Pickings are slim as the olympics again caused the cancellation of many of our favorite Korean entertainment shows. BoA continued her performances of “Only One” with her SME hoobaes–this time on M!Countdown with SuJu’s Eunhyuk, C.N. Blue released the MV for “Time is Over” and the track “Friday” from their TGI Fridays CFs, D-Unit debuted with “I’m Missing You,” Teen Top came back with “Be Ma Girl,” Super Junior has James Bond fever with “Spy,” the character Infinite‘s Hoya plays in the K-drama Reply 1997 revealed a big secret, various LOEN Entertainment artists collaborate as LOEN Tree for Summer Night,  and SM Entertainment shared the official posters from their S.M.ART Exhibition which will run from the August 10th through the 19th in Seoul at the COEX.

What 5 Things in K-pop happened last week that were a bit more special than the rest?  Keep reading to find out and if you’re not up-to-date with your K-pop turn back now, because spoilers most definitely will ensue.


 5. You gotta have “Faith”

I’m putting my ‘faith’ in Lee Min-ho that his upcoming K-drama is gonna be a winner.  Another time travel drama–when it rains, it really pours when it comes to K-drama concepts–the story “shows the love between a warrior from the Goryeo period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space.”  The director is  Kim Jong-hak (The Legend 2007, Sandglass 1995) and script writer is Song Ji-na (What’s Up 2011, The Slingshot 2009, The Legend 2007, KAIST! 2000, Sandglass 1995) everything points to it being a hit, but we all know nothing is guaranteed (especially coming from SBS and yes, I’m a little upset about a certain concert).  The drama is a Monday/Tuesday drama slated to have 24 episodes and debut Monday, August 13th.  Check out the trailer below.



4. You Got Game?

Appparently Han Ji-min does.  She was the latest guest on Running Man and although there was this hilarious shower scene, I picked this scene of Han Ji-min showing and her “fighting” spirit as my fave clip from the show this past week.



3. One Summer Night

I’ve been fan of Jang Jae-in, or Jang Jane as she seems to be going by these days, since she was a contestant on Superstar K2.  The song was written by Jang Jane during a significant phase of her life–the summer of 2008, when she moved to Seoul to pursue a career as a singer.



2. It’s Like This Y’all

Loved this remix of the Wonder Girls hit “Like This” on the hip hop reality program Show Me the Money.  The integration of the traditional Korean percussion instruments was sweet and the energy by Joosuc and contestant Kwon Hyuk-woo was off the hook as their performance won first place.


1. 2NE1 and Sung-ha Jung Live

Sung-ha Jung tops 5 Things two weeks in a row, this week with his live acoustic collaboration with 2NE1. YG on Air released the collab through Naver which featured the acoustic versions of “Lonely” and “I Love You” along with some making-of footage.  Love, love, love their acoustic live version of “I Love You.”


Those were the 5 Things I LOVED in K-pop last week, were they yours?

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