with Big Bang. They really exploded into immense popularity, influence, and impact in K-Pop that they became real record and trend-setters.

    9. Diadem and Queen’s
    Diadem is much, much better than Queen’s. It fits T-ara very much and they could actually make it D-adem to increase the cleverness. LOL. Dafuq did that I just say.

    10. BABY, B2UTY, Melody, and Wonderful
    These gender-specifc fandom names repulsed and turned many male fans off. Just like myself, I was supposed to be a BABY and B2UTY, but I don’t want to be called as such. It’s so annoying that they did not come up with good names. I know B2UTY goes with B2ST, but dafuq is with BABY? Warrior is a million times better. I actually referred my like that before when I was a BABY. I couldn’t even type it on my Twitter account. Female fans won’t care about it anyway. It’s okay for them to be called as such masculine fan names, but it’s the other way around with male fans.

    11. SHINee and ShaWol and Boice
    Dafuq’s with these? Even SHINee World and Blue Voices are not clever names to start with. ShaWol’s like shawarma. SHINee is so femine for those five boys. Although Taemin…

    12. B1A4
    Yeah, I got it. Blood types.

    13. 4Minute
    HEY, SOMEONE HAD ALREADY FORGOTTEN HYUNA AND THE BACKUP DANCERS. No, seriously. It doesn’t fit the group. They’re five but look at their freaking name. Although I have this feeling that they refer the 4Minute name to Hyuna’s backup dancers.


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      I actually think Rain’s fanclub being called Cloud is cute. Cheesy, but cute.

      And they actually hold little pompoms that kinda look like clouds, too. Again, cheesy, but still cute.

    • zakapade

      Actually, we f(x) fans refer ourselves as ‘lol’ because there was this one time when Amber visited affxtion forums and only answered a single ‘lol’ to our barrage of questions regarding the official fanclub name.

    • http://twitter.com/MolyHan Baby Boo Kim

      BigBang a clever name?

      • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

        No. I was actually referring to 2NE1. See, that’s why Big Bang was inside the parentheses. Comprehend and understand it first before being shit.

        • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

           But still, 2NE1, most clever name in K-pop? How so? From what I gather it was just the average age of the group at the time of their debut?

          • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

            First, 2NE1 can be pronounced in two ways: the exact number twenty-one and “to anyone.” It was derived from two terms, 21st century, and new evolution. Surprisingly, they really made a new evolution for girl groups in the 21st century. Plus, like what you had said, it was their average age during their debut.

            Clever, isn’t it?

        • http://twitter.com/MolyHan Baby Boo Kim

          8. 2NE1 (and Big Bang)

          If you are talking about 2ne1 why bigbang name is there? (even if is inside the parentheses)

          also being shit? me? O.o

          • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

            What I said before is that Big Bang’s name is prophetic. Not clever.

    • http://twitter.com/Zain9898 Zain

      I like rain and his fanclub name it’s really cute~ lol and TOP doesn’t really stand for the official pimp. It doesn’t really stand for anything. It’s just a name se7en gave him.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      Hey, 2PM’s Junsu changed his name, so… ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

        But then again, most people do not know he had already changed his name. Just like myself. I’ll refer to him anyway as Junsu of 2PM.

  • zakapade

    Putting this out there just for the sake of it, but Kris originally wanted ‘Ace’ as his stage name, but couldn’t, so decided to bestow that horrible name on his descendant instead. ALL HAIL KRIS’ BRAIN FOR MAKING HIM SEE THINGS BEFORE TOO LATE!

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      But…but…Ace Song Ji Hyo… :P

  • Gia_KISSme

    I’m a UKISS fans but i have to admit Kissme is a really bad name.The worst part is it was chosen by fans(Korean) themselves. Even UKISS is a bad name. I wonder if they ever get embarrassed introducing themselves.

    • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

       Heh, I think in an interview once they said their ceo chose it, and he is obsessed with kissing.

      Of course, at the time they debuted they were very much going with the cutesy boy image, marketed towards female teens (I don’t think there are many males that like the cutesy boy image). So they had a cutesy name and eventually a cutesy fanclub name. Of course, now that doesn’t really match their manly darker image they changed to, since their cutesy image was getting them nowhere.

      • Gia_KISSme

        Their name was chosen by their ceo, their fanclub name was voted by korean kissmes

  • Teacher Eng101

    About f(x) fanclub name. Most recently some fans have been thinking of the name FENIX or Phoenix as a fandom name. Then international fans can call themselves “firebirds” or just “fenix”. Undying sacred bird who always rises from its ashes. Because it’s kinda similar to what true f(x) fans have been feeling and going through all these years XD

  • Harliyana Mohd Hanif

    Big Bang is awkward to me, considering how short the members are and how funny when you think of Big Bang, I always think of the comedy first. Or the Big Bang. And searching Big Bang is the funniest ever. All sorts of things come out. And 2NE1 is just plain embarrassing when half are over the age. It’s not even cool, I remember laughing my ass of the first time I heard it years ago. I think YGE has as much problems as JYPE in naming their bands and fanclubs, but SME does take the cake for the most ridiculous names ever. Girls Generation —> Girls Aloud/Spice Girls. Super Junior………….I can’t even explain it. f(x)……..Well, that is okay, I guess. EXO. Just no LOL! TVXQ I would understand, but the translation to Gods of the East just make me as LOL as G.O.D and H.O.T (the latter is just pure shit to me).

    To be honest, I don’t see YGE as being the cool company naming his artists. Se7en anyone? That’s like the super LOLZY thing ever. Even Rain/Bi is cooler, at least it’s his real name by translation. Se7en is just a short cut from 7/11 chain stores to me. JYPE, well, our editors here seem to have problems with JYPE’s artists names, so it’s just established. Gummy aka Gummy bear. Big Mama (I just feel sad to hear their names), ITYM (OH LORD, DON’T REMIND ME!). I can go on and on. 

    So no, no kpop companies name their artists coolly. But at least YGE fans are blinded enough to think their oppars and unnies have cool names and fanclub names (witness any kpop forums or Youtube comments or kpop blogs, or even whoopsie, some comments down here). Whoopy points to YGE!

    • palebluedot13

      wow someone is sure pressed about yg

      • Harliyana Mohd Hanif

        I’m not, I have YGE artists albums btw, just because I call is as what I think it is I m pressed. LOL kpopers logic. I just think some kpop fans are stupid. Which is not new.

    • http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

      “My real point is I don’t really care about names…”


      • Harliyana Mohd Hanif

        I don’t. I have Big Bang and 2NE1 albums, and if I really follow my initial instinct of laughing at their names, I’d never get them, will I? My dear, take things in kpop with a pinch of salt.

    • http://twitter.com/Zain9898 Zain

      Gummy means spider in Korean and lol even Big Bang jokes about how they are short and called Big Bang. And u are supposed to think of the Big Bang from science because they used that as an inspiration for their name. 2ne1 was their average age at that time when they came up with the name.

    • minbun

      Are you sure you don’t care about names. You sure do have a lot of opinions about them.

      • Harliyana Mohd Hanif

        So I can’t have opinions now?

        • minbun

          Just saying that you seem to care an awful lot. You can have as many opinions as you want. I never said you couldn’t.

    • http://twitter.com/Zain9898 Zain

      Liking a name and thinking its cool doesn’t make u a blind fan. Some people really do think 2ne1’s fanclub is a clever name and they like big bang’s name. It doesn’t make them stupid bc it’s an opinion.

    • http://www.facebook.com/nielsgabriel Niels Gabriel Nable

      Before going bullshit, there’s no such word as “irregardless.” What the hell is that? Double negative.

  • http://twitter.com/silverukiss Silver

    I could be wrong, but isn’t Hayi kind of a misspelling too?  The hangul is “ha” and “ee” put together, I don’t see a y sound in there. And when you say Haee really fast, it kind of sounds like Hi. kind of like how Lee in Korea isn’t actually pronounced “lee” but instead is said “ee.” There is no L sound.

    Anyways, Lee Hi is better than Roh Ji Hoon. I don’t know where they came up with the R, since the Hangul clearly says “No Ji Hoon” (The moral of this story is that Korean romanization is nonsensical)

    Aww, I thought U-Kiss and Kiss Me was kind of cute. Besides, I don’t know that they have much of a male demographic. I don’t think there are a lot of male idol bands that have many male fans.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5JWLOENJVT24KU7ZTJZH3XOOXM Alexandra

    My personal favorite has to be 2NE1, just ever so clever, and ‘Blackjacks’ just tops it off for me. 
    Plus CL is one hell of a badass name, very much matching with her persona
    Very clever YG, very clever

  • palebluedot13

    While at first I was like ehh at B1A4’s name I have grown to love it. Yes it stands for their blood types but it also means Be The One All For One. It fits them because their friendship is amazing and their teamwork with each other is something to marvel at.

  • Haibara Christie

    Isn’t Shawol just a name fans came up with for themselves? I believe that “Shinee World” is the official fanclub name according to SM.  

    SM’s Fanclub Site: http://www.smtown.com/link/audition 

    I find “Jumping BoA” a hilarious fanclub name. And if you think about it, Everlasting Friends makes sense as a fanclub name, even if the acronym is kind of strange. It goes with the “eternal youth” of Super Junior. LOL. 

    • http://twitter.com/MolyHan Baby Boo Kim

      NO  “Orion,” NO “Holyshinki NONONO… 

    • vici

       Where did you hear that?? TVXQ(now Homin) fans call themselves Cassies, and I believe that the most of JYJ call themselves the same, or just “JYJ fan’s”..

      • Haibara Christie

        I just read that somewhere on Tumblr. I didn’t know for sure, so that’s why I asked. Based on what I’ve seen officially. JYJ has no specific name for their sub-sect and Cassiopeia refers to OT5 (technically unofficially) and the new TVXQ’s fanclub.

    • http://twitter.com/MinWoolicious 조이스

      All 5 of them only OFFICIALLY recognized “Cassiopeia” as their FC. 

      Whatever Holyshinki or Orion is just irrelevant

    • sisal

      LOL – Onion and Holyshit

  • pg13247

    Rainbow’s name is pretty cheesy. At least it’s for a girl group. They like to do the whole 7 girls 7 colors thing every once in a while so they live up to the name. For some reason I find Woori’s name unappealing with the way it’s romanized. I think it’s pronounced “Oo-ree” so there doesn’t seem to be any prettier alternative spelling of her name. (Oori? Uree? Uri?)

    Nine Muses’ Euaerin looks really scary to pronounce. It’s pronounced “Ee-yoo-ay-rin” but all this time I thought it was Erin. Her name is Hyemin which was probably too close to fellow member Hyemi.

    As for group names, it’d be nice to see a Hangul-based name for a group again. There’s so many English names used for groups lately that it’s hard for groups to stand out. Does anyone know of any Korean idol group names aside from: DBSK, CSJH, SNSD, Davichi?

    • Theorist

      It’s Ooo-Ri. It also sounds like “ours” in korean ‘Uri. People would say, Uri Woori.

  • sakurahae

    can i just giggle at some of the individual idols fan names? they aren’t official, but its funny because in some fandoms they show up all over the place. like shinee for example. Taemints, Flames, Blingers, MVPs… they make sense, but sometimes its really awkward. i liked Locket though, simply because the pun is amusing. Key and lockets XD.

    and Super junior has the same thing XD Elfish for Donghae, Gamers for Kyu, Honeys or mitangs for zhoumi, heechul’s are petals i think, ect.

    i know those arent the only fandom who use them, but they are the most common ones i’ve seen lol.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      Most of those are fanmade names though and barely acknowledged by their idols. My personal favorite though, is Henry’s fanclub, who name themselves Strings. So appropriately cute for Violin Boy. :)

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

    I love the name Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo and maybe because I’m biased but I love the fanclub name ELF no matter how silly they seemed to others.Cassioppeia is also a very good one.Btw they were called SuperJunior05 when they debuted because they were just some sort of a project group that would promote only for a few months that’s why they consisted of MC’s and actors and singers and dancers.Probably the company did not waste time thinking of a good one for them and just hurried them to debut,unlike how they probably think long and hard about the name Dong Bang Shin Ki.
    Rising Gods of the East is a funny one, I think I saw a  show back then saying how worried Yunho was when SM said their name will be DongBangShinKi but I guess the name became great because the group is super successful and people embraced the name.

    • vici

       Dong Bang Shin Ki (Rising Gods of the East)  could have been a really awkward name to have if they hadn’t become as sucessful as they did..:D I don’t know if SM got lucky by that or if they already had a hunch about how big they were going to become..? But they really deserve the name though..^^ True Legends! AKTF!! <3

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R5BKARJWK7NNOXYOIUSP76YJW4 Aj

        DBSK’s Lee Soo Man’s dream team, he went overboard with naming them but ended up nailing it.He definitely got the name right.

  • http://twitter.com/Zain9898 Zain

    I actually really like big bang’s name bc they did exactly what they wanted. They chose the name bc they wanted to change the music industry and basically cause a Big Bang like the universe went through. And they succeeded! They really did change the industry. Also I may have laughed at g-dragon’s name at first but it’s clever how he came up with it bc his real name is jiyong and yong means dragon while the ji sounds like a g. Also the VIP fan club name came from their single Big Bang is VIP. T.O.P is a weird name but way better than mark and again he accomplished what his name meant. He’s at the TOP of the industry and argubly the most loved Big Bang member. He really got the most cheers in all of the concerts they had on the alive tour.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MMRQEZEPSNJ26LJ7XJNDDM5NCI JasmineA

      Plus V.I.P just makes the fans feel special. Before I got really into kpop I was into just BigBang so I didn’t know that much about kpop and fan club names. I only knew that BigBang called there fans V.I.P’S and I was like well that’s nice that they think were important lol. I can’t really say how important now that I realize every group has a fan club name lol. Still clever…

  • loner99

    About Block B’s names…P.O is called that because it sounds like his last name, which is Pyo. Also, U-Kwon’s real name is Yukwon so he’s just spelling it weird.

    B-Bomb though…seeing as his real name is Lee Minhyuk, I have no idea where this one came from.

    • kpopfan6

      B-bomb sounds like “bibum” which means “unique/rare” in Korean. Plus “bomb” is something explosive, so I guess B-bomb wanted to describe himself as that.

  • AcadiasFire

    Nu’est used to really confuse me. At first I pronounced their name like Newest. That’s what it definitely looks like to me but no. Its New East…huh? Idk. I like both B1A4’s name and club name. I like U-Kiss’s as well even though it does alienate males. Love Mblaq’s club name, it just sounds really cool as well as Beast’s. 2pm’s club name makes me cringe though

  • http://www.twitter.com/veiledheart veiledheart

    I love Shinee, but I would NEVER call myself a Shawol. I don’t even think I can pronounce it correctly (is it like towel?). I hate gender specific names; it just seems non-inclusive and I’m a girl. Like wouldn’t that be awkward for your non-female fans? Do you want non-female fans? I dunno it’s just odd. I like Blackjack and Insprit mainly because they’re not cringeworthy and not particularly strange to use. Saying that I’m a “Secret Time” or a “Hottest” just sounds awkward. 

    AJAX is also a scripting language (as I sit here doing some Java), and a football club!  I was actually just complaining about C-Clown because I like their music, but that name…horrible. 

    • animefreakhq

      The first thing I think about after learning Shawol is shallow.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732257711 Su Ling Sim

    Jay Park’s fanclub is called ‘Jaywalkerz’- pretty dope huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732257711 Su Ling Sim

    Jay Park’s fanclub is called ‘Jaywalkerz’- pretty dope huh?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732257711 Su Ling Sim

    Jay Park’s fanclub is called ‘Jaywalkerz’- pretty dope huh?

  • mgills92

    I must be the minority here that likes the name Shawol. It may sound weird, but I like the meaning behind it. And Exotic, I mean I’d rather have a fanclub whose name is an actual word…
    They only debuted this year and they’ve been all around the world already, so maybe to them, their fans are exotic (even if the name is not/never will be official). 

    But I agree with most people that Cassiopeia is a great fanclub name, and it’s lovely to say :). VIPs and Blackjacks too!

    Some member names are funny, like Feeldog or Micky or Lay, but being a international fan (who ironically loves k-pop but has no interest in learning Korean) is so much easier to pronounce than their real names.

  • ytalkaboutthingsudontknow

    “I wish they had just stuck with Blue Voice and SHINee World instead of mashing the words up into some awkward mutant offspring.” – um, that how words are abbreviated in Korean. You’re being quite ignorant by dissing it like that?

  • Theorist

    The one who commented what is 501. Clearly did not do their research.

    And everyone is going to get bored of A-JAX’s jokes. It’s not getting any funnier and it’s boring.

    This all female’s comments. I want to see more of male’s input.

  • LovelySt4r

    My favourite fanclub names handsdown are Blackjacks, Cassies, and Melody. The TVXQ on a keyboard for me is still so mindblowing for me. I still wonder if it was planned even before their debut or if some person just realized it one day because it’s just so perfect. I think Melody is cute because if I remember correctly, it was brought up by a fan as well. and it kind of makes BTOB’s name a little less unfortunate in my opinion.

    For B1A4, in general I thought it was just a weird name but it really grew on me. It’s hard to think of a better name for groups once they’ve been identified with a name for so long imo.

  • Miyuki

    As someone who lives in America, even though Blackjack is a really clever name,  people should really start spelling it out. I couldn’t live down the embarrassment of calling myself a BJ when it means blowjob in English slang!…. 

    SONE is also a pretty bad name. I like the meaning and all, but… no one can pronounce it! I’m guilty of calling myself a ‘so-neh’ for a whole 6 months XD 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kiara.valentine.94 Kiara Valentine

    I thought TVXQ’s fanclub’s name was Cassiopeia because that constellation never sets in the sky.I thought it meant that TVXQ would be forever.

  • feignedreality

    whenever I hear/see the word ELF, all I can think of is Dobby from the Harry Potter series so that one is pretty high up on my epic fail fandom name but Jumping BOA takes the cake. The first time I heard/saw it, I was like WTF! Now I’m sure it means something special but it just sounds a bit weird to me like a sign I’d see on a zoo or something.

  • nylynn

     I love EXO and yeah, Exotic rubs me the wrong way as well. 

  • http://twitter.com/MinWoolicious 조이스


    ” Cassiopeia ” was named by Changmin as DBSK’s FC name. 

    Our Changmin is a genius indeed <3 

    Proud Cassie here <3 

  • nard

    Theres nothing wrong with ELF in my opinion