• http://profile.yahoo.com/MN353U5UD2BOFRXS5VPIB4ZYRM Jas

    This isn’t something that is only Korean entertainment. People in general do this, about what ridiculous things they do to diet. ( which they don’t know if it really works)

    • Timea B

      yeah but the thing is that if you start dieting it is unlikely that thousnad sof teenage girls would go crazy following your example. The problem is that these people are icons to teenagers and therefore it is crazy that they show such really bad examples to young girls about body image. If you are not 40 kg you are fat. That’s the message you get from these celebrity diets. None of these popstars are fat in the “fat” sense. They are extremely skinny and they still diet further – for what on Earth, I have no friggin idea.

  • theonetwo

    these diets are really crazy but some of the kpop fans are even crazier.  they will point out the slightest imperfection, circle it in red, and post it online for everyone to see.  its seriously ridiculous and people wonder why these idols do what they do to stay thin.

    i remember a picture of goo hara of kara where she was sitting down and she had a tiny fold of skin from her stomach sticking out and people were bashing her about weight gain acting like she suddenly became obese. same thing with tiffany of snsd.

    glad UEE said something about the issue because shes another one of these idols that some of these fans bash on for her weight.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3A5VXTZXZOEH62VXL4FJ7AT7Q Xinran

      Don’t forget about hyori, netizens made a big deal about her skin folding as well and she’s basically like “Yea, I’m getting older and a teensy bit flabby, AND I don’t give a fuck”. Gotta love this woman; she’s quite the liberal (for a Korean celeb) and has got the guts to counter the media all the time.

      And, btw, may I point out that fat-shaming by male celebs just makes these unhealthy trends even worse.

      • http://twitter.com/denzelwynter アシュリ// 애쉴리 (Ashley)


        • theonetwo

           lol exactly

      • theonetwo

         completely agree xinran

      • Winter_Rose

         hyori is fucking flawless

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YQ53WK5K4DPXQ5DIBKDELB6WPE Camille

    I’m an Asian girl that’s probably the same height and weight that Taeyeon says she is. I am skinny, yes, but no way am I unhealthy nor do I look sick in any way whatsoever. Asians really do tend to have smaller body frames, so it’s not sooooooooo impossible and far-fetched that many of these K-pop girls are the sizes that they are now. They’re just more conscious of maintaining their natural skinniness than a lot of people are.

    It’s when people get too skinny in a short while that people should call out the K-pop girls on. Jessica in 2009 and Yuri in 2011 became scary skinny for a while, possibly through combinations of dieting, lots of schedules (in Jessica’s part), and way too much exercising (in Yuri’s case).

    I remember Tiffany and Seohyun saying recently in that show they did with Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Yunho, and Changmin that they try to eat small meals here and there every chance they can get because since their schedules are hectic, they’re not even sure if they’ll have time to eat.

  • Nabeela

    Amazing article, as always!

    • Dana_SB

      Thank you, Nabeela <3 

  • igbygrl

    Well I’m a Korean who is not small framed at all. my body type I’d robust, tall and definitely NOT small framed. I have hips, broad shoulders and am rather curvy all thanks to my similar genetics on my dad’s side of the family.

    I get so self conscious sometimes because I don’t fit the mold of a generic Asian girl.

    And don’t get me started on my father. Growing up he told me that I should strive to be more like my mother…a waif little petite who was my mother…I developed a bit of a physical complex growing up, comparing my mother’s small, delicate frame, to my robust big boned frame.

    I accepted my body as it is now but definitely had been a long journey getting to my acceptance.

    Crash diets and was even to the point of being diagnosed with an eating disorder, And I gotta say I wish their were more female Asian idol celebrities out their who look like me. It definitely would’ve eased my growing pains during my puberty.

    • GreyLeaves

      I’m giving you a virtual hug, because I know how it feels to grow up with that kind of influence.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3O73S4PB7NZRSRVPOOCIH3ZG34 Susan

      It’s the same with me, I’m Korean and yet I don’t have a small, petite frame like every other women in my family, and it didn’t help that I was once about fifty pounds overweight. So imagine my horror when I lost all the weight and still didn’t even come close to the Korean ideal. Thankfully, my parents have never complained about my looks or my weight, though I can’t say the same for the rest of my family. My weight was a point of conversation at every gathering and I remember when I went to Korea when I was around 13-14 that this aunt of mine would not shut up about how fat I was and only stopped when I started crying. A part of me has come to accept my body, but I still become incredibly self conscious, almost to the point of paranoia, when I’m around other Asians.
      It would be nice if Koreans didn’t have such a narrow view of what beauty is and didn’t judge a person entirely on looks, but I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

    • Alexandra Aveiro

      Sending you virtual hug because I can feel ya. I’m not Korean by any means (I’m Indonesian), but I do understand the “small petite Asian girl” stereotype perfectly.

      I’m only 5’5″, but in Indonesia it is considered very tall for a girl. I’m also big boned and since I do lot of sports from young age I have muscles here and there. I look like a gorilla compared to my friends. And it doesn’t help that during college I gained so much weight (blame the late nights and pizzas and other craziness college students typically do :D) that I got overweight.

      It’s really a blessing that my family and friends never really pressure me for my looks. Though my parents always emphasized that it is an unfair world that judges you on looks and make sure I look presentable, as long as I’m happy they are perfectly fine.

      Right now I’m slowly coming to acceptance to my own body through healthy eating and exercises. A few pizzas and ice cream here and there, but who cares? It’s good for your soul. I still feel insecure sometimes, especially when I watch Kpop videos, but thankfully not to the point that I want to destroy my own body with unhealthy diets. :)

  • Streby

    I have a a really high metabolism and so my weight is very proportional to my height but recently, I had to lose some weight because I was falling slightly over a weight category which I had to fall below. For the last month I’ve been training about six hours a day for a tournament and I started trying to cut some of the excess fat from my diet because I do tend to gorge on ice cream and yoghurt even when I don’t need it.

    It is only now that I learned how hard it is to lose more weight even though my metabolism is very high and I’ve definitely been working out enough. In the last 3 weeks, I’ve only lost half a kilo and that surprised me because I definitely thought I’d lost more.

    This whole incident has taught me that even ‘fast metabolism’ cannot help with weight loss. This is why I’m in awe (not necessarily positive or negative, just in awe) when an idol comes out looking extraordinarily skinny in just a matter of a month or two.  

  • http://thefutureisidol.com/ Mis

    What I’ve noticed is that a lot of thin people who say they don’t pay attention to what they eat really don’t – but they usually still don’t eat as much as a less thin person who don’t pay attention to what they eat do. Yes, they might be able to down a huge pizza without feeling guilty – but then they don’t really eat that much more, and when they are full, it doesn’t make them want to eat more. I kind of get annoyed at people not recognizing that there are several different ways of going about “not caring what you eat”.

    • theicecrumbs

      I get your point. I have this friend who’s like, “Hey, I don’t gain weight even if I eat an entire sack of rice.” And we’re all so envious of how she never really gets fat no matter what. But when you try to observe how she eats, she can barely finish a bowl of rice!

      So when SNSD said they can eat like a man and never gain weight, maybe that’s possible. But the thing is that: They DON’T ACTUALLY eat like a man.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ORSXPERTNAEPCKZBGEZMP7A3NU Bianca

    I’ve had so many Asian-Canadian friends go visit distant relatives in their motherland and be told that they were fat… all said out of concern…?  I would say that the pressure to be thin is just a little harder to bear in that kind of culture as opposed to where daily consumption of McD’s ain’t no thang. And with a culture where the no-makeup makeup reigns supreme in its “effortlessness”, the “oh I consume 3000 cals a day and stay bangin” is a predictable response.

    Bom’s diet though… a fail. Just in case anyone was wondering. LOL. All good though, she’s still got the best legs in the biz.

    • idontknoe

      It just has a lot to do with the food you eat and your daily activities. I spent a month in Viet Nam eating like crazy, but came back 15 pounds lighter(I went from a 2 to a 00). My daily routine of sitting in class all day and dropping by to get some Chikafila during my break, then going home in my car for an afternoon nap before my huge dinner changed. The food wasn’t processed and I walked most places and did stuff all day long. If you have the schedule SNSD had, I think staying thin wouldn’t be that hard. They are going all day long and barely have time to eat, when they do it’s probably 5 small meals which is good for you. There are members who hate to exercise, but dance practice is great cardio and built into their job. They also can afford better more nutritious foods and they dont have time to binge. The one thing a lot of people don’t do is to stop eating when they’re full.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QUMPWEPLYO4QF7XDJA3AYH3FNY Michelle L

         This is just a difference in diet and culture. I don’t really understand when Westerners get all upset about it. People tell me when I’m in Asia whether I’ve lost or gained weight, and it’s not malicious – they’re my family. You either don’t let it affect you or you do, but if you do, then you’re taking it in a spirit that it’s not meant to be taken as. They’re just blunt. They’ll also tell me if I’m sick-looking, if they don’t like an outfit I wear, if they don’t like my boyfriend… It’s the culture of the family.

        I’d also like to add that Asians in general are smaller, and so the “standard weight” is different. I know plenty of regular walking breathing Asians who are 46 kilos at 5’5 or so, and so “celebrities” fall a little under that. I’m not saying there isn’t some danger to the diet standards of some celebrities (because really, in the East or West, there are always those with scary dietary standards), but that you also have to take the relative weights & lifestyle into account when making judgment calls like this as a Westerner.

        Take me. I’m 120 lbs at 5’3 or so. I’m perfectly happy with my body and my lifestyle, but I’d be deluding myself if I didn’t say that most Asians I know fall below 120 and that it’s in large part due to a different way of life and diet, not simply that they’re “starving themselves”.

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/M3A5VXTZXZOEH62VXL4FJ7AT7Q Xinran

          Yea, although not all Asian societies do it, when you’re in an Asian country and people tell you what they observe about your apperance or just say something that sounds intrusive in general, it’s usually a sign of concern. Like they care enough to learn more about your life and observe you more closely. Westerners may find it rude, but it’s just a different culture, like you said.

      • Winter_Rose

         yeah also my friend who is from china told me that when she moved to the US she gained 30 pounds because the food and lifestyle is a lot different

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/P4ZSUYNPUIRG7OCJAG3CTPDETM Bazinga

    While I’m not personally 5’3 and 100 pounds i have friends who are and it’s not because they’re starving themselves… they just have natural small builds and they eat healthy and work out… 

  • Eryca Rockwell

    Kpop plays a blatant and power role in influencing the rest of the populace, and it’s really not for the good. I recently partnered up with a Korean exchange partner  this semester of college who enlightened me about the whole “being skinny” craze in Korea. I’m 5’3″ and 125 lbs, but that’s mostly muscle weight since I’ve been an athlete most of my life. I don’t think I’m skinny by any means, in fact ever since I got into kpop, I keep trying to drop my weight to at least 100, but I can’t seem to go any lower than 115. So when I met my Korean exchange partner (KEP) and she told me that by Korean standards I would be fat, even though it was obvious that I have an athletic build and am not just skin and bone. I asked her how Korean girls stayed skinny since she is one of those perfect little skinny girls and she said that they severely limit their meal intake. My KEP said that the korean society is so obsessed with their image, even the guys do it. I asked about working out, why they didn’t just do that since kpop stars work out and my KEP said that most girls felt like that was a waste of time and they didn’t like to sweat for fear of losing their “make up” face. According to her, being over 56 kg is fat and her boyfriend makes sure to ask her everyday if she is maintaining her weight. To do so, I’ve seen that the only thing she consumes is lettuce and tomato in the morning, lettuce and cucumber at night, and at night she opts not to eat. Because of actions like these, my KEP admits that most girls in Korea suffer from malnourishment and are very weak. I witnessed this when I saw that she could not even carry her own tray of food which was roughly no even over 1 pound. It’s a sad truth what this whole image craze in Korean is doing to their society, but it’s a reality and the author is right. It’s definitely not helping. It actually makes me really sad hearing all this, because 1. I’ll never be 100  pounds because I have absolutely no discipline and eat whatever I want, whenever I want. (despite this though, I explained to my KEP that I’m still a size zero even with 125 pounds on my body- that completely rocked her world). 2. It’s a sad insight into the personal lives of men and women in Korea and their obsessive drive to maintaining a certain image. I wish kpop would be more upfront with their artists and their weight maintenance because we all know it’s the power of personal training and personal nutritionists. But when they keep misinforming their society the consequences become apparent. I don’t think it’s fair that they mislead a society, but that’s what kpop is built on – an image, a concept, a misleading idea. 

  • intheshort

    I mean, I’ve always wondered about possible eating disorders in the KPop industry, or really scary managers who might be like, “You look fat. Go throw up…”


  • Erialk

    I’m extremely skeptical at SNSD’s comments at how they eat 3000 calories per day. Not because I don’t believe that it’s possible: seriously, with their hectic and busy schedules, some probably lose what they eat (i’m thinking of sooyoung who even without the schedule could probably still eat what she wants), but mainly because SM letting them eat whatever they want? Seems unlikely. In fact, it only carries out the image that “they are perfect”, they don’t need to diet to have their perfect figure.

    I once read this article on the grand narrative which discussed the desire to stay skinny at all costs… but without too much effort, hence a rise in diet pills and so on…
    As for the idols which are starving… that’s bordering on human/self abuse. Ruining your body for what? A few years of stardom (sometimes even not!)? I’m not saying that that is the case for every idol, some have reconverted but it does make me think of the young gymnasts in China. From a very young age, they are trained to the maximum (I saw a video where the poor girl was crying from the pain for heaven’s sake!), but hey, they MIGHT get a gold medal at the Olympics at the end! Yay!

    I think this whole crap about dieting, especially from idols who might be considered to be role models, should stop. There is already huge pressure from korean society to be “skinny” (therefore “healthy” and beautiful). Skeletic public figures who either starve themselves or prone to eat unrationally just doesn’t help the issue.

  • Chocho268

    Everything is about sustaining a perfect image, as it is always the case in the entertainment business and esp. in a society which is totally obsessed with outer appearance like Korea. I’m not reffering just to the physical beauty here, but also to how women are expected to be all cute and demure.
    “Not only we look perfect, have a cute(khm, fake in most cases :p) personality and to top it all, we also have a perfect body…without even having to bother about calories!!” I’m esp. looking at you SNSD here, but a lot of other female groups are guilty of doing the same.

  • GreyLeaves

    I don’t believe that the members of SNSD are all naturally petite without some kind of diet. By looking at their predebut pictures I would say those pictures are closer to their natural body weight.
    The best way to keep fit is what Dana suggests which is a balanced diet and exercise.
    All these crazy diets are just setting people up for failure in the
    future. Yes, you may lose  X amount of kilos, but your body cannot
    adjust that quickly to losing so much weight. The body is losing important muscle at a rate that’s not healthy. People that do this are working against their bodies by putting them under intense stress like this, it can age a person so fast by losing too much weight in a short time period. The best way is to lose the weight at a moderate rate, not 40 lbs in a month. I fear that these people will develop osteoporosis  and mess up their GI system and develop something like crohn’s disease at a much younger age.

    As well, people really need to stop fat shaming other people. I’m looking at half of Super Junior right now. It is not fair to expect all girls to be this magic number and have these perfect proportions. Also, it’s not fair for guys to be expected to have washboard abs and so on. Individual talent and attitude does not equal to being a certain weight.

    And there really needs to more discourse on healthy eating, proper exercise, and LOVING your own body for what it is. Treating yourself right and loving who you are goes a long way than dieting to a certain number on the scale. People need to remember that they are more than just a number. 

  • Eliza17

    I can believe the fast metabolism point or not doing any diet or exercise and still be skinny.  Heck that used to be me!  Just those girls wait, 6-8 yrs from now, everything will slow down to a halt and they won’t be singing he same tune.  And if they are barely eating now, they’ll be on a liquid diet by then!

  • http://twitter.com/fah2ma Fatouma

    With all this intensive exercise and radical diets, I wonder how idoldom will affect their bodies in the long-term….-.- I don’t think it’s going to be pretty. 

    • GreyLeaves

      Osteoporosis and a messed up GI system.

    • CJux

      …Also anemia, damaged immune system, infertility and for those who manage to get pregnant, higher risk of miscarriage. Oh, and reduced life expectancy apparently

  • LovelySt4r

    If there’s one thing that doesn’t make sense, it’s the whole “We don’t exercise.” thing. Dancing is definitely a form of exercising, and that would contribute so much to their exercise routine, considering how many music shows they go on, and how much they prepare for each one.

    I do think it’s possible that some idols don’t diet though. They definitely all watch what they eat, but extreme diets, maybe not for some. Some people just do keep a slim figure and can still eat anything they want, a lot of my friends are like that.

    But dieting in general is just not good, especially with the hectic schedule we know idols have. Are they just gonna keep dieting forever? It’s not like the moment their groups disband or fade away, they can stuff their face with everything, they still have an appearance to keep up. Dieting is very short term, but keeping an overall, healthy lifestyle is for the long term, which I think is much more important in the idol world.

  • CJux

    I’ve seen so many times apologist comments on how naturally skinny Asian girls are, yet at the same time we see reports saying one out of five Korean women are undernourished, or that Japanese women now eat less in average than during the famine times of WWII. Or that the reasons they are so skinny is because of the Korean ‘healthy food’ that they all eat. Then how do you explain their diabetes rates being higher than in the U.S., Sherlock? 

    Then there’s this amusing Japanese study that debunks every other theory that says 1) Asians are supposed to be skinny and; b) Overweight is still unhealthier. It was conducted in the Miyagi Prefecture, analyzing over tens of thousands of male and female residents during a 12 year period; it concluded in 2009 that the Japanese residents that were overweight (BMI > 25) actually lived longer those who had a BMI<18.5 by almost a 7 year difference. There are other Western studies proving a similar point, btw. 

    One thing is certain, before Westernization, the ideal type of body in both Japan, China and Korea was way fatter this current skeleton. I also have the impression that part of the reasons why girls in East Asia want to be deadly skinny – in a rather more obsessive way than European and American girls – is because of the sexualization of infantile/teenage bodies. 

    Anyway, this is a very nice article. 

    • GreyLeaves

      True on all your points, especially about the sexualization of a prepubescent body/attitude, just look at the idea of Bagel girls and the various alphabet lines in Korea.

    • Winter_Rose

       yeah a lot of my asian friends who aren’t even from asia are naturally skinny but its definitely not a majority like some people like to think

  • Jammyjam217

    Actually I don’t find Nine Muses’ paper cup diet to be ridiculous or impractical. What it is is a form of portion control which alot of people have problems with (i’m a Dietitian and I see it with the girls i work with). Its hard estimate portion size by eye so if you can use cups to measure it makes it way easier. I read the article where they spoke about the diet and they said they do it for 3 meals a day, which is fine especially for those who like to snack between meals. Americans can adopt this because we definitely over eat

  • xNoirX

    That photo of Jubi sitting down and fixing herself samGyupSal meal is staged.  That’s because it’s a still scene from the drama “I Love Italy”… I don’t know why
    but akp omitted that little piece of info, but the source article mentions it.

    Even though many Koreans enjoy samGyupSal, it’s hardly a typical Korean meal.  For most idol members, gimBap rolls seem to be the most common meal, because it can be portably consumed in a car without stinking up the interior.  

  • http://twitter.com/pinkskiesinmars Raquel 라껠

    Uh, I do believe some of them can be like that without a diet. I don’t exercise at all, I eat what I want and I am between 52-55kgs. My mom makes sure I eat some vegetables and fish, and I love fruits myself, but I eat *a lot* of ice-cream/chocolate/etc. So, if I can, I am sure some of them can maintain their weighs without dieting — they exercise a lot and they probably watch what they eat (which =/= dieting), why not? Then again, I’m sure it’s not all of them, I’ll give you that. Hell, probably not most of them.

    That said, when they do diet, I am always amazed at how anyone could think those diets are healthy in anyway, or help them in anyway. I’m sure you can maintain an image, a fit figure, and a healthy weight without starving yourself or doing stupid things as “drinking coffee instead of eating.” It scares me to think that a bunch of girls in their teens could actually try those kind of diets, when there are actual diets that are much better for their bodies and would make them look good too  (my mom lost 17kgs some years ago by going to a doctor and following her steps; she’s never gotten those kgs back and she did it the right way).

    I also think it’s not gonna change anytime soon, sadly :(

  • dearsnowflower

    I really don’t like it when they tease “fat” idols, or comedians about their body. I think it’s very insulting to them.

  • whirlypop

    That’s why most of them are flat on both sides.

  • http://weeatlemon.blogspot.com conanblue

    SISTAR actually used to have some normal girl bodies, especially in the beginning. But after So Cool they started thinning up like everyone else. The biggest change was Soyu who admitted to going on these huge diets to get a slimmer body. To me, why? She already had an amazing body before. I guess the pressure really got to her. She actually doesn’t look as stick thin as other idol girls but she’s still thinner than average girls. And SISTAR really do have “bigger” bodies than other idols, but only by like an ounce or two.

    I’m really glad there’s still idols like UEE who has more control over her body. I think she even packs her own lunch? And she radiates a healthy image, especially with her swimming background and all. Korea needs more UEE’s and Lee Hyori’s who are not afraid to say it’s not a bad thing to live a healthy life even if you don’t have a body as thin as a branch.

    • Eliza17

      What I find so funny is when these idols try to imitate Beyonce’s dancing, it just looks pitiful them trying like crazy to shake what’s not there!

      • theonetwo

        whats even funnier is that according to some of these outrageous kpop fans, beyonce would be fat.

      • GagHalfrunt

        Have you seen e.via’s “Shake” MV? It’s a good demonstration — and probably a deliberate one, coming from e.via — of what you’re talking about.

  • xnopex

    this is depressing as hell as i don’t even think it’s fair to call those things “diets”. that’s disordered eating disguised as a ‘diet’. 

  • silverjean

    popularity and public opinion have a big effect on these kpop stars.. as they bank not only on their talents but mostly on their physical aspects..  an ordinary person who doesn’t even know a thing or two about them will comment immediately on how they looked beautiful or how nice their bodies are. whether we like it or not people will judge us first on how we look and not based on how much we love our family or if we worked hard to earn money. If the pressure is too much for an average girl( regardless of nationality) to look good according to society’s standards then how much more for these girls or even guys perhaps? its much greater.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003327063631 Panda Green

    Korea has a long way to go when it concerns, beauty, self-worth, and body image. The woman’s movement needs to hurry up and get over there. 

  • Timea B

    and then we havent even touched the topic of dieting of male popstars, huh? :) see Junsu’s new image in Tarantallegra? No way he wasn’t dieting! But then there are real natural popsicle-thin guys like G-Dragon who doesn’t need dieting. And I wonder how on Earth TOP dropped 40 kg in only a few months’ time – it surely was some very extreme diet cuz he still refuses to show his body… must have been a mental shock to him.

  • http://twitter.com/olyanism Olya

    what people should stop doing is thinking that every country is alike to their own, it’s known that usa suffers from overeating and eating too much unhealthy food so they think that these idol girls are not “average” and too skinny, but in my country (i’m from Russia) it’s totally normal to be 50 kg without dieting or even excersising, some people are naturally skinny, you know, that’s why these idol girls are “average” for me, though i know that most of them are lying about their height and weight, since i’ve read some of them saying they weight 48, when they look obviously bigger than me (not in a bad way anyway, they look normal), and i’m 52

    • http://twitter.com/adrianbaronet Koh Adrian

      My sentiments exactly!

  • Yinuo S

    It’s actually pretty normal in Asia to have diets that would be scorned here in America. For them, being skinny is natural. Just because over here we’re like “You can be beautiful without being skinny” doesn’t mean it’s like that everywhere. Besides, maybe we should actually take a cue since 36% of Americans are morbidly obese. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/E4CFYYWZRHCO7IKMGMO4GWSOHY A

      Exactly. I honestly think the western side of the planet is just trying to find an excuse for being morbidly obese. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VMA2HPRMARRPQ6U2INOMRCV7UA Deborah

    We also have to take into account that as well as working out, these idols ALSO have to practice dance choreography and last time I checked that is some form of excercise! And besides I believe Goo Hara’s ‘fast metabolism’ because I’m like that as well. It’s also preconceived in the western world that you can be pretty without being skinny but the thing is Asians and Westerners have completely different body types. We’re naturally smaller boned and slimmer…and incredibly lucky if we reach past 5 foot 2 inches when we grow ^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1771282274 Addichtra Moore

    I think everyone is missing the point here of the article. The author is not saying that Korean Idols are not beautiful as they are, the author’s main point is to be a healthy weight is to eat healthy.
     If Asians are so small boned naturally and slimmer naturally than why do they not eat healthy. No to be that small idols do not eat healthy and at times do not eat at all. So no it is not natural in any way or form.
    I really wish people would stop saying that Americans or Westerners think or want that everyone should have the same idea of beauty. As a nurse, I feel that the way Idols eat to maintain their small frames is appalling and very unhealthy. If Asians are so “naturally small and slim” than they should be able to eat normally with no problem, especially since they are working so hard as performers. As much as they “work out” with choreography and multiple performances there is not reason they can not have a normal meal that consist of a protein, starch, vegetable, and fruit. These are all healthy parts to any meal through out the day. Small portions are ok, to maintain a slim figure, but the main point is eat, don’t starve yourself.

    The point of the article is that Idols starve themselves and do not eat healthy. Some of them anyway not all of them. I am sorry but 99 lbs is not healthy even on a person 5 feet tall.

  • likeacrazygirl

    As a self respecting 16 year old female, who is 5’5.5 and usually 128-130 lbs, of average weight and slightly above average height, perfectly healthy by American standards, I can’t believe the things these girls try to do to stay skinny. Especially starving themselves, or doing extreme dieting. When I was in middle school, girls called me fat, and I attempted to do a partial starvation diet, where I’d only eat dinner, and only drink a bottle of water during lunch. I quit doing it after a week and a half. I was of average weight/BMI before I started that ‘self proclaimed’ diet, but in the aftermath of it, I looked a little sickly. I was miserable. In fact, I still have a weight complex, people tell me I’m thin, but by society’s standards, I am nowhere near ‘thin’.

    Most of these idols were already slender girls before their drastic weight loss, losing too much weight is unhealthy and will definitely affect them in the long term. It’s so horrible that some people consider these girls fat, when they have absolutely no meat on their bones and legs the size of iPod USB cables. I happen to have a friend who is barely an adult, who has been suffering from anorexia and bullimia for years, and the disorders have stunted her growth, and affected her in many other ways.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BDTOG7EJLJCDHEPJW72TCDKRY4 Choi

    I’m 170 cm high and weigh 53 kg. Seohyun is my bias and she’s 169 cm high and weighs 49 kg. So I want to loose that 3 kg. But is this really so bad? I’m not starving myself, I only eat no brunch at school anymore and sometimes skip dinner. I know it will last some time to loose them but I don’t mind it. I think it’s this way: either you have got great curves or you’re thin. I don’t have the first ones and I can’t do anything about it but I still can loose weight. I think you are allowed to make anything you wnat with your own body to feel beautiful…

  • Heyitschrisi

    I am pretty skinny and i am underweight, I live in Canada, and I am Vietnamese. I am almost the same weight and height of Yoona, but she is taller then me by 2 cm (I am 47 kg / 103 lbs & 5’4 / 164 cm) but I am 13. If you want to know if you are a healthy weight or not, check out this website. Healthy BMI is from 18.5-25 I am 16.6.

  • http://twitter.com/EmbarrEm Emily H.

    I know it’s been over a year since you posted this, but I felt the need to comment. Awesome post. I went searching for Kpop diets today, wondering what was out there. Saw one that was something along the lines of eating lettuce for breakfast and then nothing until 3. Then, another that definitely did not offer enough calories or nutrition to be healthy, despite the ingredients on the diet plan being healthy foods.

    I wish stars would be realistic about what their weight really is. I’ve recently come to a decision that I would rather have the muscle strength to do incredible things than be concerned with my weight. Muscle is heavier than fat, but it’s more compact.

  • Andrea ◕‿◕

    Being horrible to skinny people to defend fat people is just as horrible vice versa.

    Anyway, in Asia, as an Asian, I know what it’s like there. I currently live in London and I can clearly tell the difference between the standards of weight here. I won’t lie – all the “skinny” stereotypes you have here in Asia, like how the majority can be naturally skinny, is in fact, true, from my experiences anyway. They don’t always starve themselves like how this article kind of “promotes”. That’s the reason why idols do it (diet their asses off, literally), so that they’re not in the “norm” or “average” or what you would consider. So they try to be skinnier than everyone else for a “perfect lean figure”. Like, I honestly do not see a lot of fat people, again, in my experiences, over there. However, that does not mean that there are no fat people whatsoever, but really it’s usually a rare sight, to be honest.

  • jungji

    I’ve lost 10 kg last year ( I am now at 58kg for 1m77 / 127 lbs for 5ft9) and didn’t gain weight back just because I have a healthy diet ( I am vegetarian by the way ) I do eat junk food sometimes , I don’t play sports but I am very active . when you know what you are eating and know the meaning of moderation you’ll never fall in the trap of eating too much or eating little ….and kpop stars tend to lie about their eating habits just to show the world how perfect they are ..so sad :/