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    Apparently Juniel wrote four of these songs (she did not write Bad Man), and for that, she gains bonus points. Well, maybe not all the bonus points – FNC definitely deserves credit for actually letting their artists release self-written songs on their albums. Idols’ images are so manufactured, that I feel like even if they wanted to, their labels would not let them compose or include self-written songs on their albums. I know SNSD had Yuri and Sooyoung write a couple song lyrics, but I feel like that was SMent dangling their talent in our faces (as much as I love the songs). It’s a bit saddening when you think about how little say idols probably get in the making of their albums. They’re given title tracks that they’re forced to love and that’s it.

    Either way, I appreciate how genuine this particular album is. Knowing that an artist actually wrote and composed the songs on their album honestly makes the listening experience different. It gives a new connection to the artist, letting listeners imagine where the inspiration may have been drawn from, which isn’t something you can experience when an artist is basically handed a song with a message they didn’t have any hand in creating. As much as I love manufactured K-pop, the respect I have for artists with instrumental and compositional talent is on another level.

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