As February creeps closer and closer, the end of 1 Night 2 Days seems inevitable. Or is it? Netizens have been going wild with rumors for a season two of 1 Night 2 Days. And this claim doesn’t seem to be unfounded, as the media encourages these speculations with various ‘insider’ reports about who might and might not be on the second season. This supposed season two of 1N2D may feature new cast members and a new PD, Choi Jea-hyung (“Invincible Baseball Team“). It is also rumored that Lee Su-geun, Eun Ji-won, and Lee Seung-gi would not be joining season two. On top of that, there have also been talks of Kim Hyun-joong joining season two of 1N2D. Although KBS hasn’t officially confirmed these rumors, they haven’t denied it either. Basically, it isn’t a straight-out no.

In the words of Dokko Jin, “Heeeaaarrrttbbrreeaaakk!” I cannot believe that KBS is actually playing with the idea of a season two. On paper it makes sense; 1N2D has ranked in solid ratings and is consistently ranked first in their time slot. And they also received a Daesang at the ‘2o11 KBS Entertainment Daesang‘. with such a successful show, KBS would obviously want to continue its high by making a season two. Logically, I can follow you, KBS. But it doesn’t mean I like it.

The expectations of the fans and standards set up by season one would cripple season two before it would have left the gate. “Family Outing 2” anyone? “Invincible Youth 2“?

Okay, so one can’t really base the fate of 1N2D on the flops of the aforementioned sequels. But I can’t imagine 1N2D without my boys. It was hard enough when Kang Ho-dong left, but with Lee Su-geun, Lee Seung-gi and Eun Ji-won gone as well? The only reason 1N2D is doing this well is because those boys stepped it up. Of course, Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Jong-min upped their game as well, but they aren’t the driving force. Plus, the relationships forged between these boys aren’t things that can be easily replicated.

1N2D isn’t just about a bunch of celebrities traveling to various places in Korea and playing games for food. It’s a show about family and brotherhood. These boys aren’t blood related but they have a shown a bond that most real brothers would envy. Can KBS guarantee that the new cast would mesh as well as the originals? Can they give me true bromance without relying on clever filming techniques? Can there be the same warmth and love without the cheesy gimmicks? Can you, KBS?!
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