Here at Seoulbeats, we’ve shown various lookbooks featuring different artists and different concepts, but today I bring you a shopping guide to satisfy your needs. If you’re too busy to properly browse the internet for awesome brands and websites, this guide is here to help you out. Want to dress like a K-pop star? You can!

Top It Off

One thing you’ll commonly find in K-pop are graphic tees. Watch a performance by any group or look at some MVs — K-pop idols often wear printed t-shirts to stylize their outfits. Band tees, tees with cartoon characters, tees with words — you name it. These online vendors offer some great choices in graphic t-shirts.

  • David and Goliath (X)
  • Junk Food (X)
  • Threadless (X)
  • Hot Topic (X)

Aside from graphic tees, K-pop idols will wear very simple, plain tops to accompany their outfits while on variety shows and whenever they’re out and about. Many female idols have a very simple but stylish fashion sense and appeal to popular trends. You’ll often see idols wear loose-fitting tops and tight pants or micro-shorts. Some website that I’ve seen the sort of tops K-pop idols would wear include:
  • NastyGal (X)
  • Urban Outfitters (X)
  • Pixie Market (X)
  • Storets (X)
Playing Dress-Up

Showing off their gorgeous legs, K-pop idols often will wear cute little mini-dresses. The dresses can vary in style but they never go past the knee. They can be skin-tight and sequined or puffy and ultra-feminine. Browse for dresses that best show off your figure and don’t worry about length. Nothing is too short in K-pop. All these websites below have a large variety of dresses to choose from in every shape and style imaginable. Happy hunting!

  • Karmaloop (X)
  • TopShop (X)
  • RomWe (X)
  • Miss Selfridge (X)
  • Asos (X)

It’s a Shoe-In

K-pop idols have some amazing shoes. Normally, girls wear sky-high stilettos on stage but every so often, like in T-ARA’s and 2NE1’s case, you’ll see starlets wear brightly colored kicks. For personal style, shoes can vary but idols generally stick to high heels. Clunky booties and pumps are the norm, but it isn’t uncommon to see idols wearing Doc Martens or even TOMS. One brand, Jeffrey Campbell, specializes in bizarre shoes covered in studs and strange prints. The weird shoes Campbell creates would look right at home on an idol’s feet, but if you prefer to keep it simple, check Lori’s Shoes or Imelda’s and Louie’s.

  • Imelda’s and Louie’s (X)
  • Lori’s Shoes (X)
  • Doc Marten’s (X)
  • Jeffrey Campbell (X)

Accessorize It

An idol’s outfit would not be complete without accessories. Many idols like to go easy on accessories, onstage or elsewhere, but most will wear a flashy necklace or huge pair of shades every now and then. Idols like to pile on cutesy accessories, like fake glasses or colorful jewelry, to give their outfits a little extra edge. Other idols, like 2NE1, wear fun leggings. Because of this, I included Black Milk, a brand that makes amazing leggings, in addition to regular accessory websites like Girl Props and Accessorize.

  • American Apparel (X)
  • Accessorize (X)
  • Black Milk (X)
  • Girl Props (X)

Items Used:

Look #1:

Tee ($24), Jeans ($58), Shoes ($89)

Look #2:

Top ($38), Shorts ($49), Shoes ($119), Earrings

Look #3:

Dress ($116), Shoes ($109), Headband ($20), Necklace ($20)  

(Images via SM Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, YG Entertainment)