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    Both Salima and Nabeela love Jun.K: Hell’s about to break loose!

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    i’ll be down right honest n say that leaving 2pm could be the best thing that ever happened to jay , cuz when he was wif them , even when they were laughing n having the time of their life , i have a guts feeling that jay is not meant to be tied down like that , there’s only so much u can do in a group , unless if u’re in yg , then it’s a diff story 
    when he 1st left , i cant help but to have this bitter feelings towards jyp n the rest of the member , it was just a bad move of them to discreet some other wrong doings of jay w.out being able to tell what it is , fans were left hanging for like half a year n the last thing they want is to have an unclear ending 
    it’s all the past though , 2pm is doing their thing although i’m no longer that interested , n jay , i love wat he’s doing now , so yeah , it’s all good  

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    I agree. Fans can’t drop this issue even though it’s been here years because WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED. Seriously I want to yell at JYP for dropping Jay over such a silly issue such as a MySpace comment but he swears its not that but some other serious crime. Then I want to tell at Jay for acting so stupid, but I don’t know what to yell at him for. .____.

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       If you have no idea what happened, how do you know it was a silly reason? Maybe JYP is protecting Jay by not saying why? Maybe it had nothing to do with Jay’s comments?

      • http://twitter.com/EAG0493 Enas AG

        agree. maybe he is protecting him? who knows, but them and God?
        but even though I am not a big fan of 2PM or Jay(as in i don’t go out of my way to look for their music) I am curious as to why? and if they do keep in touch( maybe just no hatred towards each other?). and Yes, at least JYP didn’t pull an SM and ban JYJ–that’s low. 

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      What if (knock on wood), Jay killed someone? 

      I mean, for all the fans yapping about “Boo hoo, JYP is such a prick. Why won’t he tell us why Jay left?”, are these fans ready to accept whatever reason it might have been? Would they just quietly move on if they find out the real reason, or would they make more noise about how unfair it was that Jay got dropped from the company?

      Maybe JYP actually thinks the reason might anger a lot of people so he never says anything, and is always putting himself in front of the backlash to take the fans’ anger, instead of just coming out and saying, “Ok, what the hell…you wanna know why Jay left? This is why he left! Choke on it!!!!” 

      He could have badmouthed Jay or dragged his name through the mud ever since Jay left. He could have been bribing other TV stations to cockblock Jay. He could have brought Jay to court for breach of contract…things that SME is doing to JYJ now. JYP could have made Jay’s life in Korea completely miserable and his career irrelevant.

      But he didn’t.

      We will probably never know the reason why Jay left. 

      But at least, for the fans, they should be glad that Jay is safe. That he is healthy, he seems happy, and he is able to do what he loves.

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        Actually, JYPE was blocking Jay.  The reason why Sidus HQ’s CEO and JYPE’s CEO and JYP himself have such a bad relationship is because the Sidus HQ CEO publicly called out JYP over the blocking issue (there was an ugly exchange over Twitter).  Jay was regularly having scheduled tv appearances cancelled.  He would perform on televised concerts (where lots of artists performing) but only Jay’s performance would be cut from broadcast.  Eventually there were a bunch of meetings brokered by other members of the music management community (I think it was lead by the Pledis CEO, but I’m not absolutely positive about that one) with JYP which resulted in Jay having to issue another carefully crafted public apology (he had done several already). Only after all that did the broadcasting companies come out and admit that Jay had been blacklisted and now they had JYP’s support and would stop blocking him.  It’s gotten better, but there are still some suspicious things going on (I won’t belabor the point.)  

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          Actually, the reason why Sidus CEO has a bad relationship with JYP is because of what happened with g.o.d years ago… that’s why ppl questioned Sidus CEO’s intentions when signing Jay in the first place… but that’s beside the point..

          i’m fine with Jay and 2pm as separate entities… as long as they both enjoy what they’re doing…

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            What did Sidus have to do with g.o.d. back then?

            By the way, one of the reasons I personally don’t trust JYP on the Jay issue is because of what he did to Park Joon Hyung and that whole g.o.d. issue back in the day.

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            this explains it a bit..


            i’m not saying anyone was right or wrong… or passing judgment about a situation i really have no inside information about… just speaking to what you had written above

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            Thanks for the link.  I didn’t realize that was the same guy.  Interesting how outside representatives had to get involved and mediate that controversy and then again had to come in and mediate to keep Jay from being completely blocked a decade later.

      • Chola

        hmmm.. I’m pretty sure that killing someone is illegal in South Korea.

        JYP and the Boys said the “mistake” he supposedly made was “oh so very horrible” but NOT ILLEGAL. (which btw make no fucking sense to me).

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    I realized this when I was watching KPop Star. YG has the best CEO. SM definitely has the best company (although I guess some people would argue that YG does – but it terms of who is always making trends, at the top of the hallyu wave, and branching out to other industries – even haters have to admit SM is always first). JYP Ent. is actually pretty weak compared to the other two. Sure JYP himself is a genius but the company is really bad at taking care of their artist and more importantly maintaining them. .___. JYP would be the last company I choose

    • Anonymous

       I disagree with SM, I mean how many artists have sued SM and look how SM treats JYJ, they can’t even perform live. SM can market but that doesn’t mean they care about their idols. Their money geniuses without compassion.

      In terms of treating their artists right, no one is perfect, but YG would be at the top because of what they did with Big Bang and their controversies.

      JYP is far from perfect, however they can be amicable towards people who left the company whether it was intended or not. It’s not like JYP put all their power to make Jay Park nonexistent because they haven’t, they could have a la SM but they didnt. Their coexisting as separate entities and that tells me a lot.


      • http://twitter.com/LulcKathy kathy

        WTF? The original comment never said SM takes good care of his artists, but it doesn’t change the fact that he has the best company.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, but the poster also said that JYP was really bad at taking care of his artists and maintaining them while commending SME for their business savvy, which led the others to reply: no, SME is bad, if not worse, than JYP when it comes to caring for their artists since many groups/idols have sued and left SME in bad terms with the company and that SME makes sure that the idols who leave their company suffer greatly, like JYJ who are still banned from live broadcasts.

          • http://twitter.com/pinkskiesinmars yo.

            But saying that JYP is bad at taking care does not imply that SME isn’t bad too, and saying that SM is the best company doesn’t imply that they have to take good care of their artists. SM, as a business, is way better than JYP.

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            I think you disregarded my other sentence, no company is perfect at the end of the day it is a business but when you look at the track record of
            the way SM handles ex-artists its not becoming. Sure once you make it big in SM you’re a kpop star but if you so happen to leave they do no
            forget. Like I previously stated before, when it comes to music marketing, media, and revenue SM takes the top…..however when it comes
            to treating their idols as people their the least ranked for me.

          • Anonymous

            They’re a business and a darn good one. They don’t pretend to be more. They started a lot of trends in current kpop today. YG just recently became financially relevant because of BigBang. They were a great company for underground groups before, but some artists left because he didn’t really know how to market them. JYP is not financially stable right now.

    • http://twitter.com/Sosomimi90 Thu Pham

       U’re wrong. SM just care about money and profit, not about their artists. In the past and now, the same. Exp: H.O.T, Shinhwa, Fly to the sky, TVXQ, Hankyung suju, etc. All of them have problems with SM about slave contract or another problems like health care, salary…
      In JYP, he takes care of his artists, love and their feelings are far above money. That’s also the weakest of him because he really loves his artistist who he loves as his kids.
      If not, Jay Park may be in the same situation like JYJ and cannot perform or active in Korea now.
      And YG, is the best, I 100% agree.

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        To be honest had Jay joined a small company he probably would of had some restrictions. People tend to forget that while jyp if one of the big three of kpop, in terms of general entertainment companies in korea, SidusHQ is actually a more powerful company than JYP so even of they wanted to prevent jay from promoting there isn’t much they could do.

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      i agree with all your statements. but as what @aironaz:disqus said, SM is really bad in taking care of his artists. actually when you study carefully the things that these entertainment companies do, YG always do things first. and SM just followed behind. but naturally bcos of the non-stop promotions their artists keep doing, ofcos SM will be more recognised.

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    I think you make a very valid point regarding the fans not being able to undergo closure. Although I have moved on and support both 2pm and Jay Park, I still feel that the reasons that were given were too vague and thus led to the hoards of speculations that ensued from the statements given. Back then, what particularly upset me was that it was obvious that the members of 2pm all had a very strong bond, this was evident back even before their debut, so it confused me to think that over some issues the members could easily make an unanimous decision to remove Jay from the group. I think this betrayal of their close bond, something the fans loved them for, made 2pm the bad guys and they received so much hate (even now) for their actions. But it has been three years and I have come to accept that Jay is Jay and 2pm is 2pm and that they will continue to succeed on their respective paths. I still hold a glimmer of hope (based on Jay’s responses) that the decision has not affected his respect and affection for 2pm and that a reconciliation may still be possible. 

  • http://twitter.com/PhanTheHotness Jenny

    jay won’t be returning to 2pm. i felt being in an idol group really boxed him. his new album is simply amazing. he does want he wants and he writes what he wants. he has freedom.

    but i do agree that there was simply no closure for fans. but in my opinion, i think it was jay himself who decided to leave 2pm. and perhaps jyp, is simply protecting the reason why, even though he may bear some of the backlashes of fans. because i simply don’t think this is just any reason why jyp would dismiss jay. 

    but either way, jay is doing great by himself.
    though i think 2pm is now lacking. their dancing just haven’t been on par for one thing. they work very hard to be in sync for sure, but without jay ehhh…..
    and junho is doing great as the lead singer. he really stepped up on his singing and dancing

    all in all, i think 2pm lost out.

    • http://twitter.com/doramachan Mara

      i haven’t been all that interested in 2pm after jay’s departure, not because of the departure but because the group lost something in jay’s departure. the quality just wasn’t there anymore. i tried hard to like them but something is missing. guess it’s jay.

  • http://twitter.com/wowsl Shirley

    I support both 2PM and Jay Park. I’m glad they’re both doing fine right now. Personally, I think Jay was meant to be solo, he does so much better when he’s making his own music.
    I’m still curious as to why Jay left. If we were told the reason then maybe we’d understand why they haven’t really contacted each other. But I guess that’s that.

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    i was one of those fans in 2009 that supported Jay Park and wanted him to get back with 2PM. one of those fans that supported 2PM with 1:59PM album promotion when they were actually giving us hope at that time that Jaebum just might be coming back

    one of those fans that was devastated and cried when they announced that Jaebum will not be coming back with 2PM after all. i was mad with 2PM really mad. and all those supposedly “another” reason why they kicked him out. for me, it’s bullshit

    but i didn’t really know who to believe. and after listening to their full press conference after that, i felt really cheated. *i’m not going to elaborate on what was said then*

    i’ve been a fan of 2PM+Jaebum since the very beginning. and since the early stage of their debut even before they debuted, the OneDay has been known for having a strong relationship more than any other groups out there. they’re known for their strong bond that at that point, i thought nothing could harm these guys if they were together. but i was wrong and i felt cheated bcos of that.

    i can’t deny that 2PM is one of the most talented k-pop groups out there and i still admit their talent in performing on stage. that was one of the 2 reasons why i loved 2PM.
    but to me, i think i’m so used to the 7 guys that can act so stupid and spilling out lame jokes on wild bunny and idol show. i loved those 7 guys equally and i must admit, i didn’t really have a bias while being a 2PM fan. i loved all of these 7 guys.

    it’s no doubt that 2PM and Jay have been good with their music career. but my love for 2PM after that incident happened just naturally faded away. i can say that i am not the biggest fan of them anymore but i still notice their talent and popularity in this industry. they still have a tiny spot in my heart but what’s done is done.

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    I’m by no way an expert on anything but I think it’s still very awkward with the two because of the companies that they are a part of and not who they are to each other.  JYP and SidusHQ’s top man aren’t all chummy with each other if I am correct.  I can’t help that this has something to do with Jay and 2PM not being able to ‘not hesitate’ when addressing these questions.  Especially since 2PM is part of the BIG 3 in Korea.  They probably have a larger ‘gag order’ from their company than SidusHQ does on Jay Park.  Jay, himself, is also treading carefully on the subjects these past incidents.

    Secondly, I think Jay’s break away came after fans, non-fans, netizens, citizens or whatever dragged Jay, 2PM, and JYP through the dirt.  Jay was exiled back to stateside while 2PM stayed behind and took blow after blow of harsh criticisms from saesang fans and were constantly harassed by Korea’s tabloids/paparazzis.  To me, its no wonder why 2PM still hesitate to address these questions. 

  • http://twitter.com/silverlilies88 Mai

    Wait…. 2PM trading cards? I’ll trade my Chansung for your Wooyoung? No? Darn.

    I’d like to think they still keep in contact. I just don’t see how they can just NOT talk with each other. 2PM seemed pretty genuine when they were together. It just seems impossible for them to just stop being friends all at once, because, like you pointed out, there was never a valid reason why they can’t be friends anymore. Well, you know besides that super-duper-can’t-be-disclosed-top-secret-we’ll-hint-at-but-not-disclose reason.  Even if they don’t meet in person, who’s to say they don’t text or call each other? And they know quite a few people in between (Brian Joo/Tiger JK to name a few) to you know… not come across one another.

  • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

    I came back Around to being okay with 2pm by watching We Got Married. I’m a Vic fan so I watched her with Khun. Khun seemed a bit isolated too with their foreigner status and he was pretty fail at everything compared to Vic.

    It helped Jay was doing stuff and even came to my college with me finding out after the fact and then he got his new contract

    I just let it go…I’m okay with 2pm but it’s not the same. I am a Jay fan and buy his albums on iTunes

    Not gonna lie…I did want to curse JYP out after that Win Win interview.

    I really think YG was trolling him in their joint interview when he brought up Jay as the JYP artist he wanted to work with. It was likeBOOM because Big Bang had way worse drama and he kept his boys together. It was funny.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want him to return to 2PM. Why?
    1/ Leaving forced him to grow as an artist. If you tell me in 2009, Jaebeom would be Jay Park of today, I would’ve laughed so hard. He wrote songs and grew a lot during these past years. If he had stayed with 2PM, I swear I would’ve never know that he can be this talented.
    2/ I’ve never like JaeBeom. He gives me this image of a proud and conceited guy. But when he became Jay Park, he became more approachable and more sincere to me. (Just like how when in TVXQ, JYJ are like untouchable gods, but when they left, they became more approachable and interact more with fan). 
    One of my Korean friends is a Hottest and she said she hated Jay. It was this friend that made me realize that they should not be together. Jay and 2PM separated for too long already. Fans are already divided and the damage has already been done. If it was just a few months then yeah, they can get back together. But it has already been 2 years. Jay experienced a lot of new things all by himself and the same goes for 2PM as well. They are like different people now. So if he comes back, it would be too awkward. So yeah, I don’t think he will come back. Fans should move on 

    • Anonymous

      You took the words right out of my mouth!

    • http://twitter.com/Sosomimi90 Thu Pham

      I don’t like Jay come back, too. I like 2PM with 6 members now.

  • Anonymous

    To this day, I still wonder what really went down. I still wonder why JYP or Jay decided it would be a better for Jay to leave the country instead of just ride the whole thing out. And I still wonder WHY JYP dropped him when he made it seem like there was a chance that Jay would come back and be the leadja again. Nothing was resolved, nothing officially announced, and no ends tied up, so that’s why so many people go crazy and analyze the smallest things when it comes to Jay and 2PM.

    I mean, if YG dropped GD and never revealed why or CL, or if Taeyeon was dropped or Sun Ye, I think VIPs, Blackjacks, SONEs, and Wonderfuls would be doing the same thing. Jay was an integral part of the group – singer, dancer AND leader – and the fall out was so ambiguous and harsh, it put Hottest through hell. (Is that a pun? I don’t think it is? lol).

    Truthfully, I think leaving (or getting kicked out) of 2PM was the best thing that could’ve happened to him. If he’d stayed, he probably wouldn’t be making the music he is now, wouldn’t be collaborating with so many people, and wouldn’t be as sucessful.

    I liked 2PM with Jay, but without him something seems to be missing. I feel like Jay gave their music more legitimacy because he was, in my opinion, the most talented and musically inclined. I don’t see that in any of the other members.

    A part of me wants them to be friends, but the other part doesn’t really care. If 2PM is happy severing contact or if Jay is fine the way it is, then I don’t think it really matters. Yes, it’s a shame a group lost their leader, but they both see to be doing great now. But it’s surprising, really – the resilience that both have. If any other group went through the same thing, I wonder if they’d pull through it as well as these seven have.

    • http://twitter.com/sowon7890 Sowon Kang

      obv there has been much greater scandals than the myspace controversy. Koreans cant kick him out of their country for like a few comments like that. I was surprised that GD was able to stay in the biz cuz drugs are the kind of stuff that kills a career. There must have been a bigger scandal like he got a girl pregnant or something tht jyp did not want the public to know. so he took the opportunity as an excuse. Seriously. If netizens dug up the stuff stars used to write online before debut complaining about their hard trainee days and swearing in frustration, no kpop star shuld be allowed to stay in korea. Jay Park going to America for tht was not a legit reason. Remember he was a money maker of JYP, they wouldnt let him go for a scandal that wasnt even tht big as maybe a dating scandal.  

      • melon_wannabe

        koreans are xenophobes. so if they see him as more of an american than a korean, they’ll be meaner to him than they were to ‘g-druggin’

    • Anonymous

      I mostly agree with what you are saying, but I think it’s important to remember one key thing about Jay’s departure that makes it different from other departures.  Jay is not the first person to leave a group under suspicious circumstances, and certainly there is always a lot of gossip that follows when that happens.  However, Jay is the first person to have all his band members stand up in front of fans and the press and publicly declare that he had done something so bad that it would be a huge social issue (although not illegal) and that they would not allow their fellow member to return to the group.  No one has ever done something that brazen before. 

      It was a controversy before, but that press conference was like setting a match to gasoline.  2PM could have avoided the whole issue and just said that Jay was going his own direction, wanted to spend more time with his family, had chosen not to return, etc… and while there would have been a little gossip but it would have been nothing like what it became.  I will never understand why they thought it would be a good idea to tell the world that Jay had some horrible secret but they would protect him by not saying what it is.  Who in their right mind does something like that.  Once you start telling people so-and-so has a biiiig secret… you’ve already said too much and are absolutely not protecting them or yourself.

      Regardless, I agree that they are better off apart.  It just didn’t have to be as ugly as it became.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. I remember when that whole thing went down and I kept wondering why they made such a big deal out of Jaebum’s ‘mistake’, or whatever they called it, but insisted that they would never reveal it. It made me wonder if they were purposely trying to make it sound worse than what it actually was.

        And @twitter-47813636:disqus I honestly don’t see how Jay could have done something as bad as JYP and 2PM (at the time) implied. They said it wasn’t illegal, but something that he would never recover from if it was revealed. What could that be? And he’s actively promoting now, so he’s not afraid to face netizens and the Korean public. So if he did something so horrible, would he really have the guts to be doing what he’s doing now? The question of what he did and why still looms large. IF he really did do something.

        I don’t know. I still can’t help but think that JYP made a brash decision sending Jay off. Maybe he wanted to show how much Jay was willing to give up in order to make up for his mistake. Maybe he was trying to get the fans/non-fans to realize what Jay’s absence would feel like. Maybe it was just a rash decision.

        We’ll probably never know.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly I think that the whole “terrible thing” Jay did is a lie. JYP decided to drop his ass after the Myspace incident but he kept delaying it so he had to come up with something to please the fans after months of wondering what was happening with him. I feel like if something really did happen Korean netizens would have definitely found out about it.

  • Anonymous

    I feel like I’m the only Jaywalker/Hottest who expected that Jay would eventually leave 2PM. The only reason why I say this is because Jay was already being criticized up the yin yang for being “an American who makes money from jobless Korean people”. He was criticized for not being able to speak or understand Korea, for being short, for not being able to eat spicy food, for pretty much everything. It was only a matter of time, to be honest. My heart broke when the screen shots of his Myspace comments became public because now they actually had something solid to pin on him to force him out—which is what all anti-fans dream about.

    The controversy, however, created a no-win situation for everyone. Jay was practically forced out of Korea after his comments became known (granted, an anti-fan not-so-kindly decided to make it sound like Jay was saying Korea was a land with lots of homosexual people instead of trying to understand that Americans often use the word “gay” to describe something that is “lame”…); and 2PM and JYP were both criticized a little while after for not protecting him. No one got out of that shithole unscathed.

    As much as I would like to see a 2PM + Jay Park collaboration or at least see them interacting with each other… I’m not holding my breath. There are still people out there who hate 2PM and Jay for their own respective reasons and want them to stay away from each other. The risk of there being a backlash is too great. If they’re really talking to one another, it’s probably being done in private.

    I’m glad that Jay is solo, though. I love his music and I like that Sidus lets him do what he wants and doesn’t try to mold too much of an image for him.

    The reason why Hangeng, Super Junior, U-KISS, Xander, and Kibum can talk to their former member publicly is because their scandals didn’t cause a gigantic shitstorm AND we know that Hangeng leaving Super Junior had everything to do with the crappy contracts that SM Entertainment is famous for. (Idk why Xander and Kibum left U-KISS… I don’t follow them at all.)

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TTDE7XFK3GMYSH642CKKFEXAJA PP

      Although I understand what you are saying and I appreciate that Jay received a little flack for not understanding Korean very well, being short and if I remember correctly (I, like many people who have replied on this post was a massive 2PM pre Jay’s myspace controversy) being unable to sing the Korean national anthem, I think that you are slightly exaggerating the extent of the criticisms Jay faced. Yes, there was some animosity towards Jay but I think that was a very select few. In the earlier 2PM days when they were promoting Only You and were on Idol Army the next most popular member after Khun was Jay. When 2PM hit it big, Jay was frequently mentioned as the idol you most want to xyz with. On Star Golden Bell’s idol special, when Taec was picked as the guy you like the most by the other idols he said ‘Ah, its because Jay and Khun aren’t here’. Jay was very very popular before the controversy and although he was criticized, he was much loved by the Korean public so I don’t think it was a matter of time. At that time, I actually thought Jay was very nearly as popular as Khun and had Jay stayed on with 2PM I definitely believe that he would have surpassed Khun as the most popular member. Jay had it in him to be super big when he was still in 2PM and he still has now that he has left. 

      • Anonymous

        Are you really going to sit there and tell me that what the media publishes in their newspapers and what tv shows choose to put on their scripted variety shows reflect what the Korean public thinks? You actually believe that while there are thousands of people online posting comments and topics that say the exact opposite? LOL. WOW.

        Back in 2009 (or actually, maybe as far back as late 2007/early 2008) Korea hit a rough economic patch during that time and Koreans were losing jobs and consequently, losing their homes. To put it simply, it was a fucking mess. Nationalism reached a high and Koreans resented that foreigners were able to keep their jobs while Korean citizens were struggling.

        Anger turned towards celebrities who were foreigners. They weren’t Korean, yet they were living a comfortable life thanks to the money Koreans spent buying their albums and products they endorsed. It wasn’t just Jay who was getting hit with this.

        Do a little research. Find yourself someone who can read Korean and backtrack to six months before the Myspace scandal broke out. See if I’m “exaggerating”. :)

        • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

          My question then is, did Nichkhun receive the same kind of hostility from the public? Jay Park IS Korean after all, and Nichkhun isn’t. I’m actually really curious about this

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if it’s the same now, but he received the same type of criticism for not being able to speak Korean properly (similar to how Tiffany was treated when SNSD first debuted). I’m not really sure how MUCH criticism he was under, though.

            Even Dara, who was born in Korea, was criticized when 2NE1 first debuted. She was considered an “outsider” because she lived in the Philippines for so long. And I still see posts every now and then discussing out her Korean sounds weird and how she should just go back to the Philippines. All of that was accompanied by not-so-nice comments about Filipinos, too.

            There are a LOT of idols who people started a hate crusade against… Bekah and Amber come to mind. And one of the U-KISS members, I think it was Xander.

          • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

            Wow, these are things I didn’t know. You’re a wealth of information lol :)

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if it’s the same now, but he received the same type of criticism for not being able to speak Korean properly (similar to how Tiffany was treated when SNSD first debuted). I’m not really sure how MUCH criticism he was under, though.

            Even Dara, who was born in Korea, was criticized when 2NE1 first debuted. She was considered an “outsider” because she lived in the Philippines for so long. And I still see posts every now and then discussing out her Korean sounds weird and how she should just go back to the Philippines. All of that was accompanied by not-so-nice comments about Filipinos, too.

            There are a LOT of idols who people started a hate crusade against… Bekah and Amber come to mind. And one of the U-KISS members, I think it was Xander.

  • Anonymous

    after Jay left, I left. Besides I only liked their again and again song. The rest of their music can’t grab. Not a 2pm fan when it comes to music but I am a 2pm fan when it comes to variety show.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/G4YEZ75723SO7262VEMHAJ4W4M nou

    Jay is a very talented dancer, but his singing is crap. I listened to his covers on youtube and oh my, he completely killed them. Now I understand why his account was closed because I couldn’t stand them covers either. Anyway, all this commotion has got me curious as to what happened, dammit. When will someone open their mouth??

  • Anonymous

    To be honest I never got over this issue. I was a hottest up until Jay left 2PM, after that I stopped being a fan. It is still kind of sad when I watch 2PM stuff once in a while because it reminds me that they really had one of the best brotherhoods in kpop. After that horrible press conference, their image was totally ruined for me because I still believe that they threw Jay under the bus.

    Like an earlier comment, I think that I would have continued to be a 2PM fan had they just left it as Jay wanting to leave 2PM to pursue other interests. I think that most fans would have been okay with that explanation and some of us would have given closure to that issue. My breaking point as as a fan was when they said that Jay did something completely unforgivable. At that point I stopped believing in the remaining members.

    I admit that once upon a time (mainly 2009) I really wished that they would be reunited as 7 but after all this time I think that they are better off separated. :)).

  • Anonymous

    One of the things that I loved about 2PM when Jay was still there was this ”brotherhood” that they had going on. It was so genuine and sincere. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves and weren’t afraid to let loose and have some fun with some mates. But when that press conference hit, everything changed for me. At that point, I thought that all that ”fun” and ”brotherhood” stuff was formulated to suck in fans. I thought it was a lame excuse to say that Jay did something unforgivable – that was a really stupid PR move, seriously. It would’ve been easier to say that Jay didn’t want to come back, or something of a similar nature. 

    2PM just isn’t the same without Jay. He was an integral part.

    My opinion of 2PM took a turn for the worse since then. I’m very indifferent to them now but when I do tune in to see/hear what they’ve been up to, it disappoints me as its a reminder of how amazing they could’ve been. I reckon Jay is doing great for himself. He’s proving to be a promising artist who is heavily involved in all aspects of his music. I do wish to see him on more variety shows though. 

  • Anonymous

    Leaving 2pm was a good decision, he doesn’t have to go on so many tv shows to be popular, he makes his own music, he can say almost whatever he wants during interviews, and it’s obvious that he is truly enjoying himself doing his own thing. I used to like 2pm a lot too, until Jay left, he wasn’t even my favorite member but something was missing. And omg, the commercial featuring 2pm and Snsd was just too WTF for me. 

  • Anonymous

    Though I was crestfallen when Jay left 2PM and was in mourning for a long time, I now feel like it was better that he left, I think both their respective styles clash and I wouldn’t have seen Jay’s songwriting and singing talents for what they are if he was still in 2PM, I wouldn’t even know he could write. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1071962332 Damia Bakhtiar

    im a Hottest and i still cant get over with this situation too! and i agree with what you stated there, Jay is really open when it comes to 2PM. im sure that the 2PM are now ok with Jay departing the group but it’s like whenever the medias asked them about Jay, there are always hesitation in their answers. i think JYPE has somehow ‘trained’ them if they are given questions about Jay

    • http://twitter.com/Sophstravels Sophia

      I think they are still remembering the response they were honest about their feeling for Jay. Jay has been painted the “victim” in the whole drama and i can see why. The “Korea is gay” saga was the first scandal i’d ever witnessed and i has horrified at the viciousness of the fans, the calls for his suicide, petitions even, the blatant xenophobia and the intensity of it all – it was shocking for me to see and really put me off for a while. 

      But Hottest were all behind Jay, we knew that what was going on, the outrage was riddicilous and it would all blow over – then JYP cut Jay, the remaining members were pissed at Jay & maybe even a little at some of the fans – made their feelings known at the infamous press conference/meeting with fans & all hell broke lose, fandom dived, many turing on 2pm and being real vocal about it too – remember the posters? remember the calls for 2pm to break up, remember when others said they were nothing with out Jay and would never make it in Japan? Or that they only talk about Jay to get attention? 
      Well i remember and i’m sure Chansung does too – I say, keep your mouth shut, to hell with everyone’s curiousity!

  • Anonymous

    First of all, let me say I’m so glad to see a fellow Hottest (can I call u that?) here since I don’t see many in this website.

    Back to the article, as a Hottest and no way a Jaywalker, I don’t care at all what Jaywalkers would think about Chansung’s answer cuz I don’t care about them and Jay.

    For me now Jay is the past and has nothing to do with 2PM. There are some people who still wish him to come back to 2PM. Even if there’s a slightest possibility, I still say no to the idea. Both parties find the right path of their career now. 2PM is complete with 6 and Jay is better off by himself.

    I believe they don’t contact each other and the 2PM boys hold something against Jay. Because every time I read the interview I felt like Jay was trying to reconcile with them while the 2PM boys seemed cold, like some tension built up when they had to talk about Jay. 

    Anyway I wish they would be in good term if they have to meet again. They may not be able to be friends like before but if only they would leave out all bad feelings, it’s already good for me.

  • Anonymous

    i like 2pm as 6 members more than i like 2pm with 7 members. 

  • Anonymous

    2pm was so much more fun with Jay.

    • destinyanglin


      I really enjoyed his personality when with the other guys. He was the noise maker, the confused one, the smart a**, and the relatable one all rapped in one -with a nice body lol
      Like I tried watching their recent show but the comedy just didn’t come off so naturally like it did with J.

      But I will say, though it is sad that they split and especially sad that these guys who seemed like such close friends now don’t even contact eachother, both parties are doing extremely well for themselves and I believe they are all truly happy with where they are now.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of both but this is a clear issue. Would you be awkward too when if people asked about your former bff after you talked bad about him/ her? Hence, Chansung’s ‘hesitance’ to answer the question. 2PM was the one who said something negative about Jay in the press conference. Therefore, saying something nice to Jay aka your ‘enemy/frenemy’ obviously is not easy. I’m giving Chansung a benefit of a doubt that he was sincere in wishing Jay well. And I’m going to point fingers as JYP for controlling what 2PM has to say about Jay. Come on, Hee Chul is buddy-buddy with LSM but that doesn’t stop him from being so close to Hangeng!

    Also, I would like to point out here. From what I can see, 2PM is so successful now without Jay. Fair enough, but I don’t see individually that they will be as successful as Jay.

    So fans of both Jay and 2PM, you can hate each other or tolerate each other all you want but bear in mind that the clear issues are not with the boys, but their management companies.

    • Anonymous

      khun is more relevant with the korean public than jay can ever get 

      • Anonymous

        But over time the novelty of khun will fade and unfortunately he has yet to show he has any feasible talent to make a career out of while jay has shown to have the skill and talent to still have a career once the bright idol lights dim.

        • Anonymous

          In MY opinion, i notice that jay is pretty a weak singer since he left 2pm so I am not sure what kind of talent he has other than dancing

          • Anonymous

             at least talent for dancing is better than nothing right? as far as i know, khun’s not talented in anything. except for maybe pretending to be a saint on twitter?

          • Anonymous

            He’s not a saint. He’s only a nice guy and doesn’t have to pretend only some people like you who don’t know anything about him will say such thing. 

          • http://twitter.com/Carissakayyy Carissa Zheng

            You make it sound like YOU know anything about him. To be honest, I don’t care much for 2pm or Jay Park but it really isn’t any of the fans business to argue for either side. No one knows the whole story and no one WILL know except for those directly involved.

          • Jinny_1

             Yes as a Thai fan, I’m sure I know him much better than you. Just so you know some of Khun’s fans  in Thailand has been supporting him since he was a trainee and those fans are close with his family. So I dare say I know SOME thing about him and much better than you guys.

            Anyway I don’t get it if you don’t care about 2PM nor Jay but seems like you care enough to comment in their article. Isn’t it funny? If you really don’t care why even commented? As I remember this is sooooooo long ago.

          • one minjung

            well he is well known..if i might say it is a form of talent isn’t it?

          • Anonymous

            While he is definitely no k.will vocally, he does have a good voice for the type of music he chose to do. I would also have to disagree with you about dancing being his only talent considering most of his solo material thus far has been written and composed by him. So if he chose to stop being a singer he would still have a career as a producer or songwriter. Frankly based on his genuine talent and passion for music and the respect he has garnered outside of the mainstream Kpop realm (based on the type of collaborations he has had) I forsee him having quite a long career, much longer than that of many idols. Frankly speaking eventually the appeal of groups like 2pm will die , it always does, and only a few of them I see having a career post 2pm in a musical sense and Kuhn is not one of them. Eventually Kuhn will age like everyone else and will probably be an MC.

  • http://twitter.com/lovely_piscian BbabyBee

    I hope to that when they ever bump into each other that they can at least greet each other warmly and make amend. I don’t know the whole truth behind the stories of 2PM and Jay Park,but so far both parties had progressively succeeded in the entertainment industry.I’m a big fan of Jay Park,him being solo is has actually  really work for him.Although, I really don’t listen to 2PM music,I see they that are doing really well without Jay.

  • Anonymous

    I personally don’t really care what happened in the past, bands break up and you get favourites, what I do know is I did not even take too much notice of Jay park till after he left the group, he’s the only korean popact i’ve watched that doesn’t look like a little boy, with feminine hairstyles. So as far as I’m concerned that breakup was a blessing in disguise. hey if they get on great if they clash, haters gon hate. that boy is fine and he has a voice to match.

  • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

    I just think “Just buy me ice cream” is hilarious and should become this epic trolling meme/macro used every time anything serious happens in Kpop. Bonus points if accompanied by a Horatio Caine sunglasses donning and subsequent “YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH.”

    • http://www.twitter.com/hipployta Hipployta

      Ah Jo Kwon..

  • http://arbitrary-greay.livejournal.com/ Arbitrary_greay

    I just think “Just buy me ice cream” is hilarious and should become this epic trolling meme/macro used every time anything serious happens in Kpop. Bonus points if accompanied by a Horatio Caine sunglasses donning and subsequent “YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH.”

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, what is this obsession on whether 2PM & Jay Park is going to meet, make the 1st step to contact each other or whatever.

    I’m tired of seeing those posts that said 2PM just isn’t the same / as happy when Jay Park is still with them…. People give too much credit to Jay on his “influence” toward 2PM mood & well being. After that era with Coldest, I think the boys have opened their eyes toward the reality of the world & thus become a bit more mature too.

    I don’t really care if 2PM & Jay do meet & greet each other / if they’ll keep in touch / follow each other in twitter or not. They’ve move on in their life & career & frankly some fans need to do the same too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    I am not aiming for Jay Park to return to 2PM. I can still remember when Insider2PM wrote about the true cause of Jay’s termination from JYPE. It was not mainly due to Myspace scandal but at how Jay divulged what’s in the contract in JYPE—-which was fucking 10 years originally, and if parents won’t come and beg to JYP it won’t be reversed down to 7 years. He even revealed that in his Xanga blog.

    As far as I can remember, it all started when a stalker accidentally stumbled into Jay’s Myspace account. That stalker PM’ed Jay, but he did not received any reply from the latter, including the Xanga. So that stalker addressed that matter to JYPE. In order for JYPE not have their names tarnished because of contract shadiness, all they (or their insiders did) is to let the screenshots spread in cyberspace, and his message in Xanga, and the contract part was censored. The 10years part was censored.

    It is not surprising that Chansung could reply such thing [After a beat of hesitation, he answered: “I hope he does well. Honestly, I really do.” And when asked whether he kept in touch with Jay since his withdrawal, he answered, “No, we haven’t met since then.”]. In fact, when 2PM got interviewed about Jay Park around 2010, below are the excerpts… BELIEVE IT OR NOT:

        (At this point in the interview, the mood is easygoing; the band has finally warmed up. But it doesn’t last long. The vibe in the room quickly and predictably turns icy, awkward and tense as I ask the final (and most important) question of the night: Do you guys still have contact with Jay Park?

        “Who?” Wooyoung asks in Korean.

        Park Jae Bum, I reply in a Korean accent.

        “Ah…” they collectively croon.

        Then, deafening silence.

        “Mmm … no,” says Taecyeon.

        But as if trained, the ever-diplomatic Nichkhun has a perfect answer for everything: “No, [Jay] doesn’t [contact us],” he says politely. “He’s doing his own thing, and we’re doing our own thing. I guess he’s really busy.”

        I then ask: But now that he’s in Korea, aren’t you going to hang out with him?

        “I highly doubt it,” interjects Taecyeon. “We’re too busy.”)

        It simply proves that there is something dubious about the “brotherhood” between 2PM members. It simply proves how Jay Park was ostracized due to being Kyopo. Well, there are group pictures among JYPE talents, but taking pics DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE CLOSE TO EACH OTHER, even if pictures don’t lie. Regarding Jo Kwon’s and Jay Park’s closeness, there is no doubt about it.

        You can contest the credibility of the sasaeng fans, but there is nothing wrong with taking cues from these bitches. After all, they follow the lives of their ‘idols’. With the kind of behavior 2PM is showing, it just proves that sasaeng fans are right at being “bullies” towards Jay Park, excluding Nichkhun. In fact, Insider2PM’s “tentacles” even proved that it was Nichkhun who supported the boycott. I am not defending Nichkhun either (honestly, he is my only ‘baby’ in 2PM) because he has his own share of dubiousness. While Nichkhun is being silent, I just don’t like at how he is like, agreeing with his douchbag comrades. When there was a controversial video spread in cyberspace, I could see how Nichkhun was ostracized by the group as well. I could not understand Korean, but I could really see at how things went. Yeah, he is being tired, but the silence was so disturbing to see, that even Chansung and Wooyoung never bothered to ask like “Are you okay” or similar to that effect, instead, they even joked inconsiderately. The last scene was really depressing to see.

    Everybody is tired due to different reasons, but “tired” as hell like in Nichkhun’s case? There is more than just being tired.

    • Anonymous

      lol can’t believe there is actually someone who is still immersed themselves in those conspiracies. I think you read insider2PM too much. Do you think those who wrote insider 2PM were actually insiders? Do you believe the Sesang fans thing? Even now I still laugh my head off at those stories and people who actually believe it’s true are even more ridiculous.

      Everybody can write anything you know? I can say I am an insider too if that’s the case. What the Coldest did was pathetic. They depended on a video clip or a picture or two and made up a story. Desperate Coldest like you kept on reading and reading and believe every word they said.

      It’s more pathetic that even now the 2PM boys prove their strong bond and popularity, they still cling on those false beliefs.

      Coldest like yourself always have excuses in anything. It’s not surprising. Even 2PM ranks high in Forbes. Even they got many CFs. Even they are successful in Japan or what accomplishment they achieve, you guys will make excuses for that becuase that’s what you most specialize at after created many conspiracies about them. Am I correct?

      • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

         Well, if you know within your conscience that you are not an insider then you can’t claim you are an insider. And also, do you really believe that members in idol groups hold a strong bond with one another? No. Everything is just orchestrated by their companies, and certainly, JYP did everything just to erase the bullying or ostracizing issues among JYPE talents. I’m pretty sure the same thing happens in SME and YG too. After all, do you think that you can treat your groupmates as friends or siblings? No. In the end, they are your fucking competitors who could usurp you at any rate, so you better do something for yourself or else… That is why the whole brotherhood/sisterhood bullshit is just…bullshit. Besides, they are in Korea, where concealment of negativity to the extreme is rampant.

        Call me a pathetic coldest, but I know how a person behaves or his/her intentions thru actions, words chosen, and body language. I am not an expert of psychology; however, those qualities represent a person. In the case of Nichkhun, you would be a dunderhead if you believe he is dead tired. I can be tired, but not as disturbingly tired as Nichkhun. What is even disturbing is at how Chansung and Wooyoung joked/laughed while the other one is “tired”. The 5 boys laughing and joking around while Nichkhun was silent that he seemed to he could not relate with them. I am a loner, just like Nichkhun, but I can relate with conversations everytime I am with a group.

        I guess, you are a butthurt Hottest who are fucking offended with the statements above. Actually, you did not claim, you are really an insider who are so vigilant at any anti-JYP or 2PM statements, tarantado!

        • Anonymous

          lol overanalyze much from what ‘one’ certain clip. Let me ask you do you always judge people from only 2 minutes you see them? Did you see what happened after that or did you see what happened before? Are you with them all the time? Did you see what they were like when they  were off camera or you just read what ‘the so-called’ insider had to say? lol

          That’s a big problem of you Coldest. Love to overanalyze with every little thing. Love to make up stories and create conspiracies with no proofs at all. Love to say an insider says this, says that. He’s a friend of a friend of a friend who says blah blah blah

          Remember before the conference, you guys made up stories about how all the 2PM boys supported the boycott, how they ‘hinted’ that they wanted Jay back but after the conference, you made up a whole new theory and acted as if you never said such thing before. Contradict with yourself much?

          You used one certain clip which actually proved nothing, overanalyzed it and said Khun was bullied and an outsider. But there are other thousand clips showing Khun’s close relationship with his bandmates, other incidents showing they always support each other but u guys never talked about it.

          There’s friendship, bond, brotherhood in any Kpop group. You choose not to believe in it because it just happens that your favourite idol doesn’t belong to that bond anymore. 

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

            lol overanalyze much from what ‘one’ certain clip. Let me ask you do you always judge people from only 2 minutes you see them? Did you see what happened after that or did you see what happened before? Are you with them all the time? Did you see what they were like when they  were off camera or you just read what ‘the so-called’ insider had to say? lol

            That’s a big problem of you Coldest. Love to overanalyze with every little thing. Love to make up stories and create conspiracies with no proofs at all. Love to say an insider says this, says that. He’s a friend of a friend of a friend who says blah blah blah

            Remember before the conference, you guys made up stories about how all the 2PM boys supported the boycott, how they ‘hinted’ that they wanted Jay back but after the conference, you made up a whole new theory and acted as if you never said such thing before. Contradict with yourself much?

            You used one certain clip which actually proved nothing, overanalyzed it and said Khun was bullied and an outsider. But there are other thousand clips showing Khun’s close relationship with his bandmates, other incidents showing they always support each other but u guys never talked about it.

            There’s friendship, bond, brotherhood in any Kpop group. You choose not to believe in it because it just happens that your favourite idol doesn’t belong to that bond anymore.

            Well, overanalyze my ass!

            Have you learned Psychology? That your body language, facial expressions, eye movements, intonation, choice of words etc… represents how you behave and think? My knowledge in Psychology is not that deep, since that has not been my major (I’m a BSBA-Management grad BTW) but thru experiences in applying and retaining jobs, what I do in my current job, observations of recruitment interviewers in HR, and how the interviewees and employees respond, I get some cues from them. It’s not that being judgemental, but you cannot deny that fact. Call me judgemental towards those boys out of being anti (in your book), but the way they behaved on that video just made me cringe on my seat.

            And don’t be mistaken. I’m neither Hottest nor Coldest. Jay Park has never been my favorite, but I respect that person and find him cool. I even find him cooler when he debuted. Also, I am more of a BigBang aficionado than 2PM, because even if Bigbang became ‘symbolic’, at least they did not turned themselves like manwhores. I just don’t care about 2PM and their so-called success, yet they still look very abhorable to my eyes as they do not focus on their talent, but at how they can make themselves ‘sellable’. Look at them, they’ve been in this industry for a couple of years now and still sound so mediocre. The music is mediocre. Their dancing is not that impressive, as well as how they deal with the fans. As much as I love Nichkhun, sometimes there is something doubtful on him. Seriously, it is really frustrating to see a guy who gives you a kind impression only to end up being an asshole. What’s more frustrating is, when their ‘negativity’ is starting to get obvious, they do everything just to conceal it big time.

            As for the video I provided, do you think Nichkhun is tired? I can be tired, but not as tired as Nichkhun like I am very very depressed, and yet those douchebags even bothered joking around. Never thought what if their comrade seems to be kind of weird or something. A sensible person should notice what’s “different” or “mysterious” about that person and should not act nonchalant and throw all the shit that he/she can. They are NO LONGER KIDS who should be sermon-ed upon with values, because it is expected of them to be concerned of their surroundings.

            If you are going to think of my statement on the first paragraph, you can also see why SNSD used to get huge amounts of flack (except from their devoted fans) for all their past actions, most notably Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany. Can you still remember when Pumashock’s video of her rendition of Gee was shown to SNSD? While the rest of SNSD members enjoyed the video, Taeyeon covered her face like she is cringing on performance and Jessica just smirked? Well, I could stand Jessica, since she is just cold (sometimes in an eyebrow-raising manner), but Taeyeon is just….whatever…could not think of what word to described. She was even caught by the camera with folding the arms together across the breast, and a little frown on her face, then she sat on the corner. She was ranted upon to be racist for “Alicia Person is pretty for a black person” shenanigan, her expression on that video even ignited an impression from her that she is a racist. You don’t have to pretend, but that expression on National TV won’t fly so well not only to the Koreans but people around the world.

            And yet, her devoted S♥nes quickly defended their Taengoo that she is sick all the time, she does not feeling well, she has a weak body etc..etc…etc… If you are going to ask me like as if I have to empathize her situation, well, even if I am suffering from terminal illness, I will be REALLY AMAZED with AN AWESOME PERFORMANCE. While the Gee original sounded better than the Pumashock rendition, I won’t undermine the efforts of Pumashock as she really sounded soulfully great. Even if I am suffering from Toothache, I believe it will be taken away with a great performance I see. Another thing, she even repeated that “grunt face” during their interview in MTV Iggy. Well, my take is, EVERYBODY IS FUCKING TIRED FOR THE LOVE OF HUMANITY, but making that fucking obvious is just insipid, and falling asleep on National TV is just embarrassing. You can even check our local talk shows (I’m from the Philippines BTW) and you will never see guest stars falling asleep and being caught by the cameraman.

            In our Call Center/BPO industry, your tone obviously signals your current mood and your character. If you sounded monotonous, that automatically means you sound uninterested to the issues of the customer. It doesn’t matter what kind of accent you may have, just take away that monotonous tone, and speech flow that borderlining rudeness/sarcasm. If you spotted to be rude to the customer, that signals TERMINATION.

            There is a bonding/friendship among Kpop idols? Particularly 2PM? C’mon… maybe they are in mind-control (I kid! I kid!). BTW, you haven’t heard about fanservice, ain’t ya? That so-called sisterhood/brotherhood is just a part of fanservice, just to show how great your character is. Also, before Extra!Korea signed off, he even wrote an article about how the Kpop idol trainees are treated, there is one occasion that a trainee is being forced to live in a dorm with a rival/nemesis. Your enemy can be your roommate. Like a cat and a dog confined in a cage. I can even take a cue from Kpop Infiltrated that whatever words coming from the mouth of the idols, mostly are scripted. 

            Lastly, don’t get me wrong. I am a Kpop fan too. It’s just that I am not too dumb anymore to delusion that “this idol takes care of his bros/sis”, stuff like that. Yeah, there are friendship/bond among idols, but those are only rare cases.


          • Anonymous

            lol I see I see you enjoy your psychology thing so much from a 2-minute clip you can explain a universe. Why don’t you try your theory on other million clips when Khun hugged Taec, Junho, Wooyoung, playing with Junsu and when he put Chansung’s hand on his neck to feel his temperature when he was sick (which is the clip where antis trying to flame Chansung that he was choking Khun but when the truth revealed; where were you hateeeeers? lol)

            Your not a Coldest or a Jay Park fan? ohoh surprise surprise. As someone who aren’t a fan, you seem too much dedicated to them, don’t you? With the 2PMinsider & things lol That is super surprising.

            Anyway I just read your above post only half way through cuz it’s been very boring. Thanks for taking your time to type anyway!

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

            And yeah, it is fucking obvious that you are an avid Hottest + JYP insider who is butthurt enough to realize that everything is OR-CHES-TRATED, and MA-NU-FACT-URED.

            Also, with your last paragraph, it’s even obvious that your IQ is that LOW to understand Psychology… and also, REALITY about life. Y’know what? Get out from your seat, and work yer ass to the bone, or see things around you instead of confining your ass in front of the PC. 

          • Anonymous

            lol thank you so much for your suggestion. Very useful! and yes I’m an avid Hottest as much as you are a Coldest. LMFAO

          • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

             oh yeah! you simply have a fucking low pick-up you twit!

          • http://profile.yahoo.com/FV6H6DJBZFM7FKNS5BZJH6VSAY Cindy Tran

             …I am a damn Hottest. I want to suppot 2PM and Jay. Overanalyze to the extreme. It gets very irritating when people make up theories from my favorite boy band group.  Sorry for being rude, but it was just very irritating to me. I’m forever a fan. Again, sorry for being rude. I just needed to tell you that.

          • john

            LOL I think Ro-an de Guzman has way more credibility than your argument. All the Hottest can say is, “how can you be so sure with that one clip,” OR “In other pictures and videos, they are really friendly and show true brotherhood!” (sarcasm). Well you fucktard, it’s all an ACT. They are being FILMED and WATCHED. Any bad image will bring the group down obviously, so they make it as if they are all friendly and other shit. You are seriously an ignorant fuck, like all of those other human beings on earth in the same category as you. Anyone who is not a douche can obviously figure this out. You think that people are what they are on tv and other shit? NO YOU shithead. Grow the fuck up. Open your fucking eyes or some shit. Your argument is invalid and has NO logic to it. Any logical person could’ve figured that out by now. If you still think that 2pm is all loving towards each other, then I applaud for your stupidity. It’s alright to be ignorant because who cares what the other person is saying right?

            Now logically, it is possible that nichkhun was possibly looked down upon or bullied because he was a foreigner and what not. AND, he seems to have everything; looks, decent talent, and charisma. So, like all of the koreans out there, it comes down to jealousy. Nichkhun got a lot of attention on television and from the fans and the other members were probably jealous of him (duh). And ah ha. What do they have that is better than khun? Language and food. The members know that khun’s fluent language is english, so the first intuition would be to speak korean in front of him. And you know what else koreans like to do? Mock other people. You might be offended that I am generalizing koreans as bad people but I am not. I am just using koreans for example; The common behaviours I have experienced. And as other people have said, the video clearly describes what a typical korean person would do to mock someone. It is not a surprise that nichkhun could be bullied because bullying is SO common in korea. There is bullying everywhere. I was a victim once when I lived in korea but then later came to America.

            I think that the video has enough evidence to tell us about the typical behaviours of 2pm. Some things to note about the video is that, around 30 seconds in, they are talking about the success of jokwon and his solo career as a singer and dancer and one member addresses Jay Park’s name but not in a formal way…. They said “Park Jaebum?” And you ONLY put the last name IF you want to sound distant or informal towards someone. Then chansung laughs the loudest as well as other members. And then, when nichkhun was touching something, he “Very quickly” removes his hand from something like someone had told him to. And I repeated the section over and over again and I heard “chi wa” or “move it” (It meaning the hand). This was said in a really low voice and I wonder why…(because of the camera??? No shit). And a few seconds later, junho seems to whisper to chansung something about bullying. I don’t know but other people heard it as “jinja wangda gatai.” And chansung’s shape of the mouth imitated the sound of “bastard” or “byungshin” with a smirk. And at the end, chansung jokingly calls nichkhun “kwon” because at the time, nichkhun had difficulty in recognizing the difference between “kwon” and “khun” in spelling. AND, notice how he said “kwon(ah)” where the “ah” is attached to address to someone lower than them. And again, they laugh very loud and again, it was chansung who laughed the loudest.

            Overall, I watched a lot of 2pm videos where they were filming but I dunno.. sometimes, there were those “awkward” moments when I sensed something is up. If I look at the glances of some of the members, it felt like they were hiding something. And there were times when some members randomly commented something bad about another member which made them stare at the commenter and then looking somewhere else. Like Ro-an de guzman said, I am not really a hottest or coldest. I still enjoy 2pm’s music BUT I do not like the fact that I felt some negativity towards them.

          • Jinny_1

            Oh my god this is 2 years ago and you just replied hahaha ok thank you for taking time to type such a longggggggg message. Sorry I didn’t finish reading it cuz I have other things to do. Goodbye and good luck hope you won’t be too obsessed about the past lol It’s not healthy you know hahaha

  • http://www.facebook.com/roan.deguzman3 Ro-an de Guzman

    Additional info?

    The “Korea is gay” and “I hate Koreans” comments
    were unearthed by netizens who just stalked his Myspace. Those were
    naturally discovered.

    – In July 2009, a fan saw the “Korea is gay” comments while stalking.
    This was the first time anybody saw those comments. The fan messaged Jay
    to remove them, but Jay didn’t check his inbox and didn’t reply back to
    her. The fan, worried, went and sent this to JYPE to tell them that she
    wanted Jay to remove those comments. There are also fan accounts where
    they called JYPE just to warn them about this.

    However, the “slave contracts” comments that Jay posted on Xanga were discovered because Jay’s account was hacked.

    – In late July, a group of netizens hacked into Jay’s Xanga account.
    They wanted to see what Jay was talking about in English, so they
    translated his messages. It was mistranslated (as we all know). The
    neitzens, infuriated, sent screenshots to JYPE. This was the first time
    the “slave contract” comments were unearthed; this was when JYPE found
    out that Jay talked about his contracts with his outside friends. Then,
    the neitzens spread the screenshots of Jay’s Myspace and Xanga comments
    out to the Internet.
    Later on, JYPE erased and censored out the comments about the slave contract and spread those editted screenshots too.

    JYPE was EXTREMELY angry at two things.
    1) Jay showed Korea disrespect through his words (even though that’s just the way he spoke).

    2) Jay talked about his contracts to outsiders. This is absolutely
    prohibited. Only family members can know about your contract terms, but
    not friends and on a public website. The public now knows about the
    “contract secrets” – terms of his contract that JYPE didn’t want anybody
    except the artists to know.

    JYPE knew about the “Korea is gay” comments AND his “slave contract”
    comments two months before the controversy exploded. BUT, Jay did not.
    JYPE did not bother removing the comments, they did not bother solving
    it with the netizens, they did not bother TELLING JAY. He was oblivious.
    JYPE kept it the way it was. JYPE gave neitzens a chance to spread it
    everywhere, do whatever they wanted with it, and IGNORED THE SITUATION

    JYPE was so angry about what Jay did behind their backs, even though Jay
    was suffering those days, that they wanted him out of the company for
    ruining and endangering JYPE’s “nice family” image. JYPE let the
    neitzens do whatever they wanted with the screenshots because they
    wanted that to be their excuse when they kicked Jay out: that this was
    the neitzens’ fault and not JYPE’s. That JYPE had nothing to do with

    the whole website is/was dedicated to the Jay Park (Park Jaebum) incident–>


    taken from– http://insider2pm.wordpress.com/2010/02/…—

    • one minjung

      liar~ I still remember before the expose jay told that his laptop been missing after he return from US, so maybe anti fan did this, hack his computer to take 2pm down since at that time lots of group been overshadowed by them..This seem believable than your nonsense.

  • http://profiles.google.com/korres.kutie Fenily Charo

    NICE!!!! You’re so smart finally someone who gets it. Too put in short (cuz you can research hard on this) when jay went back to seattle because of all the crazy madness of the Myspace stuff he said back in 2005 when he was a kid, JYP went to visit him. 1) JYP was NOT mad at him at the time because he knew Jay Park wrote that during his training days before he debutted. He was a lost kid having a hard time and everyone knew his hard time because of being away from his family, going to a different country without your family being homesick and new culture (jay is very american and was learning korean that time)

    2) JYP told him when everything calms down and the netizen reads about the truth and chills out a bit you can go and do your comeback. (he was suppose to come back and join 2pm as there comeback special, everyone in JYP Ent knew about this) during this time Jay wa thinking since these netizens were digging up stuff from his myspace… maybe they would find something else… so before he was returning to 2pm he had to admit something else to JYP

    3) This was the Secret: This was why JYP kicked him out officially.
    jay Park then told someone in JYP (not JYP himself but someone else important.. not sure who) that he admitted he had wrote something on his Xanga account about his terms contracts. THAT WAS A BIG NO-NO. It had something along the lines of him complaining about his long year contract and how he wasnt sure cuz it was like signing his life away. As you may know… contracts are not suppose to be talked about OUTSIDE of the company (and his family can know about it of course) But Korean industry are NOTORIOUS with Slavery contracts. (Hence my DBSK and JYJ broke up, and other rumored SM entertainment artists in the past) You just dont mention it! When JYP heard about this he was furious.. he already had to deal with the controversy of the myspace.. he couldnt deal with him breaking the rules of mentioning the contracts when you really cant do that.. its showing others that they are allowed to mention contracts and might follow into the footsteps…he couldnt do that especially right after what happen to DBSK. After that person Jay park told relized he went against the rules.. he told JYP about it.. and JYP made the decision to remove Jay Park from 2pm.

    That is the real story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003327063631 Panda Green

    what is that saying in the k-world..let wait 10 yrs from now and everything will come out. People become more honest and open about things when they are in their 30s. Hey just look at the 90s kpop idols nowadays coming on shows like strong heart and telling it like it was . Let all just be patience and one day we will now it all .

    About 2pm and JP—the bridge is burnt and there is no going back —so if they are not talking that is already a sign that “shit went down”

  • Sen Oahn

    Reading through this, the phrase ‘it wasn’t the hands of 2PM that typed the scandal’ come to mind. Take that as you will, but I will never understand ‘coldests’ (or why antis bother to be antis when they could just ignore…[case in point: Jay Park. I don’t particularly like his music, it’s just not my cup of tea. So, I just don’t listen. I don’t bag it out, don’t call him talentless, and don’t piss off his fans by dissing him.])

    Yeah, JYPe didn’t handle it very well; yes, they should’ve just made the whole generic ‘Jay has decided to move on, do his own thing, take a break and leave 2PM’ and it would’ve been fine. By saying that he did something awful, rumours spread, and the lack of details lead to conspiracy theories and what not.

    That page with all the sasaeng stuff – utter bull. Sure, some of those things probably happened (and therefore were taken out of context – Khun being ignored, Jay sleeping with no blanket (I lolled IRL) and how many times have you had something you’ve said or done taken out of context?), not everyone gets along, but at least some of it was faked (why, hello there people who admitted to faking photos of thrown out gifts). 

    From a business point of view, I don’t understand why ‘fans’ were heaping blame on JYP, 2PM and JYPe – 2PM, as a still relatively young, rookie group under a large management company with strict orders probably had… let’s say, 2% say in this situation. That press conference they gave needs to stop being misquoted, cause damn those fangirls were rude as shit. Wae you no talk about that? Rude=frustration=anger (Also, handled very badly. Where was the CEO? And JYP (two completely different people, funny that). Yeah, it wasn’t scripted, but not teaching them to properly manage themselves in that situation is just awful)

    Why would JYPe get rid of Jay, who was one of their biggest selling points, gave them some ‘cred’ and was generally well liked and raked in tonnes of money. It’s a business – you don’t cut your big money-makers.

    If that Insider2PM whoever is correct (uh… yeah. no. don’t think so… fairly sure JYPe’s got better security than that, but okay.) and it was about contract, of all things… they could’ve just censored it, paid off several people, pointed out that the contract probably still fit under the whole fair contract thing (thank you, JYJ… for a somewhat pointless but still fairly needed amendment) and then just moved on, cause wasn’t it taken down to 7 years? 

    Honestly, I think that Jay and 2PM are probably better off on their own. Both have grown up, Jay has grown up and learnt that thinking before you post stuff is probably a good idea, whether it be contracts or otherwise. 2PM has gotten stronger, they chose to live together, yeah – no one else that’s been around that long bothers anymore (SJ, clearly, does not count) and personally, I think it’s better that their ‘brotherhood’ or something is better now that it’s not completely built on them bullying each other every two minutes.

    [And Jun.K’s making stuff I want to listen to, tyvm. HOT, Alive, Count 3, Don’t Go, etc. Now, if only Wooyoung would stop whinging and Junho could stop trying to take Su’s songwriting position, we’d all be good. Ho, I do not appreciate your ‘subtle’ attempts at promoting your own songs, as funny as they may be]

    • http://twitter.com/Daylin_C Daya

      Am glad I finally found someone I can agree with ( A fellow Jun.K lover). I stared to like 2pm after Jay was out of the group so I honestly don’t have anything to say about him, but I honestly think this whole thing was blown out of proportion. Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe Jay did not want to go back to 2pm? Also if you watch the shows they use to do while Jay was in the group like Idol Army and Wild Bunny in my opinion the boys personalities don’t shine as much. Juhno was always cut (I think he’s funny and a great dancer), Wooyoung was  quite and tame, Junsu seen not himself (LOL)….while these members got kick to the curve the focus was usually on Khun’s wink and Jay’s craziness and abs. Now compare those shows to their 2pm show and the different varieties they were on after jay, in my opinion everyone got pass the wink and the abs and got to know the members different personalities better

      • https://twitter.com/#!/LimaCake LimaCake

        I agree about the fact that the other boys got less screen time. But I also think that’s because those were their first variety shows. Their skills in variety were SORELY lacking (including Khun and Jaebum)–although I enjoyed both of the shows immensely. Khun and Jae just happened to be more exotic because they couldn’t speak the language well and that made for funny television. 

        Either way, I think that after a few years and many appearances on shows, 2PM is one of the best (if not THE best) variety idol-groups out there. They are hilarious on screen! I honestly enjoy each and every one of their variety personalities. In fact, that’s how I fell in love with Jun. K was because he finally broke out of his shell. My point is, I dont think it was because of Khun and Jae that the other boys didn’t get to shine…I think they just weren’t experienced yet.

        In addition, I’m still waiting for the day when they release the last episode of Wild Bunny :)

        • jayyepeeen

          I love Jun. K too! He’s funny as hell. Hahaha. Esp. obvious throughout the show when he got funnier and funnier. Haha. Unlikely that they’ll release last ep of Wild Bunny. :( Because the day’s topic was Leader Olympics, which is still.. a touchy subject. :( But if u watch the other ep of wild bunny w/o jae and khun, where the three of them collaborated with 2am, their personalities did shine! I am loving the Dirty eyed girls parody! :p

  • http://twitter.com/amane_tengteng7 joanne tan

    there is a possibility that there was never another reason that JYP let go of jay. After the contoversy blew up, it would probably have been extremely difficult for 2pm to go back to the way they were. just like DBSK, they might have to wait a couple of years before making a comeback. so JYP did the most practical thing he could to cut loses and protect the rest of the boys. besides, i dunno what the fans are so upset about, they were the ones who drove Jay off in the first place.

    • http://twitter.com/Pratty276 Pratty H

      No, It wasn’t the fans but other korean citizens who were upset about what Jay Park said … but asking him to leave the group because of that was just too much …

  • ummmat

    if during a 2pm concert…they sung again and again…and all of a sudden, jay park came on stage and did the routine and had a solo in it…and at the end they all closed in for a group hug…i think all hottests and kpop fans around the world would weep in joy.

  • Chantily Descallar

    I think  that they weren’t allowed to talk each other after that. JYP didn’t allow it. I think

  • http://twitter.com/lilacbox h2osgsg

    yeah. chansung’s response was so weird… i was disappointed .. duh

  • http://twitter.com/lilacbox h2osgsg

    why do you know that hangeng keeps in touch with some sj members, though? i’d really like to know more about that, can somebody tell me more about it? :) 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/F4TUYGM547WHXIIH6YFRMDVV4U sally

      hangeng was once asked if he kept in touch with the members and he said he still talked to two or three members but not all members because he didnt want to get them in trouble and heechul once said on his radio show that he just called hangeng (remember SM has forbidden them talking to each other) but henry made a weibo account a few days ago and he followed hangeng so… :)

  • http://twitter.com/Pratty276 Pratty H

    It’s really sad how life goes sometimes … this incident, the one with hangeng and super junior, kibum &alex with u-kiss and the saddest incident of all : DBSK and JYJ :( when there are problems in the group or because of the entertainment company, us fans have to suffer :( but I support ALL of them and I wish that they all still maintain their friendship no matter what!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah Jade

    I cried while following the news of 2pm’s horrible break up. What are your thoughts on the recent accident involving Khun? I remember briefly seeing something about Jay there. Did he reach out? 

    • http://twitter.com/st_ysleezy

      I believe that he did reach out, but in a very low key manner. He said,”smiling at other peoples misfortunes is a horrible character trait.” which he tweeted here: https://twitter.com/JAYBUMAOM/status/227607981183889408 It was written on July 23rd, 2012 at 8:35 PM. Nichkhun’s accident happened around 2-3 am July 24th, 2012 KOREAN time, but the tweet was in American time. So… It was written at 10 AM on 7/24. 

  • kdrakent

    I strongly believed that Jay and some (if not all) of 2pm members have contacted each other all this while even until now. Of course they always keep it secret and denying it from the public eyes, just like idols denying relationships or just like they keep their love life top secrets without the public knowing. It’s nearly impossible that after many years of hardship & training & living together, that they would suddenly stopped talking or became strangers simply because of old comments that were digged out by mean netizens. Go and watch again the past clips when they won an award while Jay’s absence to America, you could see the members cried, longed for his return and dedicated the win to him too. How could they fake those emotions? They were not actors, they’re singers. Even if 2pm management forbid them for contacting Jay, I don’t believe they will obey their managers 100%, especially with such modern technology. They can easily contact one another without getting caught. So, yeah, I do believe they are still in contact with each other. But not for you, or me, or other people to know ^.*

    • one minjung

      I totally agree with you^^

  • http://www.facebook.com/AshLeYaMusEd Ashley Nicole

    I think Jay left on his own. To be honest let’s just look at it all, Jay was not meant to be in a group. He is very “Americanized”, what I mean is his vulgarity and is expression towards others.Watching many show, though he was close to his members  he turned away from the “love” which is a huge part of k-pop culture. There were also many times were the members had to keep him in check about what he said. I agree that they will NEVER reunite for many reason but the main reason is that Jay is doing amazing on his own. He even branched off in america. I know 2pm has shows here but with a whole group of k-pop stars. Jay has many shows titling him. I honestly do not believe they are in contact with each other like before. I believe it’s more of a “I have you number, text you on your birthday” contact. The members of 2pm shy away from any kind of questions toward Jay, which at first I agreed with them about just faintly touching the subject, but now almost 4 years later, come on just say what you feel. Either way I do love them and I hope the best for both. 

    Btw I do not want to see a collaboration just because I feel like there styles are different now and people would want to much from them putting them on such a high spectrum making it an unreachable goal.

  • istaaaaar

    I feel guilty hesitating to like K-POP back when Jay was still a part of 2PM. :( I am a new Jay Walker but as I was browsing videos of Jay, Idol Army Episodes came up. I got addicted to it and started liking 2PM. anyways, this blog really answered the big question in my head about Jay and the group after the issue. Thank you and I am crossing my fingers and keeping my hope for a heart-warming reunion when the right time comes for them to meet. :)

  • im_inlovewidthis!!

    we don’t know wht really happened but im always for 2pm and for jay mm ..well i feel bad but i mean com’on no offense but when he decided to be a star n he expected for the fans shouldn’t he also expect for ani-fans? if he expected for the love didn’t he also expect for hatred? so yea i feel kinda bad but then again…u get the pic rit ? yeah lol

  • Elizabeth Griffin

    Honestly, Jay Park is SO SHORT that he kind of looked like he wandered up on stage by mistake with the tall 2PM guys. Now that he’s by himself, he could look good and handsome without comparisons

  • GvAnG Vang

    To everyone that said 2PM has lost a great leader and is nothing now, I would want to say that they did lose a great leader but they aren’t nothing.If you can compare the past and present, 2PM and Jay are doing pretty good. Even though I wait for a day they will met one more time as a family or even as just friends, During the past, both of them(2PM and Jay) struggled but with the support of their family,fans,etc. look at where they are now. I know that even if they never meet, Jay will and probably forever be 2PM’s leadja and I’m sure 2PM knows that too.

  • kimberly

    I support Jay no matter what. I don’t care about 2PM. They deserve it for mistreating Jay. I like them before but reading bad things about them is a turn off. Go, Jay. Shine like a star.

  • bhavya

    why dont they talk to each other ????

    • Peachywink

      he broke some unknown company rule (not a series but just one was stated in the official notice of his departure) and the members basically all sat down and discussed if he could come back or not. Whatever he did apparently was to a degree where the others all thought it was no longer possible for him to rejoin the team. So…as you can imagine it is difficult to talk to someone who you personally voted to kick out of your group even if there was a reason. A reason no one knows because BOTH sides won’t say what it was. which means BOTH sides thought it would harm their respective images at the time. So made an agreement (probably signed off on too) not to talk about whatever happened. The fan theory I hear the most is he knocked a girl up and had her get an abortion but then there are others who say 2pm simply always hated Jay…despite their being little evidence of him being bullied ever.
      So Jay and 2pm don’t talk because it would be awkward as hell, his approch is to say he would say hi to them if he met them but I kind of doubt that…while they avoid the questions by saying they are busy.