• http://twitter.com/M_Wys Michaela Wylie

    No 2012 list is complete without Gakistal… :P

  • http://piggy68gal.tumbr.com/ piggy68gal

    This list is incomplete without Queen In Hyun’s Man. Like seriously.

    • hapacalgirl

      and shut up flower boy band.  QIHM and SUFBB are hands down two of the standouts of the year.  

      • Cindy_Pvh

        tvN is amazing to bring us these dramas, no? 

        QIHM, SUFBB and now Answer Me 1997! ^^ 

        • hapacalgirl

          They are. They are really good at producing dramas that have that amazing mix of great cinematography, great chemistry, and just a really good relatable plot.

          • http://piggy68gal.tumbr.com/ piggy68gal

            QIHM already tops my list of favourite dramas so far. I love it so much. <3 As for SUFBB and Answer Me 1997…I can't really comment. I have heard such rave reviews of these 2 dramas but I can't find the time to watch them completely. But these 2 dramas feature L(Kim Myungsoo) and Hoya respectively so I did watch a few cuts. (Inspirit here :D) Especially for Answer Me 1997, I was planning to just watch Hoya's cuts but the whole drama just drew me in. Every single character is unique and interesting! And I loved that interesting twist in the love triangle… (;

        • ian

          I completely agree!!!

          Shut Up! Flower Boy Band and Answer Me 1997 as well as Queen In Hyun’s man are honestly the only dramas that impressed me this year so far.Engaging plot, solid writing and great cinematography, every scene is not a waste of broadcast slot.

          To anyone who hasn’t given these dramas a try yet, I sincerely urge you to do so.

  • Ditu3ka

    Am I the only one who finds Moon that Embraces the Sun as one of the most overrated dramas? Don´t get me wrong, I loved child actors and actresses and Kim Soo-hyun was hot and all that but the story was about … well, one big family secret that I didn´t really care about. And there were too many hinted but never developed story lines (oh, and some cool but totally vasted characters). Love story? I just didn´t see any chemistry between the leads and all that waiting 8 years for a dead girl … it was just weird. For me personally the drama was big meh. Those other dramas airing at the same time were nothing spectacular either so I was not actually surprised about its supreme ratings. Well, that´s just my opinion.

    • Skittles

      It was completely and utterly overrated. 

    • http://twitter.com/alfone88 isho

      the reason is that the story was based on a korean Novel that is well known, I think so like sungkyunkwan scandal plus the drama didn’t have that much of a competition with SBS and KBS.  

    • Cindy_Pvh

      Yeah! If the kids didn’t do such a good job  in this drama, it would never receive this much of ratings! I think the children were the best and only good part of it! 

  • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

    I think people’s picks say more about them than the actual dramas.  As my sister keeps telling me, I have been quite bitter this year, so that might have had something to do with my choices.

    Anyway, if you are feeling bitter and hard yet still wishing to return to that state of wonder at the world with love and compassion for all the good it contains, then why not try these because I really enjoyed them:- (in order of preference)

    1. Shut up flower boy band. 2. History of a Salaryman. 3. Queen In Hyun’s man. 4. Ojakgyo Brothers (I don’t know if that counts, but I watched most of it in 2012)  5. The Chaser.

    • Ditu3ka

       Pretty good selection :-))

      • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

         Hehe, yeah, I don’t what it says about me though. I want to add Answer me 1997.  Ah, the rite of passage that is fangirling. 

  • palebluedot13

    Queen In Hyun’s Man hands down was the best kdrama I have watched this year.

  • http://twitter.com/narceen narcee narcee

    My favourite drama was King 2 Hearts until I saw Gaksital!

  • misskarlmlee

    my fave drama so far is hands down A Gentleman’s Dignity..such a refreshing romantic-comedy drama that depicts the lives of 4 men and their friendship and how they deal with love..so easy to love each and every character because each of them are so relatable..the only time-travelling drama I quite enjoy is Rooftop Prince, I guess because of the comedy aspect of it..no offense, the time-travelling concepts in dramas are so over-rated like seriously how much   dramas are they making with the same concept?! now Faith is coming too *rolls eyes*

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

      To be fair, “Faith” was in the works way back in 2009, with Lee Junki as the lead. Then Junki had to go off to the army before production was to start, so plans halted. I think 2 or more actors were signed on as the lead actor before Lee Minho was finally onboard.

    • http://piggy68gal.tumbr.com/ piggy68gal

      The time-travelling concept may be used over and over again but the storylines can be vastly different. Just look at Rooftop Prince and Queen In Hyun’s Man. They had the same premise (man travels 300 years to the future to meet woman) and yet the plots were so very different for each. The overall mood of both dramas were different too. So the dramas may look quite the same but not necessarily turn out to be similar. And btw I’m pretty sure the concept of Faith was already thought out a few years back.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    Faves this year:
    – Shut Up Flower Boyband
    – Queen Inhyun’s Man
    – Gaksital
    – Rooftop Prince
    – King 2 Hearts
    – Reply 1997
    – Princess Man

    • http://twitter.com/sebsobandsky Sabah

      Reply 1997!  Of course, how could I forget?  My current favourite!

      Excellent series and highly recommended!

    • Cindy_Pvh

      Princess’ man is from 2011 but still amazing <3 my fav drama from 2011 ^^

  • http://twitter.com/J4joker101 Greggors

    I love Gentleman’s Dignity! I actually started watching it as an “if I have time” drama, but now I’m hooked. They are killing me with these delays! I’m also trying to get my sister to watch it although she’s been trying to get me to continue watching Bridal Mask (which is suppose to be on par with City Hunter).  I was also very into Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

  • http://chocobox101.blogspot.com/ chocopies:)

    This year I watched Shut Up Flower Boy Band and it was awesome! I’m also currently watching Reply 1997, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Ghost, and I want to watch King 2 Hearts..

  • http://twitter.com/JB4ever16 kelly

    Right now im obsessed with Bridal Mask/Gaksital!!!! Bridal Mask is like one of the BEST dramas i watched in years!!! The actors acting especially Joo Won amazed me, their acting is seriously Amazing !!!And i also like Queen In Hyun’s Man!!

  • Seri Park

    My favorites were: 

    (1) Shut Up Flower Boy Band:  portrays great spirit that goes against the grain of manufactured pop… about maintaining the authenticity and integrity of creative music

    (2) Queen In Hyun’s Man:  a historical love drama that felt authentic… because it actually was!!!

    (3) Time Slip Dr. Jin:  Started out slow, but turning out to be really interesting as loose plot threads are coming together

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      Really, Time Slip? It looks terrible? But the other two you’ve mentioned i really enjoyed – although, yet to finish Shut up, the drama started really really well. 

      Maybe i should give it a chance – ….nope, don’t think it can watch it, dispite the serious eye candy in it.

      • Riley

        Time Slip is terrible. Do not go near it… ever

    • ian

      If you loved SUFBB and QIM, I hope you give Reply 1997/Answer Me 1997 a try. It’s produced by tvN as well and is just amazing so far.

  • waynecollections

    I have only watched RTP, I Do I Do and Big this year and yeah it’s low in variety of dramas but RTP hands down has become my favourite drama of all time.

  • mursyi nisa’

    i wonder….where is queen in hyun’s man? this series has been in talk many times that many people agree including me that this drama is way better than rooftop prince….for the 2nd half i think bridal mask(joo won), faith(lee min ho),nice guy(song joong ki,moon chae won) n horse healer(jo seung woo,lee yo won) will compete each other for the best one.Of course Joo Won,Song Joong Ki n Jo Seung Woo will compete for best actor award. No doubt for moon chae won for her upcoming role in nice guy.

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      Queen in Hynn’s man? Best drama i’ve seen all year! It never disappointed and although some were a bit WTF at the ending – for me it was the ONLY ending that was satisfing, anything else and i may have thrown myeself off a bridge (maybe not).

      I love Kim Soo-hyun, i fell for him with his small but intense role in “will it snow for christmas” the kid was in like two episodes, but i remember thinking at the time – i’m excited about this guy, can’t WAIT to see what else he will bring. & until moon, he delivered, & then some – kid’s got so much charisma, it just ozes out of him. But even he couldn’t save that moon nightmare – started off so well & engaging, the young cast just owned it! & The adult cast acted well too (apart from the Han Ga-in, why does she continue to be cast in dramas that show up her lack of acting talent?) but the story went no where….& VERY SLOWLY. I actually gave up in the end, really disappointing.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HNXM2PAKBDYAQ32JXRPZDN5E7E Arinie

    Thank you thank you and thank you for putting Lee Min Ho ‘s picture as the cover for the article. He’s just awesome. I’m looking forward for his next project. Hope he pick a modern role instead of sangeuk (Moon Sun, Rooftop and Sungkyukuwan Scandal) like he did before. 

  • http://twitter.com/kmi_chan Camille カミーユ

    Queen In Hyun’s Man ? how could you not talk about this amazing drama ? the best chemistry ever, the most beautiful kissing scenes, the sweetest love story ever ♥ (just my opinion of course)

  • http://twitter.com/EmilyDark1892 emily dark

    Thank you moon/sun for introducing me to KSH!!!

  • http://twitter.com/akikisetsu joy

    Agree with most here, that Queen In Hyun’s Man just owned my heart and soul for the 1st half of the year (probably for a few more years).  Acting and chemistry was explosive, enjoyed the writing and visuals, and I really didn’t have a problem with the ending.

  • aringkimkimkim

    I totes agree with Queen In Hyun’s Man. It’s my forever favorite historical/time travel K-drama, at least for this year. The concept was well thought of and the actors did justice to their characters and the storyline is not as cliche as it seems. The romance and chemistry, the amount of interactions between characters and their behavior consistency is laudable. Of course, the treat they gave with all the colorful costumes are added bonus. Writing this comment is making my fangirl/shipper heart spazz. You should see it :))

  • zandria56

    Queen In Hyun’s Man. Even though the plot was out of this world, it was one of the most realistic in their reactions to each other drama’s I have watched.  The script and lead actors were so well done that they could have carried the show all by themselves. Contrary to Roof Top Prince where the secondary actors were vital in keeping the show going.

  • http://twitter.com/Panja_nun Panja

    I like A Gentleman’s Dignity, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Ojakgyo Brothers and Gaksital.
    But my favorit is Whats up!. It has been fun to watch the actors. Just a pity that it has suffered a little under the 15min cutting per episode.
    I have now started with ´Reply 1997´ I have the feeling that is very good.

  • Tsutsuw

    So far my favorite are The King 2 Hearts, A Gentleman’s Dignity & Ghost. I liked Rooftop Prince but there were episode which were quite boring so it didn’t make it in my top 3 ^^

  • Tsutsuw

    So far my favorite are The King 2 Hearts, A Gentleman’s Dignity & Ghost. I liked Rooftop Prince but there were episode which were quite boring so it didn’t make it in my top 3 ^^

  • http://twitter.com/Quberluv Cygnet

    Top 3 of those I watched:
    – Queen InHyun’s Man –> hands down the best one of all those I watched this year
    – History of the Salaryman –> great actors and plot; just got a bit too-good-to-be-true towards the end
    – Rooftop Prince –> Yoochun’s getting better and the supporting cast is just hilarious

    On my list for watching:
    – Shut Up Flower Boy Band –> this I really am anticipating to watch
    – Bridal Mask –> I have high hopes for this based on the reviews. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.
    – King 2 Hearts –> watched the 1st 2 episodes, did not buy it. But I heard it got better so I’m giving it another try.

    Biggest disappointments:
    – Big –> just really…really a complete waste of time if not for Gong Yoo
    – The Moon that Embraces the Sun –> you could watch the part with the child actors and then stop and not miss anything…like seriously.

  • http://twitter.com/noname513 Stephanie Forgot

    My favourite dramas so far are Queen InHyun’s Man and Shut Up Flower Boy Band. I honestly feel that Queen Inhyun best executed the whole time travel premise. It made a lot of sense and I liked how we could see how the changes in the past affect the future. And don’t get me start on how amazing the chemistry between Yoo In Na and Ji Woo was. Flower Boy Band is officially one of my favourite dramas. The story was well written and the performances were believable. Plus I think the soundtrack was pretty darn awesome!! Whats not to love??

  • cobyness11

    Based on the amount of tears, it will be Shut up Flower Boy Band! QIHM is very good as well. Right now I am so into GAKSITAAAAAAAAAL! And its Wednesday today, so I am happeeee!

  • jesuis2

    TMTETS was really engaging w/ the child actors but then dropped off to mediocrity w/ the adult versions of the characters – so overall, a very uneven series and merely average for a sageuk.

    Kim Soo-hyun did a decent enough job as the King, but wasn’t what I would consider even close to the best performance of a King within the year’s timeframe.

    That honor would go to both Song Joong ki and Han Suk kyu as the teen and adult versions of King Yi Do/Sejong.

    SJK really showed his potential as an actor, but even his performance was overshadowed by HSK’s powerhouse performance.

    The fact that KSH was awarded the Best Actor trophy at Baeksang Arts Awards over HSK was a complete joke, even accounting for the popularity aspect that these awards tend to do.

    As for “Rooftop Prince” – all it had going for it was the comedy of the “Joseon Power Rangers” which unfortunately dwindeled as the series went on.

    The rest of it was the typical K-drama mess – (1) meandering, cliche-filled storyline w/ plotlines unexplicably dropped,  (2) 1-dimensional, stereotypical characters and characters who were made stupid just to pass over plotpoints and (3) sappy, tired cliched dialogue  (btw, the same thing can be applied to “Secret Garden.”).

    Unfortunately, things don’t get better w/ the Hong sisters romcom “Big” which is a complete mess (even Gong Yoo’s excellent acting can’t save this mess).

    “The Greatest Love” is the much better Hong sisters romcom (Dokko Jin and “Ding Dong” are unforgetable characters) and while “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho” has its flaws, it’s very much worth it for Shin Min ah’s simply captivating performance as Mi ho.

    As such, it has been a pretty dry year as K-dramas (particularly romcoms) go.

    But cable channel tvN has come to the rescue with “I Need Romance 2012” – which has been a breath of fresh air.

    Charming cast/very good acting all around, good direction and most importantly, a fun and witty script/dialogue/

    But that’s not all for tvN, the (short) nostalgic series reflecting on high school life, “Answer Me 1997” has charming viewers as well.

    And upcoming fusion sageuk, “Arang and the Magistrate” looks promising as well (it has Shin Min ah as the adorable and feisty supernatural heroine – so that in itself should be enough).

  • jesuis2


  • jesuis2


  • Chocho268

    After seeing the breath of fresh air that Queen In Hyun Man was, I was extremely disappointed with Big. Is there any k-drama cliche that this drama left out? The annoyingly dumb main female character and the childish bickering between the two leads are getting so old and overused that they are an instant turn off. The characters are terribly one-dimensional and extremely unrelatable. The story is a mess and there are countless unconvincing twists and turns that make the viewer go ‘wtf is this?’.
    I’m in the middle of episode 12 now and I have a very hard time finishing it.

    This is exactly why I think many people were drawn to QIHM, incuding myself-to be honest, Hee-jin was probably the only female character in my k-drama watching history that I didn’t find annoying. I though she was awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/arielvip Ariel Arnold

    So I’m reading this after watching some dramas I,do I,do which I was mostly in it for Sun-Ah. It was ok if you want a light airy drama to watch. It got a little draggy towards the end. OK I know there was alot of time travel dramas this year and I have been watching them. I JUST finished Faith and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. Don’t get discouraged from it by what others say. The relationship between Lee Minho’s charcter Choi young and the King is A+ material. The love story between the king and his queen is equally as interesting as LMH and his leading lady. The villain was one of the best around, poor dude just wanted to be loved. Some good action scenes even though the “magic” or inner chi whatever was a little off putting. Shut Up Flower Boy Band was good because the principal of the story. The lead actor girl annoying, Infinite L, needs to work on his acting(even though i love him) what made it great was the focus it put on the boys friendships and their love of music. Then of course their was Lee Min Ki as Byung Hee, He was only around for 2 episodes but boy he left and impression. In my opinion there could have been no love story just about the journey of the guys and I would have been satisfied. Didn’t touch Doctor Jin because of the negative comments only watched RTFP for the josen power rangers. Now finally Nice Guy. There were some cringe worthy K-drama classics. cough cough amnesia cough cough live life-threatening disease cough cough. But the acting, the story line the character development all well done. And I’m not just saying that cuz I think JunKi can do no wrong ;) Don’t go near Big not even the mighty Goong Yoo could save that train wreck. 

    OH YEAH. Forgot to say I am now gonna watch Queen In-Hyun’s Man. Hope it is as good as everyone says it is.