• http://profiles.google.com/krstydlght kirsty delight

    those. melon. bars.

    it’s like heaven on a stick.

    • Regina Schneider

      God, I love Melona Bars ^^

  • http://twitter.com/magnaesara 멍~지효

    Guys…why this topic…TT___TT So hungry….

  • Rafaelchick1

    MMmmm I love Korean food.. just hate Samgyeopsal.. we have it at all the company hwesiks.. It’s too dang greasy for me.. I usually just eat rice and stuff a tiny, tiny, piece into a huge kaenip leaf and hope no one notices. I love all the rest though, Korean food is great, and over all very healthy. I have lost like 20 pounds eating this food and noraebanging hard core after eating. Of course I stay away from alcohol.. soju goes down too smooth and gets people hammered fast.. and it’s not cute to see a woman slung over the back of a dude every morning like in the dramas. The baby octopus that wiggles is great.. place your chop stick on the plate and it wiggles up the chopstick..then pop it in your mouth lol.. Oi.. the joys of Korea..

  • whirlypop

    I’m addicted to Melona. It’s not that easy to purchase them here previously but thankfully, not anymore. It suddenly popped up everywhere I am. Haha. God must have heard and seen my effort in buying them. They even have it in my university now, even the mall beside my university and just around the corner of our street. Lols.

    For actual korean food, Bibimbap’s my favorite. Ddokbokki as well is a nice snack.

  • hippocampus123

    I love them all; I just can’t decide. But the one thing that I HAVE to get at hmart are those baby yogurt drinks…

    I’m totally addicted.

  • black_rose45000

    I just hate that I have no chance to even taste Korean food. #fml. But thanks for the recs, if I do get that chance sometime this life preferably, I’ll take them into consideration :Q

  • FallingSnow

    DANA, I’m SO jelly! D’: 

    Really fun roundtable topic this week, guys. The city I used to live in had quite a number of great Korean restaurants so I was able to consume the cuisine on a regular basis. Although I must admit that I cannot manage to eat on a purely Korean diet on a daily basis for too long… much too caloric and carbs & protein heavy for my personal preference. Right now I’m living in a different city where there’s NO good Korean restaurant so I’m suffering from cravings again *sigh* I might go and make a dukbokki dish to silence my stomach after this. Its my goal to travel to SK someday and visit that Samgyupsal restaurant Simon and Martina raved about recently. That was some serious food pornography right there. 

    On a slightly different note, Gaya, since you brought up Korean chopsticks here, let me just add my two cents on the topic: I hate it. Between Chinese (square-ish ends and non-tapered), Japanese (round tips, tapered, usually has “grips” at the end and comparatively shorter), and Korean (metal, flat, non-tapered) and Vietnamese (non-tapered cylindrical shape), I much prefer the Japanese kind. I personally find the Korean chopsticks a little difficult to grip in the hand and also to grip the food, particularly if you are applying any type of leverage, say in tearing apart a piece of meat for example. It is, I’ll grant you, very easy to clean however. And I do really like their complementary spoon, particularly the LONG handle. Do I sound a little utensil obsessive? I apologize. I’m somewhat of a foodie :P 

    • syvellium

      I’m with you on the utensils. Not only does the metal have less of a gripping surface (as opposed to say, bamboo or even ivory), but it also conducts heat so the tips get hot when you’re picking up super-hot foods. Like you, I also LOVE the long handles on the spoons though.

    • GracefulCassieShapley

      I never noticed that about chopsticks, but I guess I have found the ones at Chinese restaurants easier to use.

  • YourYG Bias

    The first time I had dinner with my Korean friend, she prepared Korean barbecue, kong namul, kimchi, rice, lettuce leaves and the whole shebang. Growing up, I was an instant noodle kid and rarely ate spicy food. It was the most embarrassing yet memorable dinner of my life.

    I had a box of Kleenex beside me and I was literally sniffling into the metal bowl they gave me. Thank goodness my mom taught me how to use chopsticks. Other than never being able to look ahjumma and ahjussi in the eye, I loved the food. Definitely one of my favorite global cuisines. 

  • http://kaleidoscopelady.tumblr.com/ hephapholic

    This topic made me so hungry and gave me a made craving for Korean food, thank god that I coincidently bought some instant ramyun today ^__^.
    I love Korean food (actually I love food so much there isn’t any country’s food I’m not willing to try lol). Everytime I go to my favorite Korean restaurant I try to order something different, the restaurant is called Seoul (you can see a lot of thinking went into choosing that name) and they always play Korean children songs or drama OSTs lol. But back to the food, I have to say that my favorites have got to be:

    1~ Bulgogi, I can’t even explain how good this dish is! It’s just so damn good!

    2~ Ddukbokki, it sure wasn’t love at first sight when I ordered these rice cakes for the first time, but once they were in my mouth…we were soulmates!

    3~ Ramyun, my love for Korean instant noodles sky-rocketed after watching ‘Flower Boys’ Ramyun Shop’, it gave me such cravings that I sometimes had to watch the show while eating ramyun :D.

    4~ Bibimbap, on top of being delicious, this dish gives me the feeling of being a child again whien I’m enthusiastically mixing the condiments.

    5~ kimchi bokkeumbap, two of my favourite foods (eggs+ rice) come together for this dish, so how can I not love it!

    6~ Kimchi, this might be typical but I just love to chuck down kimchi with some rice whenever I go to a Korean restaurant.

    After reading the article the one dish I want to try more than anything is Samgyupsal! Better start planning my next trip to ‘Seoul’ ^__^.

  • goldengluvsk2

    Kogi! since im like gu mi Ho crazy for meat, Korean BBQ makes me drool like crazy… my gawwwt *—-* my eyes shine when i see it looks delicious…!! id really like to try Ddukbeokki, samgyeopsal, bibimbap and kimbap too! while i was watching flower boy ramyun shop i ended up buying instant noodles and eating it with them lol i’d like to eat real tasty ramyun in SK someday :)

  • GracefulCassieShapley


    It all looks so delicious!! I just came home from dinner! Me and my friends went to a Korean BBQ restaurant. They give you raw meat and you put it on the grill! But I crave to try some bulgogi and kimbap.  

  • Khaddie

    It’s so weird that this article got posted at this time because me and some friends just had/made some Korean food for the first time! We found a shop and bought some ingredients, and we made some kimbap and Ddukbokki and it turned out quite nice. What I was most excited to try was Kimchi though. It might be more mundane than the other things but it’s everywhere in the shows I’ve watched, and I ended up liking it a lot, especially with some rice.

  • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

    I love this topic!! i’m going to a k-restaurant next week for the very first time and i didn’t know what should i try fisrt… i really like sweets and condiments, not a fan of spicy food, so i was wondering if you guys could give me a recomendation of a sweet/salty dish that doesn’t have too much vegetables. :P

    • Dana_SB

      If the restaurant offers bulgogi deop-bap, try that!  It is basically marinated beef over a bed of rice.  I ate it a lot when I first got to Korea because I wasn’t a fan of spicy food back then (that’s definitely changed a lot).  

      • http://twitter.com/sandra_rmng Sandra

        Thanks for the tip! 

  • amy oh

    you guys should try  Mozzarella cheese Ddukbokki…taste way better than ramen with plastic cheese. 

  • dany17

    I like the food and I like the first picture, aren’t they cute?

  • http://twitter.com/araimonpan A. Rin