• severely

    U-KISS has definitely gotten better over the years. They’re one of the groups that I really look forward to new releases from now.

  • Streby

    Though ‘DoraDora’ is a definite step-down from ‘Neverland’ in terms of quality, it still is a lot better than a lot of their older tracks like ‘Shut up’,  ‘Dance Flowr’ and the like. 

  • Paloma

    I think “Neverland” was definitely one of the best releases from last year; it’s a pretty consistent album and there ain’t many filler tracks (too common in K-pop, to be honest). It’s a pity that it was overlooked just because it was from U-Kiss, because it was full of good songs and they sound just great.

    And I have to agree with you about Hoon and AJ. I became a fan with “Neverland”, but man I love Xander and Kibum, they were just hilarious and I really wish them the best. But talent-wise, Hoon and AJ were really good additions; I think it’s a pity AJ doesn’t get to sing lately because the boy can do just anything.

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    oh gosh dumping brave brothers was the best decision ever
    the end.

  • http://1nspirit96.tumblr.com/ Mrs_KimSungGyu

    I really enjoyed Neverland, the entire album, but I was deeply disappointed with DoraDora. Like mentioned below, at least DoraDora was a step up from their past songs, but the songs themselves couldn’t grab my attention. I’ve only listened to that album once since it’s release and I don’t really intend to go back to it any time soon. Neverland, on the other hand, I listen to every once in a while. I say, whoever writes their Japanese tracks should definitely do their Korean ones too.

  • http://twitter.com/maslolz m. aslo de la torre

    Yaaaay. Thanks for this write-up. Although U-Kiss isn’t my favorite idol group, I have a huuuuuge soft spot for them and I really want to see them do well. I’m not exactly sure why I’m so fond of them, but it started when I saw an impromptu interview in English, mostly Kevin talking, on YouTube, and he just seemed so unpretentious and just really sincere and fun. He seemed like someone I would hang out with. So I started listening to them, and I really appreciate Kevin and Soohyun’s vocals. They are so consistently good, and sing very well live, too. I haven’t listened to anything before Neverland except for 0330, but from everything I’ve read it seems like their newer stuff is much better. I really hope they continue in this new, better direction and get some recognition for their talent as a group. I personally wasn’t as disappointed with DoraDora as other seem to have been, and I feel like they have all the makings of what makes a good kpop group. Gah! i just really want them to do well! I guess this comment was kind of pointless, but I can’t help the extreme sense of goodwill and affection I feel towards U-Kiss :)

  • ourrsquaredpi

    Some of the tracks in Bran New Kiss are noteworthy too. I recommend you guys to listen to “I Don’t Understand” and “Words That Hurt Me.” Bran New Kiss is one of the most cohesive mini album release by U-Kiss. 

  • xchoccies

    I honestly loved this album and I have to say it was one of the best releases of 2011 (I’m sorry, but Beast’s Fiction is win). Enjoyed every single one of the songs and I was never a fan of U-Kiss, apart from ManManHani and Round Round.. even those I only knew the choruses and ‘Braveeeee Soundddd’ with a whole bunch of autotune. 

    Sidenote: Whoever writes the Japanese songs for these Kpop idols, could you come over and write the songs for their Korean album too?! I say this on behalf of U-Kiss, SNSD and SHINee.

  • AcadiasFire

    I just adore U-Kiss. I really due. I always felt they were underdogs but they have so much talent and im happy their finally getting the attention they deserve. Although im always sad whenever I think of Xander and Kibum. I cant deny the two new additions are incredibly talented but there will always be that little piece of me that misses the original group. Oh to be a KISSme lol