• TP

    I think Baek Ji Young’s MV for “I won’t love/Sarang an hae” also had a slight girl/girl plot, especially with the love song going on in the background. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWZ9nxqv_v4 

  • TP

    I think Baek Ji Young’s MV for “I won’t love/Sarang an hae” also had a slight girl/girl plot, especially with the love song going on in the background. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWZ9nxqv_v4 

  • Kriss_giulia

    I think it’s just for publicity, and maybe this will be the girls concept for now on (you know, like the russian duo t.A.T.u), pretending to have something more going on!

  • Anonymous

    thought abracadabra was a lesbian love story?

    • Bervalvic

      i thought so too, I thought it was pretty much the point of the mv since Narsha went to the point of killing Gain’s lover

      Over the rainbow- great lyrics and dead on. “Lets be born in a better world in the next life.”

      I didn’t know after school did a lesbian themed song or mv. Can anyone give me a link?

      • Sarahstarr

        It’s the mv for ‘Because of You’. Can’t really miss the lesbian themes in that and it’s got great acting, too. 

        • Bervalvic

           I feel dumb, I forget about Because of You. I think in the mv it was Jooyeon who was in love with Uee

  • abc

    This got me thinking of SKE48’s Kataomoi finally pv T.T If this was shown in Korea, they’ll probably be shocked xD http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzQ0ODUzMDAw.html

  • Jennii E

    Seeya’s shoes&crazy love story had an underlying lesbian love story

  • asdf

    First, I don’t think it’s right to associate the girls’ actual orientation with what they portrayed in the video. I mean, it was acting and is just that until they go ahead and confirm it themselves. I hope people can separate their characters with who they really are. And I don’t think it’s a “concept”/gimmick either. If that were so, the photoshoots and perhaps the song would have been a bit more intimate 

    I, for one, think of this as a step… forward? But not so much. There have been lots of portrayals of girl love in Korean media, some subtle and some not-so-subtle. For an idol MV, this is probably the most “obvious”. Some people would stubbornly interpret it as BFFery or sisterhood (these people clearly don’t have sisters asdfjkal) but I’m pretty sure it’s not just that. I think defensiveness rather than disgust would be the typical reaction if people aren’t used to lesbianism. And with a video like this, it’s easier to feel that way — it’s unsubtle but at the same time, rather understated. It’s not in-your-face passionate love, but sweet and innocent romantic affection. The former probably would have elicited more controversy while the latter would turn a few heads but not really shock anyone. Sure, people would be defensive and a little taken aback but because it looks “clean”, they can’t really argue that it’s terrible. In a way, it’s a good way to ease in and condition people.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CI2NGOMLBNCWH5U4MKF57VJOHY Swaggerr

    Sohee played a role in a movie where she liked a girl. :P

  • CC

    One of the things I really liked about this video was how the characters can be read as *actual lesbians*: as in, women who are consistently and predictably attracted to other women. I mean, maybe I’m stupid for applying the lyrics to the video, but we’ve got a song talking about a girl who’s a flirt and a tease playing over scenes of relationship angst. There’s even a shady phone call interrupting an intimate moment. It was pretty clear, at least to me, that there’s another girl external to the action of the MV who’s causing an upset in this relationship.

    And that’s a wonderful change of pace. These girls aren’t just straight and experimenting; this relationship isn’t a one-off or a fluke. They’re women who love and are attracted to other women. It’s great to see an idol MV where same-sex love is portrayed in a way that’s humane and validating. I was so pleasantly surprised by it. 

    On another subject: as someone mentioned below, there’s been nothing from Woollim to suggest that these girls are actually lesbian/bisexual or will be marketed as such. I’d really love to see it and would support them so hard if they are, but I kind of doubt it’s going to happen, if only for the reason that Yoo Jia and Baby Soul are only the first two officially announced members of a larger (I think 5- or 6-member?) girl group. In the long run they’re not going to be promoted as a duo, as far as I know.
    p.s. – Dear Woollim, I know you want to release a video like this for Infinite. I know you do. Just give in to your urges. They’re perfectly natural.

  • JN

    This reminded me of the amazing song “Rainbow” by Infinite Flow featuring Tablo and Nell. That song also tackles homosexual themes. 

    With regards to the video, definitely a step forward. Low key as it may be, any exposure is good exposure. Haters are always gonna hate. 

    • Japan_qaf

       as if I needed more reason to love Tablo. Thanks for pointing me to Rainbow, it’s a beautiful song. Nell’s voice is awesome! Never heard Flow before though, he’s really good too.

      • Japan_qaf

         *of Infinite Flow

  • tegami

    The song and mv were really nice. I thought the rap fit in quite nicley. The only problem I have would be the blatant use of auto-tune at the end which seems to come out of nowhere and completely undermine the quality of the song.

  • Anima

    I get the feeling that Woollim is a very ‘open’ company when it comes to sexuality tbh. Tablo (when he was still with the company) and the lead singer from Nell (another woollim artist) featured on the song “rainbow” about homosexuality, Tablo even spoke up himself about the issue of being gay.

    Some of the infinite members although not gay, have said things that suggest they don’t really see it as a big deal like Myungsoo who didn’t feel comfortable kissing the guy on the lips during gag concert (two men previously kissed) used his fingers and kissed him indirectly. Hoya responded to a fanboy that confessed his love to him saying that he feels the same lol.

    These girls seem okay portraying a lesbian storyline. Personally I think it’s nice to see a company that is so open minded.The whole lesbian storyline’s been done though with BEG and afterschool.

  • http://twitter.com/chasealight Meghan (정진주)

    While I agree with the comments about it being good that Woollim is open and promoting such things, commenting on whether or not the girls themselves are lesbians kinda crosses the line, I think. It’s not a “concept”. This song, if you look at the lyrics isn’t even about a lesbian relationship. It’s about a girl singing about her boyfriend who cheated on her with a girl that’s a “flirt” and who doesn’t care about him.

    These girls will be debuting as members of Woollim’s upcoming girl group, so don’t expect to see any more videos like this from them. They’re not the Korean TATU. This song, and this video, are a one off, and are just being used to spread the buzz for the girl group, very much like TS Ent has done with their group BAP, but releasing digital singles from a couple of the members before the full group’s debut.

    • Sarahstarr

      I know this is kind of irrelevant, but TATU’s image was a concept, too. I believe both of the two women in the duo identify as straight. 

  • http://twitter.com/ryzlbrmudz Rayzel Bermudez

    The MV is up to your own interpretation but it definitely does suggest homosexuality and there’s nothing wrong with that – but there’s also something like straight up denial. There’s enough romantic intimacy for it to be between two lovers and not just between best friends or sisters – if Dongwoo was doing the lip touching and shirt buttoning, people wouldn’t question whether it was a romantic relationship or not, they’d just accept it. Which is why it’s so appalling how defensive some people are getting: “Oh! They’re not lesbians! It’s just skinship between two best friends, why are you guys thinking so inappropriately—!” Wait…excuse me? Since when is thinking they might be lesbians inappropriate? From my observations, most of the people that make it out to be two lesbians don’t mean it offensively – it’s a positive thing, it’s like.. a movement, apart from what you usually see in Kpop. Some people have actually taken the time to look up the lyrics… you’re kidding me right? Since when have MVs always matched the lyrics of a song?!? And in the end, of course the MV might not represent the girls’ real sexual orientation, but if a lesbian relationship is what this MV was trying to convey, why is that a problem? Fans make OTPs between two guys all the time, and then suddenly when its two girls, its wrong? 

  • :)

    Are we forgetting Baek Ji Young’s video I Won’t Love? That was very much a video that spoke volumes.

  • Bervalvic

    i’ve never seen any kpop vids that invovled same sex couples and I really enjoyed this. it was really too cute and I love the tiny bit of jealousy that showed on her face.
    as for the song; alright but kill the auto tune.
    I think the story could have been more better developed though.

    I just watched Baek Ji Young’s I won’t love and it almost made me cry, especially when they let go of each others hands.

    I won’t claim to know anything about homosexuality in S. Korea or anywhere else for that matter but love is love and who are people to try to define it. I do hope that those who are in love pursue there love and don’t give it up because of certain situations they are facing. I only wish them happiness and not to live a life full of regret.

    What is wrong with society? Socialization may possibly be it. Oh and religion could also play part. (A bit sarcastic).

  • Sarahstarr

    I agree with all parts of this article save ”
    Was this video merely a one-off, or are they K-pop’s first openly lesbian idols?”….that thought hadn’t crossed my mind at all. I enjoyed the positive, sweet depiction of two people in love, but I took it as just that: a depiction. It’s acting. I feel assuming otherwise is really, really jumping the gun. MVs are a form of performance art. People act in them. It’d be lovely if two singers were openly lesbian (I’m a GLBT person myself, I can do nothing but support any person who’s willing to be honest about their sexuality), but I just took it at face value. This is compounded by the fact that it’s highly, highly unlikely that anyone in Korean entertainment will be out of the closet at the start of their career. I mean, we’re still waiting for those in the industry who are popular,  beloved, and respected already to come out. I think it’ll happen in the next few years, but still. I have no illusions about how taboo it still is to frankly discuss one’s sexuality in Korea.  

  • Esalocanegra

    A bit off-topic,

    Does anyone know of or remember the name of a a K-drama
    about high school kids.. okay I know many of them are about high school kids,
    but this one had a really provocative and to me surprisingly progressive take on
    the topic of homosexuality —

    there was a character, a boy who passed
    as a girl, though everyone at his/her school knew who he really was,
    and he was mercilessly teased, he was wanting a sex change in the future.
    He/she had interesting transgendered friends, and a guy in high school
    was falling in love with him/her, and was confused about whether or not
    that meant he was gay… in the end, he didn’t care,
    because he realized he really loved this “person”
    and that his or her sex was almost irrelevant.

    I was late discovering it on MNET America, and only managed to catch
    the last episode the channel showed.
    I would love to see it in its entirety.

    If anyone knows, I would truly appreciate it if you could please tell me…


    • http://www.facebook.com/artes.hicks Artes Hicks

       the only thing i can think of, is a Japanese show called I.S.


      • Jade Hardy


      • micheossuh …

        Thanks for the link!
        Not the one I was referring to, 
        but I would not be surprised 
        if the Korean story was loosely 
        based on the Japanese one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=647126823 Katya Walters

    There was an artist U/Yui Mei who had the song called Suddenly which was actually an MV that featured the lesbian couple kissing but the video was under the radar and got very little recognition.


    I think this could be a step in the right direction as long as this isn’t used a gimmick. Just a matter of how accepting people are.

  • SherilynChua

    I dont think that there is anything wrong with being gay or lesbian or even bisexual. My friends find them disgusting but i dont i mean, why would it be disgusting ?? i mean its still love right 
    ? And love is meant to be a beautiful thing . Not something disgusting . Well , anyways , thats MY opinion . ^^v GO, LGBT organisation !!!! 

  • Guest

    Tatu were also “really” lesbian… Anyways as to the lesbian subtext in the video it definitely has that (wow especially the lip touching part) but can’t agree on the example you give about swapping one of the girls with a boy –  that close boy/girl friendships are ‘lot more out of stereotype.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/2ATPOGUL473VNJMCRB3WVWBVHQ Winnie

       tatu is not lesbian == is their company told them to act like

  • Black_Plague

    I don’t think you really have much knowledge on the aspect of friendships Koreans have with each other, especially when it comes to best friends or the such. As a Korean, it’s not really considered to be ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’ if close friends ‘touch’ eachother simply for laughs and giggles.
    I’m no girl, but Korean guys do this a lot too – hell, when I was at high school in Korea, one guy went around ‘dog fucking’ four of his mates while everyone was hanging round in the dormitories – nothing serious, just casual fun. (Sorry for any homosexuals reading this, he wasn’t naked or in his underwear while doing this and neither were the 4 other guys, nor was he actually ramming his sausage up their asses). It might as well be called a clown act that’s just to make everyone else laugh in tears – which it did.
    Though for girls, my knowledge is rather vague, admittedly, but judging from my ex’s words at the time, lot of them took showers together (yes, the shower room was just one massive spa room in the girls dormitory – this I found out when I was ordered to move around furniture at said area as punishment for being caught smoking), shared eachother’s clothes, food and hell, even uniforms if the sizes were matching. Girls sharing the same bed aren’t uncommon either (though sleeping naked on the same bed is an entirely different story of course). Hugs, lip-touching etc. are only the tip of the iceburg. All in all, it’s just a culture thing and how friendships go by in daily life.
    The MV is nothing different. If it really WAS a lesbian story, it would have been shunned very much in public, regardless if the agency is small or big. Koreans for the most part have viewed homosexuality as abnormal and alienated it, given the conservative nature of their society – even the current President and his cabinet declared homosexuality as a form of abnormality. 

  • http://twitter.com/geeklovespunk geeklovespunk

    Um, there’s stuff there that could be read as lesbian subtext. I’d say it’s very subtle though.  But, it is a VERY sweet video that depicts two women who care very deeply for each other.  I think it’s up for interpretation as to the nature of their relationship.  It’s very female-love-friendly!!!! I’m happy for them, either way!! 

  • misaki sakurako

    I love yhe video!!, is so cute~ <3 (i will be so happy, if they were a real couple :D

  • Teemo101

    is there anymore mv like this one?

    • Melzy Cheezesticks

      K.Will’s please don’t?