• Hypotenuse

    I thought tacky visual kei was out of style.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002272798417 Dania Moncrieffe

    The members are the monsters. It seems to me they are trapped/cornered and are trying to escape the camp. At 0:23 he starts to transform from beast to halfing (or whatever), you can hear the difference in breathing. After it escaped the building in the end, it went back to the beast form

    Trapped Monster = chains, cages n cameras + horns n glowing eyes 

    The crescents are really inverted horns. So is Youngbae’s hairstyle… not all horns are pointy. 

    They escape about at 3:40 and end up in some snowy place… who knows? Maybe that’s its natural habitat. See its running toward the spire in what looks like a settlement. Looks to me like freedom. 

    With the winder scene it looks awesome since we were just dealing with fire and what seems like a desert.

    2:08 You see Daesungs true form. BTW He looks very hot in this video, minus what looks like a tonne of breakouts. I think the contacts should have been in the right image though, that would make that clips cooler for me.

    LOL at T.O.P 3:45 sooo cool.

    They all have like 4 outfits.. very interesting fashion pieces. I very much enjoyed Daesungs palette.

  • http://twitter.com/VIPsharrira RealTerra

    afterall, this is BIGBANG guys..dont expect something convetional or kpop-dance mv style..rather than all of tht usual stuff i watched,i enjoyed this mv so much..read the title than u can understand..it says MONSTER MV and for me BIGBANG nailed the word MONSTER in bigbang-ish way..done!

  • http://twitter.com/fcaca26 cacaface

    thats cuz your stupid nd dont look what its saying if your a fan look up what its saying matches with the video and you call yourself  V.I.P

  • http://twitter.com/TheInventionOfD PodK

    Personally, it took me a while to come to accept this. But, now, I can definitely say I love it. When I say ‘accept’, it wasn’t the fashion or the music video it was the song. I was confused by the strange yet gentle rapping at the beginning, unfurling and becoming almost a conversation between TOP and GD.
    I don’t understand the cowboy look going on with TOP, it’s not something I find attractive, unlike in Fantastic Baby where his looks literally kill.
    Also not sure about the Mickey Mouse look Taeyang’s got going on… It’s a bit… Well, I personally wouldn’t have styled him like that.
    I found this article amusing because I pretty much agreed. Even if I say so myself, I’m good at seeing both sides of an opinion, and I can see why maybe someone would disagree with the opinion expressed.
    This maybe a little ‘taboo’, but I have to say, the stylisation for some parts of this reminded me of the Japanese Rock band Mucc. Like when GD kicks the porcelain mannequin dummy in its non-existent balls, his long skirt, face hidden by mushroom hair and buckled look just bring a little of the Alternative/Rock fashion sense that Mucc pull off effortlessly, and as I like to call ‘dressing up’. Not really sure how that sentence sounds, but I have a feeling that I pulled it off successfully.
    Then there’s Daesung. Ohhhh boy~ I’m afraid that this is where the fangirl inside of me appears. As much as I love the other members, Daesung captures my heart each and every time with those powerful yet gentle vocals of his. He seems like such a humble and modest person, possibly a bit shy and definitely sweet, but when you see (or hear.. ) him sing it’s like WOAH. And I can’t help but being all like ‘Kyaaaahh~!!!”
    Is there a rule that in MVs rapping looks effortless whereas singing is like EMOTION, PAIN, etc. and all in your face with the singer’s heart.
    Anywhom, that’s just my opinion. Did I even give an opinion? I feel like I just stated the obvious… ^__^

  • Nara Medusa

    BB is always experimenting with their music…I even think they have created a genre of their own! i don’t understand why some ppl don’t like Monster, but you’re definitely entitled to your own opinion…but I guess you lack taste hahaha! offence taken anyone? 
    sorry…but srsly, monster was on replay mode for weeks in my playlist.