The peak of Spring has finally arrived which has brought plenty of new April comebacks that embody the flowery and pastel-colored palette of the new season. The springtime has given a new opportunity for individual idols to showcase their talents apart from their groups while others are taken center stage with new spring themed concepts just as beautiful as they are clever.

Popular groups, BlackPink and BTS, moved further up their careers releasing passionate and dance pumping tracks that set the world ablaze, more in the western market than anywhere else. Meanwhile, self-declared nation’s girl group Twice finally offered a fresh new sound to their catalog as they are currently sitting high on the charts with the mature but gracefully sounding song “Fancy.”

With an array of concepts and comebacks April had to offer, it can easily overshadow many of this month’s Unsung artists that radiate an equal amount of talent and energy as their more well-known peers. With pleasing visuals and songs that tug on the heartstrings, we look back at some of the most brilliant comebacks of the past month.

Chen, “Beautiful Goodbye”

Following in the steps of SM’s solo ventures including those of Key from Shinee and Heechul from Super Juinor, Chen from EXO tries his luck and manages to impress with his heart-breaking ballad “Beautiful Goodbye.” Following his group member Lay, this release makes Chen only the second member of EXO to release a solo album.

April, and a flower, the first mini album is a compilation of Chen’s tender yet powerful vocals that showcase why he is among the best vocalists active right now. The title track is just a testament to this as it portrays a final farewell to a relationship behind a sweeping piano instrumental that flows just as gracefully as Chen’s vocal harmonies.

The music video is set in an almost barren landscape as a parallel to the simple yet polished sound of the piano notes. Chen himself is situated in the center while a group of dancers circle around him, creating beautiful body movements that make it hard to look away.

The stunning location coupled with seasonal metaphors and Chen’s dynamic vocal performance captivates the meaning of the spring season. It demonstrates how after heartbreaking goodbyes, the flowers will bloom once again as a sign of renewal and beautiful beginnings.

Iz One, “Violeta”

In comparison to Chen, Iz One was able to open up April with the whimsical and vibrant “Violeta” whose MV is as beautiful as the song’s instrumentation. “Violeta” showcases a series of pop sounds that blend elements of synths, flares, and rhythmic bass beats together for the creation of a sweet catchy melody. Which is just about the perfect sound to call in the springtime.

Previously, the girls were able to sonically impress with their debut track “La Vie en rose.” Yet, with their most recent comeback, Iz One’s MV is able to stand out more as each member shines under beautiful pastel aesthetics and flower covered sets making them individually bloom as opposed to sticking with a group formation the whole way.

The use of luminescent light textures and shimmering backdrops combine to extenuate the tones of spring while the girls sing about a new love that excites them just like the calm winds of April. Iz One are sure to impress many with “Violeta” and hopefully can see their popularity reflected on the charts as well.

A Pink, “Everybody Ready”

It’s almost bittersweet to see a longstanding group such as A Pink frequent the K-pop scene with multiple comebacks a year. They are a reminder of the many talented first-generation groups that have unfortunately disbanded and yet the girls are still going strong eight years since their group formation.

Their comeback track “Everybody Ready” which was written by member
Jung Eunji continues the tradition of a yearly digital single to thank their fans for their dedication and loyalty. The song is an uptempo dance track that relies on the funky rhythm and energetic vocal harmonies to brand the song as dance floor ready. Just like the song title suggests, A Pink is urging the listeners to keep ready and follow their movements since the girls are far from being over yet.

Although it is clear that the MV had a limited budget for its production there is still something charming about the girls being themselves and showing how close of a friendship they hold between each other even after all these years. There are several scenes where the girls are enjoying the springtime weather and even enjoying a photo shoot on a yacht which is a nod to their MV “Remember.”

All in all, “Everybody Ready” is a fun testament to the longevity of A Pink and something worth appreciating especially for the fans who have stuck around since the beginning.

NU’EST, “Bet Bet”

As a group, Nu’est has been around since 2012 and have achieved moderate levels of success. Yet, it wasn’t until members JR, Baekho, Minhyun, and Ren joined the second season of Produce 101 that gave the group a big boost in popularity and exposure. So far, they have taken advantage of their time on the show to showcase their individual talents as vocalist and dancers. And after several years, they have finally made their long-awaited group comeback producing their first album in three years, Happily Ever After along with the title track “Bet Bet.”

Fitting to the album’s title, “Bet Bet” illustrates a dark twist on fairy tales with the members signing about their intoxicated love for a mysterious woman on a throne. Nu’est are dressed in dark-suited attire that matches the low light ambiance of the set design making the song sound that much slicker and addictive.

As the video concludes the camera pans onto the words “And they lived happily ever after” indicating that the members have found their paradise all awhile a song interlude plays of their next equally as slick track, “Utopia.” This comeback from Nu’est not establishes their grand return but it is also a song that should not go unnoticed for long. It is definitely a strong contender in becoming among the best songs of 2019.

Ravi and Eunha “Blossom”

“Blossom” is a song from a collaboration we never knew we needed until it happened. It is equally as fun as it is lovely with appearances from Ravi of Vixx and Eunha from Gfriend. Although this song seems to be one big promotional advertisement for Pepsi, it is still undeniably catchy with its flutter of pop influences that highlights rhythmic drum instruments and keyboard synth beats.

The visual for the song also has a playful narrative between Ravi and Eunha that shows the nerve-racking stages of first love. From the meet cute moment to the flutter of butterflies on the first date, the two idols put on their acting faces that ultimately pays off well in the end for the creation of an enjoyable MV.

The cherry blossom trees also make a beautiful entrance towards the climax of the video when both Ravi and Eunha are dancing with one another. This setting also is able to embody the characteristics of springtime that cue in new possibilities for romance and love.

Babysoul, “A Piece of the Moon”

Since the debut of girl group Lovelyz in 2014, member and center vocalist Babysoul has been able to stand out in part for her admired soulful and talent. Her self composed song “A Piece of the Moon” was released as a digital single to her fans due to its demand since her solo stage from her group’s concert.

It is easy to tell why this song has touched many of her fans. “A Piece of the Moon” is a mid-tempo piano ballad that tells of Babysoul trying to communicate with someone far away from her reach. Her songwriting is just as impressive as her singing as she is able to paint a vivid picture of her longing and pain.

Look at me as I turn around
In the pain that spreads far, you take place
This place is the same
I’m trying to run away from the exhaustion
But you tell me to endure

The MV also complements Babysoul’s lyrics as it features a gloomy character that is struggling with loneliness and melancholy. It’s almost as if Babysoul is speaking directly to this figure but he can’t hear her pleas for reconciliation. The MV is a perfect addition to Babysoul’s solo discography and a calming tune for spring as well.

These are only a couple of the amazing unsung artists from April, if you have any others that didn’t make it on the list make sure to comment below!

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